What to do with headaches from tension

Doctors say – can not tolerate a headache. But in order to alleviate suffering, it is necessary to find the cause

In this case, neurologists believe that the source of the problem is in the brain, therapists – that it is in the vessels, and psychotherapists blame everything on stress.

And each of these experts in their own right. Sources of headaches are many. This can be as lack of sleep, stress, osteochondrosis, deficiency in the body of certain trace elements (potassium, copper, magnesium or phosphorus), and serious diseases, such as meningitis and even a brain tumor. Fortunately, only 5 out of 100 headache attacks are a reason for immediate hospitalization. In other cases, you can cope with discomfort on your own.

This hat is not to face

Doctors have such a thing – “neurotic helmet”, or “tension headache”. We are talking about unpleasant sensations that arise as a result of increased muscle tone in the neck and scalp for a long time. The cause of this disease, as a rule, is physical overwork and emotional distress, sometimes it is caused by excessive smoking and even clips or earrings that put pressure on certain points on the ear.

The “helmet of the neurotic” is usually two-sided, characterized by the blunt, monotonous, diffuse nature of pain, the skull is squeezed as if by a hoop. It can be episodic – less than 15 days a month and chronic – more than 15 days a month for half a year. Experts have noticed that this “headgear” is more often carried by patients who are inclined to negatively assess life events, that is, ingrained pessimists. In this case, pain is the physical expression of anxiety, a manifestation of accumulated experiences and complexes. This problem can be eliminated with natural sedatives (tea with chamomile, peony tincture, passionflower) and autogenic training. Self-massage of the head helps well: it relieves that same muscle tension – the cause of unpleasant sensations. There is even such a technique – “combing out” a headache with a massage brush. At the same time blood circulation increases, and the muscles relax. Normal blood circulation is restored.

What to do: Massage your fingertips with the tip of a pencil. Find the most painful point and press on it (this is a type of home reflexology). Well helps breathing exercises or aromatherapy. Try a 5-10 minute hot foot or hand bath. Instead of a water treatment, you can put a hot towel on your forehead, massage your neck and shoulders, drink green tea (but without chocolate and sweets).

What to do with headaches from tension

Insidious vessels

The headache can be a spasm or dilation of the vessels. Most often, this problem worries those who lead a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. Another category of unfortunate people suffering from this headache is patients with vascular dystonia and osteochondrosis. In this condition, the whole head splits at once. The pain of a pulsating nature, knocking at the temples, the face looks puffy, the general condition is broken. For those who are prone to this ailment, discomfort increases with changing weather and a few days before menstruation. During pregnancy, the frequency of headaches decreases or they stop altogether, but, unfortunately, they resume after delivery as soon as the baby’s breastfeeding period ends. In this case, home remedies will not help. We need medications that stabilize blood vessels and relieve spasms (Stugeron or no-spa).

What to do: wet compresses can ease pain a little – hot if the face turns pale during an attack, and cold if it turns red. Well helps head and neck massage. As a prevention of pain caused by vessels, experts recommend swimming. Fans of traditional methods of treatment use herbal preparations containing hawthorn, dried eggs, lemon balm. But to get involved in coffee and caffeinated drugs in this case is not worth it.

Monster named Migraine

The term migraine was introduced by the Roman doctor Galen. This is a complex disease, the main symptom of which is the attacks of unbearable pain strictly in one half of the head. Doctors associate this pathology with metabolic serotonin, a substance involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. By the way, women suffer from migraines more often. If your mother suffered most of her life because of an unbearable headache, most likely, you will face a similar fate. After all, migraine, as a rule, is inherited. The situation is exacerbated if you lead a wrong lifestyle: you smoke, you drink alcohol, you move a little and rarely get on the air.

What to do with headaches from tension

The first headaches may occur in childhood. They are fully manifested by the age of 25-40. The attack can last from 4 hours to 3 days, accompanied by nausea, sometimes vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sounds. It is often preceded by such special effects as flickering flashes of light, followed by blurred before the eyes, narrowing the field of view, a split image.

