What to do with cystitis

A warm shower during an attack of cystitis is not only an excellent means of hygiene, but also helps to relieve pain. Just do not need to wash for a very long time.

Wash off should be only in the direction of the front – back, warm boiled water. You can use baby soap or special intimate hygiene products.

Take care of the heat . Cystitis loves coolness

Barely suspecting cystitis, dress warmly. And try as little as possible to go out. Should I take warm baths? They would not hurt if you know for sure that the inflammatory process is limited only to the bladder. Therefore, when cystitis is better to refrain from hot baths, especially from the sauna or bath.

Better use dry heat. Rubber or electric heater, a bag of salt or river sand, heated to 35-38 ° C, attach for 20 minutes to the lower abdomen. Take a break for 20-30 minutes, then repeat this procedure. It would be good to continue doing this for several hours.

Not bad help with cystitis hot foot baths. Temperatures of 36-38 ° C are allowed here. Feet are dipped in water for 10-15 minutes, then wipe dry, go to bed and put a warm heating pad on the lower abdomen.

What kind of painkillers can be used for women with cystitis?

Well helps with cystitis Ketonal. It comes in tablets and in candles and works very effectively. Usually one pill or one candle per day is enough. Another equally effective drug is Nurofen.

If the pain does not subside, you can add an antispasmodic. It is better if it is time-tested No-shpa. Moreover, today there is on sale No-spa Forte, which can be applied once a day. Combined preparations, for example, Baralgin, Pentalgin, have a good effect. They combine the properties of painkillers and antispasmodic drugs. Of the phytopreparations, Cyston pills were well recommended, as well as Cistenen or Spasmotsistenal in drops.

You can eat everything with cystitis. Restrictions apply only to those foods that can irritate the mucous membrane. These include red and black pepper, vinegar, mixed spices, pickles. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude spicy, sour and too salty foods from the diet.

Emphasis should be placed on boiled and stewed vegetable dishes.

What to do with cystitis

Not bad there is more milk, and especially dairy products, which include bifidobacteria.

Treatment of acute cystitis usually lasts 6-10 days. After completing the course, you need to diet for another 2-3 weeks and drink herbal infusions.

Make yourself entertaining therapies

You need to try to alleviate your condition a little. You can make yourself a relaxing massage, listen to music, watch a good movie. In general, everything that is able to please you is suitable. It is necessary to go to rest for no more than 3 hours. You should not leave your body for too long without fluid intake.

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Fitolysin with cystitis # 8212; fast assistant

The composition is truly rich: orange oil, pine, mint and sage, as well as extracts from plants make the drug unique, which has no analogues.

Onion husks for cystitis

Onion husks are included in the list of phytolysin components. It contains vitamins of group A, C, PP, E, phytoncides and quercetin. Husk restores immunity, causing the body to fight infection. Due to the diverse composition of onion peel strengthens the walls of blood vessels, contributing to more rapid healing of the damaged bladder mucosa with cystitis. Antioxidants included in the phytolysin complex together with onion peels destroy pathogenic elements.

The wheatgrass root, like many other components, is present in phytolysin in the form of an aqueous extract. It improves metabolism, promotes healing of the mucous membrane in cystitis. At home, it is used to get rid of cystitis in the form of infusions and decoctions.

In general, phytolysin with cystitis has a complex effect on the bladder and the body. It enhances and accelerates the formation of urine, which contributes to the leaching of bacteria, mucus, cells of the desquamated epithelium and leukocytes from the bladder cavity.

Fitolysin relieves spasms from the bladder. This fact lengthens the intervals between urination and allows you to accumulate urine. This property is very important for patients, as the quality of life is significantly improved.

Pain over the bosom and during urination phytolysin with cystitis also eliminates due to the presence in its composition of tannins, essential oils and other components. Going to the toilet no longer brings painful burning and cracking.

If there are concomitant pathologies in the form of pyelonephritis or some types of kidney stones and bladder, phytolysin eliminates them. Cystitis is cured at a deeper level. Perhaps a combination with the use of folk remedies.

Healing of the mucous membrane of the bladder # 8212; an important property possessed by phytolysin. First, the infection cannot spread further and deeper into the bladder wall. Secondly, the urine action no longer irritates the bladder.

Can phytolysin be taken by pregnant women and children?

Separately, it is worth noting that phytolysin is often used by pregnant and lactating women. There is no reliable data on his safety during pregnancy, since no official studies of this topic have been conducted. However, phytolysin does not contain substances that could harm a developing fetus or mother. It is better to listen to the recall of your doctor before using the drug.

Similarly to the situation with pregnancy, the child age was also not investigated. It is only known that phytolysin is often prescribed by pediatricians to supplement the main treatment of the kidneys and bladder. Phytolysin is a herbal preparation, and therefore does not have severe side effects on the growing body. At the discretion of the attending physician, phytolysin for children can be prescribed at a lower dosage.

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What to drink for cystitis

A disease such as cystitis occurs as a result of infection and inflammation of the mucosa in the bladder. Women are more likely to be affected by this disease than men.

Acute forms of cystitis are characterized by sharp pains in the lower abdomen that occur during urination and are accompanied by fever. With cystitis, there is frequent urination, the urine becomes cloudy, and sometimes there are blood impurities.

What you need to know for cystitis?

For prompt and effective treatment of cystitis, you should use as much fluid as possible, and you should be aware of what you can drink with cystitis and in what proportions.

It should be somewhat limited in movement and, if possible, avoid hypothermia. In the treatment of cystitis, you should exclude from the diet all fatty, spicy, highly salty foods, alcohol intake is also excluded.

The causative agents of cystitis are often E. coli, streptococci, staphylococci, which cause inflammation when they enter the bladder through the urethra.

Water and useful liquids are the first helpers in overcoming this affliction.

What should you drink for cystitis?

In order to reduce unpleasant sensations, it is recommended to drink broth chamomile and warm the diseased area with the same broth. To prepare a warm bath you need 3

With cystitis, what to drink if there is an acute inflammatory process? In such cases, it is useful to drink warm water in large quantities, replace the usual black tea with green tea, drink broths of dill, rosehip, parsley roots or the usual tea with milk. With the exacerbations of excellent decoction of the branches of cherries and cherries. In the period of exacerbation, it is necessary to abandon the use of soda, juice with fruit acid in its composition, and alcohol during this period is also prohibited.

The most effective drinking in case of cystitis is the liquid drained from wheat groats, infused overnight. This wheat plum is recommended to use regularly to achieve a good result.

What can be taken from cystitis? Medicines

The treatment is also effective by medication, but you should also know what to drink from cystitis, which antibiotic will bring the desired result and what is recommended to use from this ailment.

The most popular drug prescribed for acute cystitis. – Manural. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by patients who used it, but for the chronic form of the disease, this drug is not recommended. Everyone knows the drug 5NOK and its analogue, nitroclosin, used in urinary tract infections.

It is also recommended to drink herbal remedies for cystitis. the so-called herbal remedies. Its ability to reduce inflammation of the urinary system known drug Ciston, created exclusively from extracts of medicinal herbs.

What to do with cystitis

Many people prescribe cyanitis drug kanefron, which includes a number of medicinal herbs rosemary leaves, lovigris root, centaury grass. The drug is made in the form of pills or in the form of a solution, its effectiveness in eliminating unpleasant cramps and pain in chronic cystitis is noted. My patients use a proven tool. thanks to which you can get rid of urological problems in 2 weeks without much effort.

All these methods bring a certain result, provided regular use, but you should not start self-treatment without the advice of a doctor.

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