Why do I always have a headache

If you have a headache from behind, you need to determine the exact cause of the disease in order to know reliably how to eliminate it. Headache is usually a sign of various diseases and disorders in the body. The pain in the back of the head can be varied. Sometimes it spreads to the entire occipital part, and the pain is evenly manifested. And it happens that the pain is sharp, and at the same time gives in the neck. Without attention, such symptoms should not be left, as they can entail serious consequences.

What can hurt the back of the head

Pain syndrome in the occipital zone does not occur just like that, without a reason. Most often, the body gives you a signal that there are problems. This means – it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination to identify the provoking factor. And the sooner the better. There are a number of diseases that are accompanied by pain in the back of the head. The exact reason can be set only by a qualified technician. The most likely factors for which the headache in the neck and in the neck area hurts are:

  1. Osteochondrosis is a pathology that occurs when the cartilage tissue of the cervical spine is destroyed. With the development of this disease, a person may feel pain in the back of the head, ringing in the ears, dizziness, possibly nausea.
  2. Injury. If an unsuccessful turn of the head, or an incorrect posture during sleep, the cervical nerve may be pinched. As a result, there is discomfort and begins to whine the back of the head.
  3. Overvoltage. This is the most common cause of people with a sedentary lifestyle. For a long time to be in a sitting position (at the wheel, at the computer). Causes overstressing of the neck and spinal muscles. Dull aching pain in the back of the head – the result of prolonged tension.
  4. Lack of oxygen. With a long time spent in an unventilated room, there is a lack of oxygen, which blocks the metabolism and cell regeneration. With this stagnation, there is pain in the head, not only in the occipital zone, but also at the base of the skull, all over the head.
  5. Spondylosis is chronic and headache is a symptom of this disease. Characterized by the spread of pain in the eyes and ears. Treatment should take place only under medical supervision.
  6. Cervical migraine. When her neck begins to hurt, and then the syndrome spreads to the back of the head. If you do not provide specialized assistance in a timely manner, then it begins to hurt at the side of the temples and in the frontal part.

To reduce the risk of pain in the head, you should regularly do exercises, knead the cervical vertebrae and constantly air the room.

How to eliminate a headache in a short time

For a start, I would like to note that you can drink a pill, the head will not hurt, but the real reason for this will not be eliminated. If the head is sick one-time – it’s not scary, but for frequent headaches, you just need to undergo a medical examination.

If suddenly a headache begins to hurt, the following methods will help alleviate the condition:

  • carrying out a light massage of the neck and shoulders. This will help to relax tense muscles, increase blood circulation in them and eliminate pain;
  • airing the room. Often, dizziness and pain in the head are caused by a lack of oxygen (the first symptom is pallor of the skin). In this case, you need to breathe fresh air;
  • use of natural tea. Mint, lemon balm, oak bark, linden – all these plants have a calming and relaxing effect;
  • applying a compress on the back of the head from the cabbage leaf. In this way, our ancestors were still saved. Cabbage pulls the pain and reduces discomfort.

It makes no sense to drink pills without prescribing a doctor. This may not only bring relief, but also entail negative consequences. Many pharmaceutical preparations have a number of contraindications and side effects, and their use can greatly harm the entire body. It is better to use the above methods to eliminate the pain. They will help for a while, until it becomes possible to get to the doctor.

Do not delay the trip to a qualified technician.

Diagnosis and treatment of headache

If headaches in the back occur regularly, then you need to look for deeper causes of this problem. Only by eliminating them, you can eliminate the headache. Doctors usually perform standard diagnostic procedures, which include:

  1. Blood pressure measurement. From its indicators can be repelled in the formulation of the diagnosis. A common cause of headache that occurs in the back of the head, extending to the left and right temple, can be increased pressure.
  2. MRI provides an opportunity to examine in detail the soft tissue of the brain. The cause of discomfort and periodic deterioration of health can reveal a tumor in the head.
  3. Doppler sonography allows you to monitor the state of the blood vessels in the brain and blood circulation in them.

After the diagnosis, the doctor can determine the exact cause of the pain.

The final diagnosis is established exclusively by a specialist on the basis of tests and the results of diagnostics, starting from which further treatment is prescribed.

Medications are taken depending on the cause of the disease:

  • if the venous blood circulation is impaired, then “Troxevasin” or “Detralex” may be prescribed;
  • if the headache hurts because of the vessels that lose their elasticity and as a result, the blood circulation deteriorates, Stugeron, Sermion and others will become excellent assistants;
  • for pain that occurs as a result of overstressed muscles, baclofen or sirdalud are recommended, which will relax the neck muscles and reduce pain;
  • with elevated pressure, various pharmaceutical preparations are prescribed for its normalization of the type: Diacarb, Captopril, Furosemide, Nifedipine, acting in a complex way as antihypertensive and diuretic agents.

Self-medication can harm your health, so you can take medicines only on doctor’s prescription.

Why do I always have a headache

Headache prevention

To avoid ailments and headaches, which most often occur as a symptom of a more serious disease, you need to monitor your health and use simple tips for every day:

  • Always ventilate the room, especially before bedtime and after. This is one of the most important pledges of well-being;
  • give up bad habits that adversely affect the body and prevent cell renewal;
  • good nutrition is the basis of good health. When the body receives all the necessary vitamins, minerals and macro-and micronutrients, then all systems and organs function without failures;
  • sleep. An adult needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day. At the same time, there should be a proper bed cover, the best option is an orthopedic mattress that repeats all the curves of the body and guarantees a quality rest. Inconvenient pillow – one of the causes of pain in the back of the head;
  • regular checkup. At least once a year it is necessary to pass tests and undergo a full examination by specialists. This will help to identify the development of a disease in a timely manner, and stop it at the initial stage, avoiding negative consequences.

Since the pain in the back of the head can occur for various reasons. This is a serious reason to visit a medical facility and undergo a diagnosis. You will not be able to determine why a headache is left, behind, at the base of the skull, in the frontal or temporal lobe. The frequency and nature of pain carries a lot of information about the disease. Simple pain pills can eliminate discomfort for a while, but this will not solve the real problem. Therefore, it is important to promptly seek help.

In order to avoid many diseases, it is necessary to adhere to preventive measures, to avoid overstrain, pressure and severe fatigue. Lack of sleep and constant stress are a common cause for headaches, nausea, dizziness and worsening of the general condition of the body.

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