When erosion is cauterized before or after menstruation

Question: on what day you can cauterize erosion?

Please tell me on what day after menstruation can you burn erosion? One doctor told me that at first, at least the second. And the other said that it is possible to the fifth. So how is it really right?

Usually, erosion is burned no later than the second day after the end of the menstrual bleeding.

Please tell me what method of cauterization erosion is better to choose? I had erosion after childbirth, the treatment did not help, they said it was necessary to cauterize. I’m going to give birth a second time in the future (about 5 years from now), so I wondered what method to choose — so that the cervix would open well during childbirth and erosion after cauterization would not resume.

The choice of treatment method depends on the severity of the distribution process and the results of cytological examination and remains for the gynecologist. Read more about cervical erosion here.

Hello. I heard about this kind of cauterization of erosion as a radiohead. Please tell me how it affects the dilation of the cervix during subsequent births and whether the cervical canal could be affected, such as in the cauterization situation (my mother just burned erosion, touched the cervical canal, then it overgrown and could not be 2 months go menstruation, it all accumulated inside and one fine burst, and as the doctor who burned it said, “Your happiness that it broke”, this was of course ten years ago, but the doctor was not one of the worst). Now, after my mom’s unfortunate experience, I’m afraid to do, tell me if there can be such problems with a radio knife, how safe this method is, and whether it has been studied enough. I was told that this is a new method, is it worth testing it for yourself. Thank.

There is currently no reliable information about this type of cauterization of the cervix. Therefore, it is not possible to provide you with information of interest.

Hello, please tell me, I have erosion appeared after childbirth 2 years

If an inflammatory process of infectious or non-infectious origin occurs in the vagina, it is imperative to treat it before cauterization. As otherwise, recurrence of cervical erosion is possible.

Hello, please write whether it is necessary to warm up the drug synestrol (2% oil solution of Biofarma company). I just read in a pharmacy with one eye that I had to warm, but I didn’t pay much attention,

There are no special instructions before using this drug. The drug should be at room temperature or body temperature, it must be administered slowly.

Why, then, did the doctor tell me that it is not necessary to treat ureaplasma, citing the fact that immunity will be planted? Recurrence of cervical erosion is like?

We have no opportunity to comment on the treatment prescribed to you by the attending gynecologist. However, the use of antibiotics in the treatment of infectious diseases reduces the protective properties of the body.

Good day. Can you please tell me if alcohol neutralizes the effect of antibiotics?

The use of alcohol during antibiotic treatment is not recommended,

Hello, I have a big erosion, I gave birth to a second child, a child is 2 months old, I will burn it with nitrogen the other day, will it be possible to raise a child? Or is it better to laser burn it?

The choice of method of treatment is determined by the physician specialist, it all depends on the degree of damage to the cervix. After cauterization, it is not recommended to have a sex life for a month, as well as to reduce physical exertion as much as possible, of course, you cannot completely eliminate weight lifting, but try to keep the child in your arms in a sitting position. For more information about this disease, methods of diagnosis and treatment, read the series of articles by clicking on the link: Cervical erosion.

Hello, yesterday I eroded radio waves. Today I went for treatment and the doctor prescribed me candles for terginan. Is it possible to insert them immediately after cauterization of erosion?

Terzhinan can be used both in preparation for cauterization of cervical erosion, and after this procedure. More information about this drug, indications and contraindications to the use of Terzhinan, you can read in our thematic section with the same name: Terzhinan. More information about the various methods of diagnosis and treatment of cervical erosion, you can read in our thematic section with the same name: Cervical erosion.

Hello, I want to ask you one more question on erosion. I wrote to you that I was burned by the erosion by radio waves on May 31. There was practically no discharge. After 2 weeks, the discharge began with blood, but not strong, just smeared. And now, 3 days, very bloody, almost like during menstruation. Is this normal? and what to do?

When erosion is cauterized before or after menstruation

In this case, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist for a personal examination and assessment of the condition of the cervix. Most likely it can be both menstrual flow and bleeding from the cervix. Only after a personal examination, the specialist doctor will make an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe adequate treatment. More information about the various methods of diagnosis and treatment of cervical erosion, you can read in our thematic section with the same name: Cervical erosion.

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