What to do when the temperature is low

Hypothalamus – the area of ​​the brain responsible for the temperature of the human body. Thermoregulation in a healthy body occurs reflex. Internal organs and skin have receptors that are responsible for thermal processes and the process of cold exchange. When the temperature of the circulating blood rises, the activity of the hypothalamus neurons is activated, and when it decreases, their activity also decreases. When a person has low body temperature, what the body does not know. Receptors that determine the level of metabolism, blood circulation rate and other methods of thermoregulation disrupt their usual rhythm. As a result, the hypothalamus loses the ability to maintain the usual body temperature of 36.6 degrees.

What to do when the temperature is low

What to do at a low temperature and how to help the body survive this syndrome? You can use the pharmacological drugs that are taken on the recommendation of a doctor. These include tenoten and percen, but you should not take them yourself, because the cause that led to this violation is important, and only a doctor can identify it.

Low temperature is a temperature that does not reach

Suppose you are faced with such a problem as low body temperature. What to do in these situations? First of all, for this there are experts who will determine the root cause, therefore, a visit to the doctor is required. If the result of a fall is overwork, it is caused by stress or severe overload, then what to do at a lower temperature becomes understandable. The advice in this case is simple:

  • refuse additional loads;
  • provide the body with a full, deep sleep;
  • Avoid stressful situations – a great way to get your temperature back to normal.

Do not panic if you have a low body temperature. What to do in such circumstances, we will show you. The best recipe to help your body is a herbal tincture consisting of valerian root and motherwort, prepared in a ratio of 1

If a low temperature is caused by a serious disease, then the functions of the body in this case can be extremely depleted. The nervous system suffers the most. In particular, the center responsible for thermoregulation is the hypothalamus.

What to do when the temperature is low

Preparations used to regulate temperature processes are recommended to be kept in the oral cavity for some time before swallowing, the absorption of substances occurs much more efficiently. Mandatory introduction to the diet of vitamins C and E within one month.

Do you or your loved ones have low body temperature? What to do to provide additional help to the body? There are several preparations of animal origin, which include antlers (neostelenie deer horns). These are gypsum and pantokrin, which will quickly restore impaired function. Tinctures of ginseng, aralia and eleutherococcus are very effective, they are also called adaptogens. 20 drops are dissolved in water and taken 3 times a day for a month.

Doctors recommend this regimen:

  • In the morning – tincture of ginseng.
  • At lunch, we repeat the reception of an adaptogen. During the meal – vitamins.
  • Dinner – motherwort with valerian.

At bedtime, an integrated approach is recommended in the form of warm relaxing baths, aromatherapy, and a contrast shower. All this will help you quickly restore the temperature balance and forget about the problems.

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