Where does vitamin b12

V_tamіn B12 having spawned at biolog_v, marketovіv, hіmіkіv, pharmacists і харчовиків безліч разкусій, as if triune donin. Negotiate all the stinks of such a food: it is itself a whole wonder element, the stars are taken, based on organization. Residual vіdpovіdey my year is not known. Ale, let’s give all the trophies to the factory and I’ll tell you about it.

cobalamin family

The sunshine of be-yak vіtamіnіv enter the title: vita + amine. Russian tse pєdnannya sound yak life and amіni. The word vіtamіn is a word meaning the life of the important words of amіn. Such elements are on the same day altogether another ten.

For roschinnost vs vіdomi vіtamіni podіlyayutsya on rozchinnі u water і and zhirorozchinnі. B12 join the first group. However, є peculiarity, yak vidіlyaє yogogo on those ınshih, – vіn rozynyatsya in water, ala at tsomu from new zberіgaєtsya zatnnist pakupichuvatsya in organismo.

The word zdachit, scho vitamіnom B12, it is not a single element that is called a name, but a group of organically speaking parties. Everybody stinks in his own storage of cobalt. Zvіdsi i izva – kobalamіn.

From the evil of the underpowered until the end

Вітамін B12 is one of the plots with the end of the evil nedokrіv’ya. Until the middle of the twentieth century, the ministerial stolty tse zakhvoryuvnya not pіddavalosya l_kuvannya. Three American lіkarіv dovgy hour nazmagalsya zrozumіti, who in organisms people, just sick on anemia, cease viroblyasya health eritrotsiti. Proceedings stench viyavili, sco tsei process can zupiniti, as if sick will be on a day for 250 g of syroi pechninka homemade products. Far stinks were borrowed by a detailed analysis of the whole, from which to put pechnіnku.

Where does vitamin b12

Injecting the skin of the molecule, in the course of W. Murphy, J. Minot and J. William viiyavi into his own self-indulgent element, which was the end of his hand. Yogo was called Bhim vit. Viyavilosya, scho vschvili on anemia v_dchuvali marriage tsі реї rechovini, so as yak zapolzhennya їh organizm not mig yogo vyroblyati. Podslі doslіdzhennya vіtamіnu buli are directly hidden on those, schobid vіlity yogogo from pechinki tvarin, to_znatiya yogo khimіchnu formula і molecular structure.

Formula rozkrivaє funktsії

Twenty-two years later, the reasons for anemia were accounted for by the vytyagti from the temples of the crystal. Now, the stench was lost in the vivchennyam їх warehouse, structure and functions. Viyavilosya, in human organisms v_tamіn B12, in the main areas of the game, in order to form a single cobalt molecule, a single phosphorus molecule, and in addition to one hundred percent of the same molecules and one of the first year, and one of the first year, and one of the first place, and one of the four hundred and four months ago, and one of the four hundred and four months ago, and one of the first place and one of the most importantly, and one of the first place and one of the most important people. The vigilance is all the axis so: C ?? H ?? CoN ?? O ?? P. Qia rechovina called cyanocobalamin.

Yak_ processi vidbuvayutsya in the organization for the participation of folding folding rechovini? If you omit all the folds of the details and izagalniti with a simple shutdown, then you can see three processes in which you can take part in an example of the molecule.

  1. Formulation and imbedding of the corpus callosum (erythrocytes), with the elements that are essential for DNA molecules.
  2. Vivedennya tskinn nervovoi і sertsevo-sudno ї systems of toxic acids, yakі zvazhayv їх normalnіy robotі.
  3. Post cerebral necrophilic chemilial spolukami, just to defend your own crotch, and also crammed nerve clitin.

Cyanocobalam in nature and in laboratory

On 1956 rock, the structure of cyanocobalamin was in the Yakomu bulo zyasovano, in synthesized laboratory vitamins B12. The construction of the folding process was completed in 1973. Chemical synthesis of vitamine is stored in thirty successive stages.

In the natural minds of cobalamin, they are synthesized by bacteriums and single-member microorganisms with the insignificant name of the archaea. Tsіkavo, scho in the people organismo also take part in the unique process. Wilt, just like cyanocobalamine, bring tilki in that case, so that you can use intestinal patterns. For tsogo shlyunok guilty viroblyati so titles internal factor Casla. This factor is often referred to as internal B12.

Thus, identify two understandings – internal (virobilizm organ) element i zovnіshnіy (just go to the body) vitamіn B12. In products, the element is not synthesized, but only in them.

Cobalamin і m’yasna promislov_st

Oskіlki first coals of power kobalaminov buli viyavlenі zavdyki yalovicho ї pechinki, the buv zrobleniya visnovok, sco i ilementi mstyatsya in products of mekny kakoyzhennya. І dіysno, tsіnokokobalamіn buv viyavleny in yalovichin, pig meat, chicken, in all by-products (pecheni, nirkah, selenium). You can know deyok yogo kіlkіst in eggs, syi, molotsi. The history of the B12 overwhelmingly yanked it with the help of the industry.

