What to drink for abdominal pain

There are a lot of drugs and drugs for pain, but today there are many analogues to the drugs that are sold today for a cosmic price. First of all, abdominal pain is cramping, colic. The spasm is relieved by antispasmodics, painkillers, which, after a few minutes, relieve pain.

But that is not all. We just relieved the pain, but you need to figure out what is the reason? Either this is a violation of the diet, or it is a reaction from chemical additives in a food product such as chips and crackers, or the same painful sensation in the stomach speaks of a completely different disease of the body.

What diseases cause pain?

In general, it is recommended that at the first pain in the abdomen go to the doctor for an appointment, and not to take medicine for abdominal pain uncontrollably. The pain that is localized in one or another part of the abdomen speaks of various diseases, such as

  • appendix,
  • stomach ulcer,
  • inflammation of the bladder,
  • stones in the kidneys,
  • cyst and others

Such diseases clog spasmolytics is strictly prohibited. The pain will still remain, but not as strong as it was, and if you tell the doctor such symptoms, he will not make the correct diagnosis, and then the stones will fly back to the doctor’s garden, who allegedly incorrectly diagnosed. For abdominal pains, it is recommended not to immediately grab the medicines, but simply drink chamomile and calendula tea in order to kill unwanted bacteria and treat the affected organs along the way. But do not think that everything will pass. The pain in the abdomen is like a beacon, if the stomach hurts, it means that there is a disease of the organs that are important to us.

Medication for stomach ulcers

Many people do not understand the fact that any pain is a signal that the body is not working properly. Well, if there is an opportunity to be treated with traditional medicine, but white gowns, too, do not need to be afraid. Some have a stomach ache that taking a small pill and lying on its back is very small. For example, take such a serious disease as a stomach ulcer.

A gastric ulcer is initially manifested by normal pain signals. About them you do not think that something hurts very much. Later, pain can manifest itself periodically and stronger, but even then it may not seem to be such an important pain. After all, we run to the doctors when we are already walking, and this is very wrong.

When a stomach ulcer develops, it eventually takes a single spasm, that there is no strength to rise. The pain as much enslaves the movement of a person, which is very lucky if someone is nearby. In addition, if everything is very difficult, such a disease can lead to peritonitis and then … So you should not ignore the visits to the doctor, and if there is any pain, you urgently need to run to do tests and examinations, which, by and large , you need to do at least once a year.

What to drink for abdominal pain

Before drinking medication

First you need to determine where the pain occurred and in which area it is more localized. There are many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but in addition to them there are other diseases of the body, which makes itself felt, voicing this with pain in the abdomen. To start, it would not be bad just to drink

  • chamomile and calendula herbs,
  • to drink from the dried fruit,
  • rosehip tea
  • or medication for pain in the abdomen of the holosas type.

If this is a normal poisoning or overeating, then such treatment will suit you and, by that, will let you know that either you haven’t eaten something or have overloaded your stomach.

Do not forget that pain can occur due to overvoltage at work, stress. It is worthwhile to think carefully about your health about this, because if you do not do relaxation and maximum rest for yourself, this may entail a number of diseases that you don’t even think about, and even stroke. So, in order to avoid such situations, it is worthwhile to find an optimistic note and time to visit the doctor. He will always listen attentively to you, prescribe a series of tests and additional research, and assign the drugs necessary for your treatment.

Many types of food products that are sold in supermarkets today, and in the markets dealers also contain nitrates and food additives. Our organisms cannot withstand them, in particular the stomach, pancreas and liver. Few people are puzzled by the fact that those foods that are sold in the store, you can cook yourself and try to wait for the grown fruits from the garden, well, of course, if you are too lazy, then you should not complain that the stomach hurts.

What to drink is not a big question. There are many antispasmodic drugs, herbs, and other drugs, but this is just self-deception for someone who is trying to get this way without a visit to the doctor. This is just a shell, but over time, when it gets better again, the stage of overeating and relief in stores begins again. After such a weak human body will quickly lead to exacerbations and inpatient treatment.

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