What to do if you sweat a lot under your arms

Every person sometimes experiences excessive sweating, which brings a lot of inconvenience, both physical and psychological. In this situation, when armpits sweat a lot, they are constantly encountered. The fact is that there are a large number of factors provoking sweating in this area. However, there are also quite a few ways to solve this problem.

General tips

Increased sweating, including in the armpits, is often not just a cosmetic defect, but also the result of various deviations in the functioning of the body. In most cases, they indicate: a hormonal imbalance, disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, or increased nervousness.

In this regard, if there is increased sweating in the armpits, which is worrying, it is advisable to consult a doctor and find out the causes of this phenomenon. If you visit the doctor and find out why the armpits are not sweating in the near future, then try to correct the diet by eliminating fatty, spicy, salty foods and fast food from the diet. In this case, you should use more green and herbal tea, which cleanses the body of toxins and toxins.

In addition, if sweating is associated with stressful situations and it is impossible to get rid of them, then you can take soft soothing preparations on a plant-based basis. They do not harm health and are not addictive. You can also do a relaxing bath with sea salt and fir oil.

Also, general recommendations include advice more often to take a shower if there is such an opportunity. In this case, the armpits need to be washed with soap and water. For these purposes, ideal solid baby soap.

Folk recipes

Home cosmetology has developed many recipes for benign remedies that help reduce sweating in the armpits. However, these funds do not affect the work of the sweat glands and do not clog the pores of the skin.

  • A popular remedy against excessive sweating is decoction of oak bark. 2 tbsp. spoon raw materials pour a glass of water and boil for 20 minutes. After that, the decoction is applied with a napkin or cotton swab on the armpits. You can make such lotions 3-4 times a day.
  • If armpits sweat heavily, use lotion with apple cider vinegar. This product dries the skin and reduces the activity of harmful bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor. If the aroma of the essence is annoying, then add a few drops of essential oils.
  • As an alternative to vinegar, use lemon juice. It also has a drying and antibacterial property and removes excess sweating. In this case, such a tool gently cares for the delicate skin of the armpits, does not cause irritation.
  • In addition, you can make lotions of decoctions of herbs: chamomile, succession, sage. A person who will use this recipe every day at least 2 times a day will reduce armpit sweating in 2-3 weeks without harm to health.

These tools reduce sweating, regardless of the reason for its occurrence.


Perfume and cosmetic companies produce a large number of deodorants and antiperspirants of different forms of release, so that each person can choose for themselves the most convenient means. The safest among them are aerosols and creams, as they do not require direct contact with the skin. However, if the armpits sweat a lot, the sticks or rollers are more effective.

Both men and women can use store remedies for excessive sweating, for which different perfume compositions are provided. However, the most popular tools that do not have their own flavor.

Among the most effective and innovative is Lavilin cream, which prevents sweating in the armpits for 5-7 days, while it cares for the skin without overdrying it.

A similar effect have and deodorants Dry Dry Drive and Dry Control. But in the manufacture of these drugs use a large amount of aluminum salts, which makes them not so safe and skin-friendly.


There are a number of drugs aimed at addressing the cause of axillary sweating. But such funds are prescribed only by the attending physician after appropriate examination.

If we talk about outdoor products that reduce perspiration, there are also quite a few of them.

One of the safest, effective and reliable drugs that are often used against sweating in the armpits is zinc ointment, called Lassar paste. This remedy prevents excessive sweating, absorbs excess moisture and removes the characteristic odor. You can make lotions with this ointment twice a day for 2-3 weeks.

Teymurov paste has similar properties. However, formaldehyde and aluminum oxide are present in the composition of this ointment, which is why the drug is banned in many countries. However, our scientists claim that the concentration of these substances is insignificant and cannot harm health.

Also reliable pharmacy tool that eliminates sweating in the armpits, is powder Galmanin. It contains zinc oxide, starch, salicylic acid and talc. Due to this composition, this drug absorbs excess moisture, destroys harmful microorganisms and fights unpleasant odor.

Radical solutions to the problem

When all these measures have not brought the desired result, and the armpits are still sweating very much, more radical measures come to the rescue.

What to do if you sweat a lot under your arms

Often, to win sweating, you have to do a procedure called curettage. The essence of the method is that sweat glands are removed from under the skin. The procedure is performed through small punctures that heal over time. The effect persists for 5 years. Nevertheless, such a measure has both positive and negative sides, therefore, before doing curettage, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

In addition, to eliminate armpit sweating, use Botox injections. Such procedures protect against sweating for 3-4 months.

What to do if you sweat a lot under your arms

Such a number of ways to solve this problem makes it possible to choose. Each person can decide what to do to overcome sweating, depending on the cause and intensity of the phenomenon.

Nikolay, 34 years old, Petrozavodsk

It just poured from my armpits, and nowhere else was there any sweating — not on my arms or on my legs. I was saved by deodorant DryDray. It does not smell, it lasts a long time, and most importantly – it helps very well.

Marina, 40 years old, Kazan

What to do if you sweat a lot under your arms

I had excessive sweating due to hormonal disorders, so I was engaged in complex treatment. I was helped by hormonal pills, and as an external remedy I used the usual IvRosha deodorant spray.

Elena, 27 years old, Novosibirsk

I was saved from armpit sweating with burnt alum. The fact is that I had this problem after childbirth, so I chose the safest means possible so as not to harm myself and the baby.

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