Where are your lungs

4 days You will only practice with Shamshurin. He and his trainers will spend the entire time of the training together with the participants in practice. No one will be left without support and attention.

The theory will be sent to you in video format in advance. After the training, you will receive an exhaustive theoretical video – information about dating.

You automatically find yourself in our closed male community in Votsap, where you will find friends and like-minded people.

Shamshurin personally will stay in the fields with each of the participants. In fact, the format of semi-individual training!

In the evening, after the practice, there will be analyzes, answers to questions and feedback in the audience.

Where are your lungs

These 4 days will turn your life upside down.

28th Thu evening from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Start of training + practice with Shamshurin

29th Fri 11:00 – 21:00 Practice with Shamshurin + evening analysis

30th. Sat 11:00 – 21:00 Practice with Shamshurin + evening analysis

31st. Sun 11:00 – 20:00 Practice with Shamshurin + final evening analysis

Learn how to meet the perfect girl for a serious relationship.


First trial lesson for free

What happens in your head when you see a beautiful girl

What if she says no.

She’s probably some oligarch’s boyfriend

I’m in a hurry, I’m completely the other way

What will think the surrounding

I probably will not pull such

Basically, she’s not that good of me.

Right now, leave a request and learn simple steps to overcome discomfort and excitement when meeting beautiful girls


First trial lesson for free

But, before you begin to easily get acquainted with the girls – let us get to know you. Who we are

We have trained more than 22 thousand students in a live and online format.

Even students from America, Canada, Poland, Germany, Israel, Ukraine and the CIS countries attend our trainings.

Individual training

We will easily demonstrate what we are talking about.

We do not teach to seduce – we teach how to become a man of dreams for any woman.

We are a factory for the production of real men.


As our 9-year practice shows – One of the main problems for men in communicating with girls is this:

“I don’t know what to talk about” and “What am I to tell her?”

Your head is completely empty, and therefore you say:

Where do you work?

Uhhhh … what are you alone here?))))

Can I meet you?

This is all not working!

We have invented a method that allows absolutely not to “steam” what to say, and which works in 100 cases out of 100.

Right now, leave a request and learn all about – What to communicate with the girls during dating, by phone, on a date, in companies, at your home and


First trial lesson for free

Most men still make rare attempts that do not often end in success.

Remember how it was with you – You approached the girl, and everything seemed to have started well, but …

I do not meet

I do not give phone

Add to social. networks, and then we’ll see

I have a boyfriend

I’m in a hurry, let me write down your number myself

I don `t want to communicate. I’m busy.

The trick is that all girls say about the same thing, and WE REALLY KNOW, what to do with it! We have created an algorithm for processing 72 basic and rare female objections, when meeting, kissing, before sex, taking a phone, on a date, making an appointment, and so on …

Right now, leave a request and learn the strategy of recycling women’s checks and objections I do not meet, I have a boyfriend, I am not ready for sex now, I do not give the phone, we know too little, I am in a hurry …


First trial lesson for free

Don’t know what to do ona date?

Right now leave a request and find out how to impress the most beautiful girl in the first five minutes of communication


First trial lesson for free

Look at what people who already apply it say about our methodology.

Crank up your talent for communicating with girls

Training Live group training

Training Weekend with coach

Training Individual training

Communication Skype consultation

Video Course 7 daysbefore sex ”

Video Course “Real Communication

Video Course “Perfect date”

Video Course “Easy dating as a habit”

Video Course “A man who can not refuse”

Video Course Practice

Video Course “Fear of approach”

MEET ON THE INTERNET?Maybe you are trying to meet online and popular applications for dating?

Probably you often break your head over what to write a girl on the Internet, what would she answer and be interested?

According to statistics, 90% of messages remain unanswered.

And basically those who you would like the least answer. But even with them rarely comes to a lively meeting.

Right now leave a request and find out how to get 10 phones in 72 hours from social networks


First trial lesson for free

Join our get-together. You will find like-minded and new friends

Are you just a friend?

For the one that you really like …

Tired of listening to her stories about other guys? Tired of the feeling that she is near, but you can not do anything about it? Waiting for her initiative?


