Why is sick during menstruation

Many women in the position are absolutely sure that during pregnancy toxicosis is a permanent and indispensable phenomenon.

And indeed, many of the women giving birth tell stories about how they were constantly tormented by nausea in the mornings and evenings, how their favorite foods had previously suddenly started to cause strong disgust, how they constantly felt dizzy and felt a serious indisposition …

Such stories are heard by every visitor of women’s clinics, and as a result, it seems that toxicosis – this is the norm. But when its manifestations are not observed, many pregnant women begin to show anxiety.

What is the matter? Why is there no toxicosis? We suggest you to understand this question.

Why does toxicosis occur?

First of all, you need to understand why does such an unpleasant phenomenon arise as toxicosis?. In fact, experts still have not come to a common opinion.

Only one thing is obvious: toxicosis – This is the reaction of the body of a pregnant woman to various adverse factors.

These factors include, for example, smoking (including constant passive inhalation of nicotine and tar), alcohol consumption, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep, the presence of kidney disease, the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive system, and much more.

It is clear that the female body during childbirth dramatically changes at the hormonal level. And these changes affect the work of absolutely all systems, each internal organ.

That is why it becomes clear that the organism, rearranging, can present unpleasant surprises to the pregnant woman – dizziness, fatigue and, of course, toxicosis.

Quite often nausea in the morning occurs due to the fact that there are not enough vitamins in a pregnant woman’s body, trace elements and other nutrients.

Therefore every future mother, and especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, It is very important to take special vitamin complexes. After a course of treatment, toxicosis usually subsides.

Why is sick during menstruation

And then – they begin to actually feel all his unpleasant symptoms on him. I must say, self-hypnosis is capable and not of such tricks. In this case, of course, a pregnant woman can be recommended to contact a psychologist.

With competent, professional psychotherapy, this problem will disappear and will not be disturbed anymore. It is necessary to take note of each future mother: Your positive mental attitude is a guarantee of the absence of problems and negative states.. Do not program toxicosis in your own mind – and, quite likely, you will be able to avoid it.

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Its main features

Unfortunately, toxicosis belongs to the category of problems that it is simply impossible to miss. This problem is manifested in the form of the following phenomena:

  1. Have a pregnant woman reduced appetite. At the same time, the expectant mother can feel a slight decrease in appetite, and an absolute aversion to any food – even to those dishes that were among the favorite before pregnancy. It often happens that disgust is formed only to some specific products or types of dishes. For example, very often pregnant women do not tolerate the smell of freshly brewed soups or fried fish.
  2. Another sign of toxicosis is excessive drooling. It usually manifests itself in the form of short attacks, and in rare cases becomes almost continuous.
  3. Many women suffering from toxemia complain inadequate perception of familiar flavors. For example, the fragrance that your favorite eau de toilette exudes can suddenly cause an attack of nausea or vomiting.
  4. On their own bouts of vomiting – This is perhaps one of the main signs of toxemia. Some pregnant women experience seizures only in the morning, while others suffer from vomiting day and night.
  5. Another bright symptom of toxicosis is Perversion appetite. A woman may suddenly want to try a dish that she had never tasted before or did not like at all before pregnancy. Or vice versa – familiar, favorite dishes can become very unpleasant.

In this case, the necessary reception of special complexes containing the necessary nutrients.

  • Low blood pressure is also a symptom of toxemia. If the pressure is higher than the bar that was normal for you before pregnancy, this is a reason to be wary.
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    Two varieties

    Early toxicosis – the one that occurs in the first half of pregnancy, approximately in the first twelve weeks. In the second trimester, unpleasant symptoms gradually subside.

    In more or less degree early toxicosis accompanies eighty percent of pregnancies.

    Late toxicosis (experts call it preeclampsia) – occurs in the second half (more often in the third trimester) of pregnancy.

    Should know that late toxicosis should be treated under the supervision of doctors, in a hospital hospital. The fact is that preeclampsia can have very serious consequences – both for the future mother’s health, and for the health, and even the life of her baby.

    Lack of toxicosis: is it normal?

    Despite the fact that many women are experiencing due to the absence of symptoms, which, in their opinion, are standard for all pregnant women, lack of toxicosis – this is a reason for joy, and certainly not a cause for concern!

    Benefits Non-toxic course of pregnancy for the future mother are obvious. You do not have those negative, unpleasant conditions that bother many in your position.

    No toxicosis means that the risk of miscarriage is minimal (whereas with strong toxicosis, on the contrary, this danger becomes quite real).

    And finally, if you do not have toxemia, you will have no reason for worry, anxiety and frustration. This means that you can fully enjoy the wonderful state in which you are staying.

    Pregnancy is real happiness for every woman. So let it pass calmly, with great well-being and excellent mood!

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