When menstruation comes after duphaston

Many women of reproductive age are faced with the problems of menstrual disorders. This state of the body can be caused by various factors of internal and external environment. With regular violations of the menstrual cycle, doctors often prescribe hormonal drugs to correct the level of the main female hormones.

One of the most common drugs in gynecological practice is Duphaston. Before starting a course of treatment, be sure to ask the doctor how to take this drug correctly and on what day after the drug the menstruation begins. To obtain the desired effect can not deviate from the regimen of Duphaston or earlier finish the course of treatment.

Characteristics of the drug

In order to understand how the drug works and when the menses should begin after taking it, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition and basic properties. The role of the active substance Duphaston serves didprogesterone, which is a synthetic substitute for natural progesterone. The drug is produced in tablet form, each tablet contains 10 mg of the active substance. A convenient form for admission and good absorbability in the intestine causes a positive effect from the treatment, also Duphaston is absolutely safe to take during pregnancy..

When menstruation comes after duphaston

Progesterone in the body of a woman performs many important functions. It is he who regulates the second phase of the menstrual cycle and after conception prepares the uterus wall for invagination of the ovum. With an irregular menstrual cycle, an insufficient progesterone level is often found in a woman and a course of hormone replacement therapy is prescribed.

Monthly after Duphaston become regular, in many patients the intensity of the pain syndrome also decreases. This drug is prescribed for:

  • endometriosis;
  • the threat of spontaneous abortion;
  • pregnancy planning in cases where a woman has had a miscarriage in the past;
  • infertility

Like any drug, Duphaston has side effects. These include individual intolerance to didrogesterone, as well as bleeding breakthrough. Bleeding breakthrough most often occurs in women due to a violation of the ratio of estrogen and progesterone (in patients who have previously taken oral contraceptives). When taking medication is not observed weight gain and the appearance of excess hairiness on the body.

Application for failures in the menstrual cycle

The main characteristic of the normal menstrual cycle are regular periods. The average cycle duration for a woman is 28 days. Menstruation after Duphaston occurs against the background of an increase in progesterone level after ovulation. Hormonal regulation is very important for the normal course of the menstrual cycle, any failure in the development of the main sex hormones leads to a delay of menstruation or their irregular appearance. Usually hormonal imbalance occurs due to:

  • chronic, sluggish female genital diseases;
  • heavy physical exertion;
  • nervous overvoltage;
  • wrong taking oral contraceptives;
  • harmful habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • unbalanced nutrition (Insufficient intake of certain vitamins and trace elements leads to impaired synthesis of sex hormones).

Cycle failure is one of the most frequent indications for duphaston in women of reproductive age. Douphaston tablets should be taken strictly according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. Usually, treatment continues from day 16 to day 25 of the menstrual cycle. The daily dose of the drug is 20 mg, one pill is taken in the morning, and the second is taken in the evening.

When menstruation comes after duphaston

It is advisable to drink the medicine at the same time every day. Depending on the specific situation, the Duphaston regimen may be different, and the doctor will also adjust the dosages and duration of treatment. Monthly after Duphaston come on day 3 (subject to proper administration of the drug). First, scant discharge may appear, and after one or two days, menstrual bleeding begins.

It should be remembered that the body of each woman is individual, in some patients, menstruation begins after 7-10 days and this is not considered a deviation from the norm. After Duphaston, the periods should go after a certain period of time for each woman. If menstruation has not begun, then you should immediately consult a gynecologist on this matter and, if necessary, be examined.

When menstruation comes after duphaston

Remember that Duphaston should be taken only if there are clear medical indications. It is dangerous to use this drug in order to cause the process of menstrual bleeding and transfer it to a more convenient time for you. In such cases, after discontinuation of the drug, menstruation occurs in artificially induced conditions, which in the future may have serious consequences for your health.

To normalize the menstrual cycle, treatment is carried out for 3-6 months. If, after taking the pills, you do not start menstrual bleeding or you notice a worsening of general well-being (nausea, dizziness, vomiting), then you should immediately consult a doctor to determine the cause of this condition.

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