Why onion hurts stomach

the stomach hurts very much, if only one organ fails, a malfunction occurs in the entire digestive system

Virtually the entire human abdominal cavity is occupied by the digestive system. It is represented by organs such as the stomach, intestines, and the liver from the pancreas. In addition, there are adrenal glands, which belong to the endocrine glands, and the ovaries, if we are talking about the female body.

In the area of ​​the abdominal cavity are the human reproductive organs, urinary system, spleen. If only one organ fails, a malfunction occurs in the entire digestive system. By the nature and location of the pain, it is possible to determine what exactly is disturbing the person. That is why you need to carefully monitor any unpleasant sensations that occur in the abdomen.

Ignoring the alarming signals of the bodies is impossible, because they can talk about serious violations.

Where in the abdomen did the pain appear?

If the stomach hurts, it is very important to take all necessary measures in time – first of all, to seek help from a doctor. However, before the arrival of a specialist, you yourself can understand which particular organ has failed and needs urgent treatment.

  • Sucks under the spoon immediately after breakfast. Such symptoms may indicate an ulcer. Often these diseases are also accompanied by heartburn and unpleasant belching.
  • Pain in the center of the abdomen without any localization. If this pain is also accompanied by loose stools, it’s time to suspect an acute infection. Pain in the navel speak of the defeat of the small intestine.
  • Acute pain, which is difficult to endure, can talk about many diseases. But if it originated in the right part of the abdomen below, and then began to spread over the entire abdomen, you will need emergency help. Such symptoms are a sure sign of appendicitis.
  • Worried right hypochondrium? Such pain most often occurs after fat. It is possible that the liver or gall bladder has failed.
  • Violent pain on the left over the entire area, occasionally spreading to the back, speaks of pancreatitis.
  • Unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen indicate problems with the urogenital system. It is possible that you have something wrong with the bladder or kidney – in such cases, urination is also disturbed.

There is pain in the right side of the abdomen: what is it?

Seek immediate medical attention if abdominal tenderness is accompanied by a sudden rise in temperature and incomprehensible vomiting. It is better to insure once, than to neglect the disease, which represents a threat to life.

Why is my stomach very sick?

So we got to one of the main questions of this article: what causes pain in the peritoneum? There may be several reasons, and they are all very significant:

  • Infection. Most often occurs due to bad food. Dirty hands and unwashed fruits open a direct path to any parasites. Other infections that are already in the human body, such as caries, also lead to kidney damage.

How to prevent: follow all rules of hygiene, selectively treat food, do not start infectious diseases and always complete the treatment.

  • Poor nutrition. What does the concept of poor nutrition? It includes overeating, abuse of harmful products, irregular food intake. In the latter case, the person eats with large breaks (for example, only once a day) or even less often.

How to prevent: eat often, but a little bit. If possible, try to avoid fast food. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Alcohol, smoking. Needless to say, how harmful are smoking and drinking alcohol to a person. They can seriously damage the stomach and destroy the liver, genitals and kidneys, as well as the pancreas.

How to prevent: there is only one way out – to get rid of bad habits for good.

  • Sedentary life. It leads to stagnation of the entire gastrointestinal tract. The muscles lose their tone, the blood supply is significantly deteriorated. Along with overeating, deposits appear on the internal organs of fat.

How to prevent: remember the adage that movement is life!

  • Stress. It worsens the work of internal organs. First of all, digestion suffers, hormones stop being produced. Against the background of stress, a person begins to eat more, his immunity is weakened.

How to prevent: control your emotions, learn how to relax.

  • Squeezing the abdominal muscles. No less serious problem. It occurs when a person wears tight pants. This seriously injures the internal organs of a person. Excessive loads, which cause a hernia, are also dangerous.
  • The way out of the situation will be wearing spacious clothes. Try not to lift anything heavy.

What to do if there was a sharp pain in the abdomen?

Do not be surprised, but the most effective advice that can be given in such a situation is to lie down and wait for the ambulance to arrive. This is especially true if, in addition to pain, you are worried about fever and vomiting.

Do not even try to self-medicate in the absence of a doctor. By following a few simple rules, you can not only ease the pain, but also stay alive:

  • Give up eating. Totally. Some doctors advise you to drink a glass of milk or use a couple of spoons of liquid porridge. However, pain is not always directly related to stomach problems. If it is appendicitis, food in any form will increase the pain.
  • Lie down on the bed and take a comfortable position for yourself – it will help ease the pain. This is usually the position of the embryo, when a person curls up and presses his knees to himself. It is highly recommended to avoid movements.
  • Do you take any medications if bad stomach? Doctors advise against this, especially if we are talking about antispasmodics or painkillers. The pain will go away and making a correct diagnosis will be difficult. And this may entail more serious consequences – for example, blockage of ducts.
  • Applying heat to the stomach is also not recommended. Otherwise, it will only increase blood circulation and contribute to the rapid spread of bacteria. But the use of ice compresses is quite acceptable.

Why onion hurts stomach

Bowel pain

The most common problem that may cause pain in the intestinal area is constipation. They significantly increase the risk of developing infectious diseases, poisoning by toxins of neighboring organs. Often, the kidneys, the prostate gland in men, the ovaries in women are affected.

Want your intestines to work like a clock? In this case, we advise you to follow a few simple rules.

  • In order not to suffer from constipation, eat a sufficient amount of fiber. That is, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables, cereals and bran bread.
  • The work of the intestines will improve if every day to eat at least 2 fruits of prunes or one tablespoon of raisins.
  • We recommend starting the morning with a glass of water, which includes honey and lemon. The drink stimulates the contraction of the intestine, activates its work.
  • Use senna leaves and other natural laxatives, but do not try to replace them with a normal chair, do not bring the matter to dependence.
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