Why there was no blood for the first time

The first sexual intercourse is a very important event for every woman. Accordingly, she is concerned about the mass of questions about how this will happen, who will become her first man, whether she will experience pain. It is believed that the rupture of the hymen is accompanied by bleeding. But many girls claim that in their case this was not the case. This becomes a cause for concern. So why the first time there was no blood? Is this a normal phenomenon or is it worth to see a doctor?

Loss of virginity in terms of the physiological process

Officially enter into sexual intercourse is allowed from 18 years. However, many girls lose their virginity at the age of 15 years. There are cases when this happens later or, on the contrary, earlier. Before talking about why there was no blood for the first time, it is worth saying a few words about the physiological features of the female body.

A hymen is formed in the vagina. In other words, it is the mucous membrane that narrows the entrance to the vagina. During the first sexual intercourse, the penis penetrates its area. It is he who creates pressure in the vagina, under the influence of which the chaff collapses. Because of this, after sexual intercourse, a girl may find remnants of mucus or blood stains on bedding.

Normal signs of loss of virginity

In 80% of cases, the symptoms of the loss of innocence are one. Girls after intercourse notice a number of signs:

  • slight pain in the perineum;
  • burning, stinging, or itching;
  • the appearance of a small amount of blood;
  • feeling of light discomfort when the girl is in a sitting position.

There is also a visual sign that a sexual partner may notice – the labia slightly redden after having sex. All this is an absolute norm. Usually the pain passes during the day. But many girls are worried about why they don’t go bleeding for the first time. Is this normal? There are several reasons why this could have happened.

Reason number 1: Premature use of tampons

Commercials are actively urging girls to use tampons. The manufacturer of this hygienic means claims that it is comfortable, unnoticeable under clothes, and most importantly – safely, even an innocent girl can use it.

Gynecologists assure that this is not entirely true. Virgin women can only afford refined tampons, which are slightly smaller than regular ones. In addition, when using them, it is not recommended to engage in sports, gymnastics. Tampons are also worth changing regularly. Otherwise, increased pressure may form in the vaginal area, due to which the hymen begins to collapse. If a girl is concerned about the question of why there was no blood for the first time, then she should remember if she had any pain or discomfort while using tampons.

Reason number 2: the physiological features of women

In about 10-15% of cases, the absence of blood during the first intercourse is associated with the individual physiological characteristics of the girl. The hymen may be located far from the blood vessels. Because of this, there may also be no discharge.

Another physiological feature is the elasticity of the mucous membrane. Under pressure, it will constantly stretch, but not burst. The girl may continue to have sex, but she will remain a virgin. Moreover, the elastic chaff can last long enough. In some cases, it is destroyed only during childbirth. Surprisingly, many women from birth have this mucous membrane completely absent.

Reason number 3: the physiological features of men

When a woman begins to think about why there was no blood for the first time, she begins to look for a reason in herself. She believes her health is to blame.

Many female representatives begin to visit hospitals for examination. Although in fact the reason may be in a sexual partner. It is worth remembering that some men penis size is less than the norm. In this case, during intercourse, there is insufficient pressure on the chaff, only a small gap is formed, or it remains completely unsettled. In either case, there may be no blood.

Reason 4: Child Injury

Another reason why there was no blood after the first time is a childhood trauma. Of course, girls, above all, must be careful, they need to take care of their health from an early age. But, unfortunately, many young people prefer an active and not very safe lifestyle. They ride a bike, do gymnastics and other sports. Accordingly, they can accidentally injure the hymen, and then forget about this event. And as an adult, girls can detect the absence of pain and blood after the first sex.

Reason number 5: transferred gynecological surgery

Some girls form pathologies in the genital area, which can only be removed surgically. During the gynecological surgery to eliminate them, the hymen may also be damaged.

Reason number 6: full trust between partners

If a woman is concerned about the question of why blood is not flowing for the first time, then this may indicate that she has chosen the right sexual partner. She is most comfortable with him. Experienced gynecologists have agreed that the more the girl strains during sex for the first time, the more she experiences pain. That is why due to damage to the capillaries, blood is more abundant. On the contrary, a relaxed excited state, the presence of natural lubrication and full return to the partner reduce the risk of pain and blood.

Why there was no blood for the first time


Why was there no blood the first time? This issue worries many women. It may be due to various reasons. Mostly the girl is worried that her partner will reject her, thinking that he is not the first man for her, which, unfortunately, is common. In this case, you should tell him about the physiological features of the female body or explain the reason for which there could be no blood during the first sexual intercourse.

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