Widow’s heart

The widow of the murdered diplomat, Andrei Karlov, and the president of the charity foundation, at an emergency press conference in Bryansk, commented on the situation with the trip of the officials’ children to Turkey.

Marina Karlova, The widow of diplomat Andrei Karlov, who tragically died in Turkey in 2016, held a press conference in Bryansk on December 24 and told about whose children and why went to Turkey through the charitable foundation she heads.

She specially arrived in Bryansk to express her point of view on the history of the trip of children from Klintsy – the regional center of the Bryansk region – to the Turkish twin city of Demre.

Widow's heart

Recall that the scandal broke out after one of the local journalists published a fragment of a video interview with the leadership of Klintsy, where the question of why the children of the workers of the city administration and security agencies went on a charity trip, the mayor said: not children?

There were a lot of worthy ones.

“I simply fulfill the will of my deceased husband, literally two weeks before his death, he said that he really wants Klintsy to be twinned with any city in Turkey,” said the widow at a meeting with journalists. – We chose Demre for many reasons. This is the city where he lived one of the most revered Russian saints: Nicholas the Wonderworker. Demre in the past was called the World of Lycian. And when there was planned an event in memory of my husband, Mayor Demre invited representatives of the foundation, leaders Klintsy and 50 children to the celebration.

It was not a wellness trip, the children had to participate in a rich program for five days, besides, the road to Moscow and the flight for sick children would be very tiring, we could not risk it. Since there was already an invitation to the mayor, we decided that we would choose the worthy ones. Appealed to the administration with a request to pick up children. There were a lot of worthy ones, and then, after consulting with the foundation’s employees, they decided that unarmedians would go. It was very helpful. They solemnly marched on parade, stood in the guard of honor, laid wreaths. Children prepared, athletic, intellectual. Worthy presented Russia and the city of Klintsy. Communicating with them, I got great pleasure.

Klintsy is a territory that was stung by a radioactive cloud after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The children of officials breathe the same air, live in the same ecology. And they should not be deprived of something. I love all children, and for me it doesn’t matter who their parents work. ”

Widow's heart

As explained Marina Karlova, head of Klintsy Oleg Shkuratov was present in Demre as a representative of the city authorities and it was he who signed the cooperation agreement between the twin cities.

The widow devoted a significant part of the press conference to the site that published the scandalous video and its editor-in-chief, who, in her opinion, distorts the facts and turned against her personally.

With the comment of one of the journalists that the fault was probably not on the person who gave the fact to the public, but on the administration that made the selection of children with disabilities, as evidenced by the representation of the prosecutor’s office, the president of the foundation did not agree. And she said that the prosecutor’s office no longer found any violations.

Yunarmeytsev not enough

The second participant of the meeting was the head of the education department of Klintsy town administration. Jeanne Bournos, it was she who made the lists of children.

“My daughter and I were on this trip,” answered Jeanne Burnos to a question from journalists. – Initially, my participation was not planned, but I was asked, because this is the first experience. To take 50 children abroad – not everyone will take on such risks. And my daughter is a young woman, so she went along with the other guys. ”

The head of the education department told in detail that at that time Yunarmia was still being formed in Klintsy, they knew little about it, the guys entered inactively. That is why the children of the administration and security officials were among the first young soldiers: their parents told them. They also clarified the number of children of officials: there were five of them in the delegation, parents occupy positions from leading specialist to heads of departments. There were children and law enforcement officers, several from large families.

Marina Karlova said that the harassment, which has now been launched, causes serious psychological damage to children, many of whom are on the verge of examinations. The foundation had quite a few joint projects with the Turkish side, designed for different categories of children and different tasks. And now they may be in jeopardy.

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