What to do: In the first phase of migraine, vasodilators are used: Dibazol with papaverine, nicotinic acid, trental, and Stugerone. On the second – vasoconstrictor: drugs ergot. During an attack, you need to rest in a darkened room, as well as a light massage or warm baths for your hands with lavender, lemon, peppermint and marjoram essential oils.

What to do with headaches from tension

Wrong Sausage

Scientists have recently found that a headache can be a companion to food intolerance for certain foods. The reason – in substances that affect vessels. First of all, it is tyramine, which can be found in chocolate, long-aged cheese, yogurt, sour cream, salted or pickled fish, canned seafood (crabs, shrimps), smoked meat, sausages, as well as in all beers. This substance is insidious in that its quantity in products increases with prolonged storage.

Another chemical element that causes the so-called sausage headache is sodium nitrate. Sodium glutamate, which is found in many dishes and sauces of Chinese cuisine, is a source of indisposition with the resounding title headache of a Chinese restaurant. If you are not a fan of oriental cuisine, do not rush to rejoice. This substance can be found in bouillon cubes, potato and corn chips, crackers with flavors, as well as in some dry soups.

Special attention deserves caffeine. It is curious that it causes discomfort not by its presence, but by the absence of it – this is the so-called aboutuse headache. In this case, people suffer from a lack of favorite coffee, cola or tea. A sharp rejection of these drinks is accompanied by throbbing headaches in the temporal areas, weakness, irritation, distraction, anxiety, fear, sleep disturbances and nausea.

What to do: A prerequisite for recovery is diet. Go on a diet that eliminates the use of harmful products. Phytotherapy, methods of cleansing the body and kinesitherapy (a special method of physical therapy) have a wonderful effect.

Do not postpone the visit to the doctor, if the headache is increasing, the pills do not help or the discomfort is constantly renewed for several days and weeks. If the disease is accompanied by visual impairment, dizziness, you should visit a specialist as soon as possible.

Only 5 out of 100 headache attacks cause hospitalization.

  • The whole head – fever, cold, infectious diseases
  • Forehead (both sides of eye sockets) – eye diseases, wrong glasses
  • Whiskey on both sides, the back of the head is a pulsating vascular headache (with hypertension)
  • Hoop (passes through the forehead, temples, neck) – with tension headache
  • Behind the ear (on the one hand), the temple – dental problems or otitis
  • Temple (on the one hand) – migraine

Expert opinion

Larisa Novikova, neuropathologist of the highest category

Of course, in the treatment of headaches, the normalization of the daily regimen, that is, compliance with the rules of rational nutrition, mandatory alternation of work and rest, limiting emotional stress (first of all – negative), good sleep, is of great importance. But, unfortunately, these measures are not always enough. And to understand the true cause of the headache can only specialist. If the use of first aid is not effective, do not postpone the visit to a specialist. After all, early diagnosis of the disease – the key to successful treatment.

Headache Stars

Tatyana Arno:

– I am a happy person – I almost never have a headache. This attack happened to me only two or three times in my life. At the same time, in order to recover, I did not need to either rest, drink special teas or concoctions, or take wonderful baths. When this happened, I was saved by an ordinary aspirin pill. Apparently, this is just a feature of my body, which I, seeing how others suffer, is very happy.

Yana Rudkovskaya:

– A warm, relaxing bath helps me best to relieve headaches. In the water, I always add tools that relieve stress – salts, gels, balloons and rose petals. If I don’t have time for water treatment, then I rub my face with a piece of ice in which I dilute the ampoule of collagen-elastin before freezing. The procedure kills two birds with one stone: the pain goes away and at the same time the contours of the face are tightened.

Alexander Malinin:

– You see, I live in such a rhythm that there is no time to pay attention to such trifles as headache. I remove the unpleasant symptoms by drinking a tablet of dipyrone and turning on calm, soothing, best classical, music. But if the problem occurs often, you need to consult a doctor and look for the immediate cause of its occurrence. After all, a headache can be a consequence of a cold, overwork, problems with blood vessels.

Material provided by the magazine AIF About Health №12, 2008

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