Why is the cervix bloody

The appearance of bloody or brownish discharge from the genital tract in women outside of menstruation is a sign that the cervix is ​​bloodied. In most cases, this means the presence of a disease and is a reason for a thorough examination.

Why is the cervix bloody

According to statistics, most women postpone a trip to the gynecologist in the presence of this symptom. The lack of timely and proper treatment leads to the development of dangerous complications.

Bleeding from the cervix occurs due to its injury, as it is abundantly penetrated by blood vessels. Trauma mucous occurs on the background of several diseases:

  • cervical erosion;
  • mucous polyp;
  • cervical cancer.

Transient bleeding occurs in some gynecological procedures:

Why is the cervix bloody

  • curettage of the uterus;
  • cauterization of the neck;
  • introduction or removal of a contraceptive coil;
  • Ultrasound with transvaginal sensor.

Such bleedings pass independently within several days. If the neck is bleeding regularly, it indicates the presence of chronic damage.

Table. Features of bleeding in various diseases.

Bleeding of the cervix on the background of pregnancy is an unfavorable sign. It indicates the threat of miscarriage due to placental abruption.

The cervix of the uterus is bloody and in women with menopause. This is due to increased dryness of the mucous membrane and its cracking. The reason is a decrease in the amount of estrogen in the body.

Transitional bleeding from the cervix is ​​not required to treat, they pass on their own. Chronic diseases are subject to special treatment.

The tactics of the therapeutic approach varies with different pathologies. Before you assign the appropriate therapy, the gynecologist conducts a comprehensive examination.

Table. Treatment schemes for diseases of the cervix uteri.

Emergency treatment is indicated if the cervix is ​​in the blood of a woman during pregnancy. In this case, the woman is taken to the gynecological department and decide on the preservation or termination of pregnancy.

Climacteric bleeding due to dry mucous membranes are treated by replacement therapy. The woman is prescribed estrogen preparations in the form of tablets for oral administration or a means of local action. Against the background of their constant use, the mucous membrane is restored and bleeding stops.

Treatment with folk remedies is symptomatic and does not replace the primary therapy prescribed by the doctor. With the help of folk remedies it is impossible to cure the polyp, erosion, and even more so cancer. They are used to temporarily stop bleeding from the genital tract.

For this purpose, the following means are used:

  • infusion of water pepper;
  • nettle decoction;
  • decoction of burnet.

Means are inside. It is not recommended to use folk remedies in the form of baths or douches, as this contributes to further damage to the mucous membrane.

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