You yourself to blame! There is a chance to fix it. Or you can leave it at that.

Right now leave a request and find out how to never become just a friend for the girl you like


First trial lesson for free

Bad relationship experience?

Broke up with the girl?

Broke up with the girl?

– Can’t think of anything but her. – You do not see the point in communicating with others. – You want her back.


We will help you get her back or survive the separation and get back on your feet. You will become one of those men whom girls don’t give up!


Do not pull. Otherwise it may be too late!

Or maybe you think that you do not need it?

Well, self-deception is the gravest of crimes against oneself.Is this your choice?

Our students remember with a smile, as they used to say:

What would you like girls need a lot of money and expensive cars

– What do you think, our clients who come to individual training, worth from 150 thousand rubles – have financial difficulties? The biggest mistake of men is that they are trying to interest the girl not with themselves, but with their own resources. (I will bring, I will give, I bring, I will help, I will treat, I will make). Not directly, so indirectly – to buy her attention. But the absurdity is that there will always be someone who offers more … And why do you need a girl who leaves on the same day if your money runs out? Auto? …;) – girls will use you as a free taxi, until they meet a guy in a more expensive car.

I do not need this information, it is for losers …

– We are convinced that only real men always strive for development. Including improving their skills in dealing with women. And in general, remember when you woke up in an embrace with the girl who you really like, and not with the one you brought over.

“I have already read all the books about it.”

– The theory is meaningless without practice, practice is blind without theory. Knowledge has increased … But have beautiful women increased? … Our principle of learning is 20% of theory and 80% of practice!

“I don’t have time for this.”

– WHAT do you have no time for? On your own happiness, joy and pleasure from life? A person always finds time for what is really important, and what he really wants. What are you working for and making money? If you don’t have the only one you want to spend on?

“Girls like brutal rocking!”

– Of course, sports guys are always not deprived of attention. But the man is first of all what is inside: The core, the character, the Position Above. Our best graduates are not always Apollo. Some of them are: Short, bald, with NOT a perfect figure, and some even stuttered.

“I need talent, it’s not given to everyone”

– Everything is much easier than you drew yourself. Surely you often see beautiful girls by the hand with quite ordinary guys. And you ask yourself the question – “WELL THAN IT IS BETTER ME ?!” Do you want the truth? – Nothing. Or maybe even worse. Who wants – is looking for opportunities – who does not want – is looking for excuses! Try this phrase on yourself … Doesn’t it remind anyone?

“I have no problem with this. I am fine!

– It all depends on what you think is the norm. For some, the rate is 20 thousand rubles a month and beer in the evenings. Or 100,000, work, home, gym and prostitutes (maybe, by the way, not very bad). But all this is plastic. Ask yourself a question – and your future wife, are you also going to order through the salon? And for someone the norm is to communicate with those girls whom you choose yourself, and who choose you, not for money. But the choice, of course, is always yours.

“I live in a small town and it seems to me that we have few beautiful girls. Everybody knows each other! what others think about me

– Great argument :) You are great at fooling yourself! In this case, of course it is best to do nothing. It is better to wait for some attractive and interesting girl to fly to you from another planet. The main thing is to do nothing. After all, it has long been known that not only in your city, but also in other cities of the planet, the same situation))). And those guys whom you see by the hand with the girls – they are “Just lucky”

“What if, after I try, and I like it, I won’t be able to fall in love with One, there will be a lot of them, and they are all good.”

– In order to fall in love – you must first find it. In order to find something or find someone, you first need to know how “IT” looks, and how I should understand that this is exactly “IT”, what I was looking for. It is precisely in order to understand exactly what that one should be, and not to be mistaken, that it is necessary for the time to completely plunge into communication with a large number of beautiful women. After that, you can be sure of full awareness and sobriety of your choice, and then not regret having chosen “Not that”, in a fit of emotions.

I like guys! ;)

– Perhaps, this is the only argument – against which even our 9 years experience and methodology are powerless. Then you really are not to us …

If you see these words and read everything above, you are a very persistent and goal-oriented guy. This is the quality that women value most in men.

Right now, leave a request and Learn to hold stunning dates

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