What is irritation

Irritation is a feeling that everyone knows, like any other.

Most often, we attribute it to “negative” feelings, or simply do not notice the moment when irritation captures us. It happens that we “pinch” the irritation inside ourselves, not allowing it to manifest itself, and thus violate the natural processes inside us.

Often, irritation becomes one of the first reasons for conflict situations in relations. More precisely, not one of the first reasons, but the first stage of the birth of a conflict.

Yes, and the sensations that we experience during irritation, squeeze and constrain us, not allowing us to do what pleases and inspires. Suffice it to recall one of the cases that brought us out of balance:

  • Children sticking to us with stupidities, when we have no time.
  • Failed jokes that can “download” for the whole day “You look so bad today, did you not get enough sleep?”.
  • Evaluation of colleagues You can not cope with the work! Or partner You are to blame for everything!
  • A man or woman who looks prettier, more successful.
  • Error: one or more.
  • Any other unpleasant situation.

What is annoyance? This lack of calm.

Where does the irritation come from? When it seems to us that external circumstances or other people interfere and deprive us of calm. When it seems to us that we ourselves cannot manage our condition and keep calm.

How to get rid of irritation?

Irritation tells us that we blame other people for interfering in and managing our lives. As if we ourselves do not control our lives.

How to get out of irritation? Learn to calmly declare their desires, rights, understanding:

  • What I really want now
  • How best to solve this situation with the preservation of mutual interests

An example of how to get out of irritation, equally suitable in the relationship between parent and child, as well as in partnership:

Mom cooks dinner, and the son runs in all the time, interferes with his questions, toys … – Irritating. Mom, realizing that the child wants to feel loved, can hug the baby and calmly say: now play yourself, and in 15 minutes I will come to you.

That is, mother says that she now wants and respects the interests of everyone.

Authors of the article: blog editor Anton Ustupalov, psychologist Irina Udilova.

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What is irritation

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What is irritation

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