Where is your liver

Summer with its berries, tomatoes and other mushrooms safely ended. Ahead of the long cold, with which we always fight the easiest way – eating fatter, larger portions and drink stronger. Somewhere on the horizon, the New Year holidays are already looming, in which we completely embark on all the serious. Poor your liver – she has to cope with all this magnificence.

Surprisingly, despite such pressures, it retains amazing self-cleaning and restoration abilities. Only three days without alcohol, nicotine and other amusements are enough for her to fully restore her abilities (not counting, of course, extreme cases like the one and a half year binge before these three days). To help her, we have developed such a temporary nutrition plan to cleanse the liver. You can not follow him blindly and replace some products with others, so long as they contain the valuable substances described in the text.


Phase 1: Garbage Collection

Enzymes responsible for cleaning the liver of toxins collect these same toxins.

Phase 2: Recycling

Toxins are sorted like garbage in a waste recycling plant. Each type of toxin is combined with its corresponding substances (like waste is packaged in bags, boxes, and tanks) and removed from the body.


It is necessary that the liver receives all the key nutrients that it needs in both phases of detoxification, and does not receive anything extra. First, we must eliminate from the diet all that can slow down the process – fatty, sweet, salty and caffeine. A carbohydrate-rich diet can also slow the recovery of the liver until it stops. Only three days on our special diet will make you feel refreshed, rested and energized.

The first day

Blueberry and Raspberry Oatmeal

For the liver: antioxidants in the berries protect you from horrors like liver cirrhosis, courageously fighting free radicals in the first phase of detox.

For you: these berries are also rich in antiviral drugs that protect you from colds and flu-like effects as always, too quickly and unexpectedly come autumn.

Where is your liver

Omelet with spinach and mushrooms, carrot and beetroot salad

For the liver: vitamins C, B2 and B5 in your dinner help the liver cope with the toxins from the exhaust gases, which you heartily breathe in the traffic jam on the way to work.

For you: beets are rich in betaine – a substance that inhibits the growth of the level of the female hormone estrogen in your body (and it will grow as the liver is cleared).

Fresh carrots and bell peppers with hummus

For the liver: chickpeas – the main ingredient of hummus – is rich in fiber, which increases the activity of both phases of detox.

For you: you can not do without a high-fiber diet if you decide to throw off those extra pounds. First, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits contain few calories, and secondly, without fiber, neither the stomach nor the intestines can work at full strength.

For the liver: turmeric – one of the main Indian spices – almost doubles the secretion of bile, according to German scientists. This, for example, accelerates the flushing of alcohol and tobacco toxins from the body.

For you: enhancing the secretion of bile improves digestion and makes you feel much more cheerful next morning after a birthday, New Year and other occasions from the heart to eat.

Second day

Muesli with yogurt

For the liver: lactic acid bacteria in yogurt reduce the degree of negative effects of toxins on the liver, say American doctors.

For you: before you clean the liver, you must have clogged both her and other organs with fat, sweet, fried, salty and combustible. Cellulose in muesli lowers the cholesterol level rising to heaven by an impressive 20%.

Broccoli soup

For the liver: the liver is the filter for your body, and broccoli is the filter for this filter. Enzymes contained in this cabbage, accelerate and make more efficient the second phase of detox.

For you: Californian doctors insist – antioxidants in this green vegetable reduce the risk of catching an acute respiratory disease.

Orange juice and oatmeal cookies

For the liver: oranges – a banal, but tasty way to saturate the body with vitamin C, an antioxidant, accelerating the process of cleansing the liver.

For you: in the mornings, we advise you to eat oatmeal – slowly digesting and leaving you full of carbohydrates. Oatmeal cookies in the afternoon, we advise exactly for the same reason.

Roast Chicken with Cauliflower

For the liver: cauliflower enhances the production of glutathione, a substance that helps the liver with the blackest work: splitting alcohol, nicotine and toxic components of drugs, such as paracetamol or antibiotics.

Where is your liver

For you: food rich in niacin (like chicken, for example) protects you from age-related impairment of cognitive functions, US researchers tell us.

Third day

Two boiled eggs and toast

Where is your liver

For the liver: eggs increase the level of the most valuable lipids in the blood with the unpronounceable name – phosphatidylcholines. They help get rid of fat deposits in the liver.

For you: the eggs are rich in vitamin D, which helps you to answer the tricky questions of the authorities, to make multi-page letters with the requirements to raise wages and in general to exercise mental abilities to the fullest.

For the liver: onions contain sulfur, which is necessary for the liver to break down alcohol and paracetamol.

For you: regularly including in your diet soup, you reduce calorie intake by as much as 20%, according to the University of Virginia.

Crackers and Avocados

For the liver: avocado is rich in vitamin E, which improves liver function. It also helps to cope with the excess glucose from soda and fruit juices.

For you: avocado has a lot of folic acid, which promotes better blood circulation, which, in turn, will not let you get cold in the autumn wind.

Pork chop with adjika and steamed vegetables

For the liver: pork is rich in glycine – this substance helps you cope with preservatives, sweeteners, improvers, and other E, without which even breast milk seems to be enough now.

For you: hot red pepper in adjika speeds up metabolism and lowers blood pressure. It helps you get rid of stress and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. There is no longer a need to fight the bad mood in the old way, beer.

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