Why not go monthly in 14 years

Adolescent health is extremely vulnerable. Especially violently reacts to all adverse situations the body of young ladies. Sensitive mother, knowing this, tries not to let the girl exhaust herself with excessive physical exertion. Mother expects the first menstruation of her “princess” with joyful excitement. The onset of menstrual bleeding indicates the patient’s successful maturity. When the monthly sleep and do not want to come, the young lady worries. Her mother harasses herself to speculation as to why a schoolgirl has no monthly periods at age 14.

If by the time of her fourteenth birthday, the girl did not feel what menstruation is, there is no point in adjusting to the frightening scenario. Perhaps the body Juliet did not have time to accumulate a sufficient amount of female hormones. It is not excluded the presence of inflammation in the uterus or gonads of the girl.

The first menstruation (gynecologists call her menarche), as a rule, begins in a girl at twelve – thirteen years old. If a fourteen-year-old patient did not wait for this event, there is no reason to “sprinkle ashes on her head”. It is possible that the body of a young person is not ripe for rhythmic changes.

In such a delicate matter as puberty, it is not reasonable to be equal to peers. The level of female hormones will differ even in two twin sisters. “But what to do if there are no menses for too long?” – this is a question often asked by a gynecologist for young patients. First of all, the girl should take care of herself from nervous shocks. To monthly came more to you, you should not experiment with the diet. An excessively severe diet can deprive the girl’s body of important vitamins, trace elements.

The first thing to do if there are no menstruations is to evaluate the patient’s appearance. If the girls’ mammary glands just started to fill up, and the vegetation in the “gentle zones” did not appear, puberty was delayed. In order to make sure that the young lady is healthy, you should show her to the gynecologist.

What is with the chest?

For the first time, critical days come to a girl three years after the beginning of the growth of her breasts. If at the age of thirteen the mammary glands of the schoolgirl only had time to “show up”, it is meaningless to wait for menstruation at the age of 14. Here are the reasons for the delay in puberty in a girl:

  • prolonged depression, conflicts;
  • active sports;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • smoking;
  • colds.

Why not go monthly in 14 years

After stress or flu, the body of a girl can come to life for months.

Blame relatives of the patient?

Another reason for the slow growth of schoolgirls is the family factor. If menstruation came to the mother and grandmother of the patient no earlier than fifteen to sixteen years old, it is logical to assume that her very period will not begin earlier than fourteen years old.

Before “starting up” the menstrual cycle, the girl’s body must complete the formation of all the organs of the reproductive system. If the sex glands function poorly, the dominant follicle will not be able to mature. So, talking about ovulation or menstruation makes no sense.

There is the concept of prolonged childhood. It concerns not only character, but also physiology. Sometimes menstruation come to the young ladies on the threshold of their majority. The absence of ailments indicates that nothing frightening happens to a girl. The critical date for the arrival of menarche doctors consider the age of sixteen years.

Why not go monthly in 14 years

The depressing causes of late maturation

An impressionable mother is hard to accept that her daughter has no monthly periods at 14. A woman starts reading articles, listens to the advice of female friends. She may be tempted to buy medicine or supplements for her young daughter to cause menstrual bleeding. It is dangerous to tempt fate and treat the girl yourself. It is possible that you yourself come up with trouble. There are situations when the intervention of the doctor is necessary.

Let’s name the diseases suppressing puberty of the girl:

  • thyroid disease.
  • pituitary tumor.
  • congenital pathology of the ovaries.
  • adhesions in the structures of the vagina.
  • absence of the uterus.

It happens that the girl has no vagina. The uterus and sex glands of young ladies function, but the menstrual flow does not appear in her. Doctors call this situation a false amenorrhea. Some young patients have a hymen devoid of holes. Of course, this defect prevents the arrival of menstruation.

To confirm or exclude the presence of the above-mentioned problems for the young lady, the doctor will prescribe an ultrasound scan of the uterus and ovaries, a blood test for hormones. If the girl has congenital defects in the reproductive organs, the doctor will decide what to do. Recall that surgical correction allows you to eliminate almost all the bitter surprises of nature.

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