At one o’clock, this is an element to play a key role in fighting with vegetarism. Bagato dіtologovіv šterdzhuvali, roslinna žzha is not satisfied with the people. On proof, a deficit of B12 was suggested, a yaky nibito of Vinikaє at vidmov_ v_d meyasa. In the result of such hardening in susplіlstvі sklalosya stіike dumka. Please note that you will need to change your B12, you can do everything for you, give you everything, just like that in my products.

Roslini tezh be friends with tsіnokobalamіnom

Vegetarians weren’t appearing in this battle. The stinkers rested their wine with the meat-eaters. The head argument, sticking to the stench, was the price of his health. And, yes, bagato hto them, vidmuvivatsya v_d meyasa, did not become themselves vіdchuvaty more. In addition, the results are shocked. Dannu obsheteni Bagatokh vegetarians_v showed that just in the presence of cobalamins in their organisms it was found in the past, under the terms of myocardians. Taki fakti sponukali hіmіkіv that bіologіv spend podalshі doslіdzhennya. Well stink z’yasuvali?

Wandering, tsіnokokobalamіn mіstitsya takozh in the dark green badly, spinach, lettuce, fruit, mountains, nasіnnі, action vegetables, ribі, seafood. If you want to live in a warehouse where you’re at the head of the group, you’ll not be in B12. It is tsem tsem, the organ of healthy people and the synthesis of cyanocobalamin, which must be necessary for coenzyme and cobalt.

Pharmaceutical marketing

Tі, hto not є shanuvalnikami vegetarians, myaso, healthy way of life, and vodnosyat yourself up to them, with the help of a whim, you can know cobalamin in pharmacies. There you, shvshe for everything, zaponuyuta v_tamіn B12 in ampoules. In this case, the drug is a Victorian drug from the moment of his appearance in the laboratory minds. Itself by the introduction of cobalamin with internal я yazovo lіkuyuktu pernicious anemia.

Vіdomo, scho B12 – vіtamіn, pricks yakogo duzhe blyuchі when introduced vnutrіnshnyom’yazovo. Takay misunderstanding sponukalo pharmacists selling a lot more. Cod of єsnuє mozhnіst zapovnuvati defitsy B12. Вітамін in tablets in the hands of the deputies zadni zambia prick. However, the pill is a dose of a great dose of cyanocobalamine, and the dose to the drug is low. Zdorovyy lyudin_ neobhdіdny liche 1 microc.

Beauty of cobalamin

Let’s talk more about one zasosuvannі ampoules with cobalamin. Velmy is a smart form for lovers of beautiful and long hair. Yakmsho pam’yataєte, then cyanocobalamin spriya є uvorennyu chervonyh bloody til, and the stench, in his devil, live our klіtini kisnim. Especially you need to dove hair. Schoot nagoduvati їх, good-by-life speech, put in the root-foliculi. Chime bіlshe budey erotirotsit_v viroblyatsya in tsikh m_shechkakh, we blyshe kisny otrimyayut your dovge hair.

Vinahidlі beauticians at once with pharmacists came up with, as you can vikorisovuvati v_tamіn B12 for hair. Bagato to please just viliti vm_st ampuli in sub for mittya heads. In the result of skin mitty, Kisen will be suitable for all Koreans in all areas, so as a cobalamin in greatness to nurture my heart with the necessary elements. Hair becomes healthy. Ale not varto spend qiu procedure regularly. Do not forget, if you need a neoconocalamine nevisok, you need to accumulate in the kitchen and plant all the life in organisms. And people are worthy of all the lives that are supposed to be healthy, forty million years ago, B12 (for every British student).

Bacteria reconciled all

I want to bring up the words, nevertheless could not make peace between themselves and my vegetarians and vegetarians. Prodovzhuyuchi doslіdzhennya with me zyasuvati, de mіstitsya vіtamіn B12, American vchenyv viyavili, scho tsianokobalamіn can fairly be added to mikroorganizm. Qia pokoliva bacterіya alive in the intestinal flora, and also in the soil. If a small bakter provides all the necessary elements, and a cobalt is supplied, it is necessary for them to get it B12.

Where does vitamin b12

This way, I will explain the numbers, take cyanocobalamin in tvarino їzhі – bacterіya live in the intestine, viroblya 12 B12, pevinku tvarini yogo popichuchu, people on the pecheni pechnik i i oprimu ryte etym. The same process goes into the organisms of the people. Vegetarians with fresh egg are needed, and bacterium vigotovlya kobalamin in their intestines.

So too, shed more light on the secret of mutual understanding of internal and related B12. However, on tsomu tєmnitsі vіtamіnu (abo bacterії) B12 did not finish. What is the sign that you can do in an hour and tsikavim hemikam!

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