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Fanta – perhaps the most famous adventurous entertainment, which can be successfully organized for both an adult company and for children. The meaning of the game is the execution of the so-called tasks for the phantas. At the same time, at the beginning of the game, no one knows what task he will fall.

The main thing is to build the game so that any player can drop any task, including the one proposed by him.

Fantasy assignments should not be: – Offensive – Physically heavy – Unaesthetic – Harmful to health

Must be: – Quickly doable (up to 5 min) – So that sober is not ashamed to remember – Ideally, tasks for phantoms should try to unleash human creativity.

The most common version of the game, known to us from films and fiction – is a game with the appointment of the lead.

Each player, including the leader, puts in the bag, an opaque package, a hat (in general – in what is) some object (pledge). In the strict version it should be a valuable enough item, but I do not recommend putting a mobile phone,

The presenter turns away, one of the players takes things out of the bag with the words: “What should this fanta do?”. The facilitator assigns a fantasy task. After that, the player whose bail is reached completes the task. After the assignment, the player returns the deposit. In the modern version of the game with notes, about which I wrote above, the player can refuse to perform the task, and then his bill will get either a volunteer who performs the task for him for this reward, or the next fanta who honestly performs his task.

However, other variants of the game are possible.

Players determine in advance the task for fanta, but who will be this phantom is not yet clear, it will decide the toss. Here is one of the draws: players sit in a circle, set fire to a match and pass it to each other. Whoever the match goes out, that will be a phantom. Of course, this is a pretty tough version of the draw for strong-willed and not afraid of the pain of men. How to be, if for the game gathered not special forces soldiers, but ordinary civilians? Since childhood, we know less traumatic ways of identifying the lucky, such as scribals or who will pull out a short match.

But anyway, Fant is determined, and he will have to complete the task that the players approved before the start of the draw. After completing the Phantom task, a new one is assigned and the game continues.

The first thing that comes to mind in connection with this version of the game is the adventures of Prince Florizel, described in the cycles of the novels of R. L. Stevenson and filmed in our country in the early 80s of the last century. True, the characters of the well-known literary work and the film did not call their game Fanta, but if you look at it, its rules almost exactly coincide with those described above.

There are only two differences: the first is that the participants of the game assigned a task dangerous to health and life, which we agreed not to do, the second – instead of one fantas, two were chosen at once, each of which had its own task. But, from my point of view, two phantasms are even better than one, the number of possible interesting tasks in this case increases several times.

I recall that Prince Florizel and other players determined who would perform the next task with the help of ordinary playing cards. Everyone landed around the table, and the Chairman began to give everyone one card at a time until an ace of spades or a club fell out. The one who received this card did not participate in the further distribution, the rest of the players continued to receive cards until one of them received the second ace.

Thus, two players were identified, the first with an ace of spades, the second with an ace of clubs. For each of them the task was predetermined, which they were supposed to fulfill. Here are just these tasks were monotonous, uninteresting, and, most importantly, life-threatening.

I think that we will be able to determine the tasks for the fantasy with more ingenuity and without risk to life. Below in this article I have given safe, from my point of view, tasks for phantas, designed for one lucky person. But almost every one of them can be turned into a lesson for two.

For example, portray an animal. Just imagine how many options you can make if there are two phantas: a dog and a cat, a lion and a trainer, an elephant and a pug and

As far as I know, such forfeits have never been described anywhere, which means I can rightfully give them a name, even if they are called “Forts of Florizel”.

Option number 3 (Fanta with notes).

Players write tasks on pieces of paper, roll them up and put in a bag, hat or box. Then they take turns taking notes and perform the task written on them. The sequence must be determined in advance, or the leader must be appointed, who will take turns to offer players to try their luck.

I must say that this is the most adventurous version of the game. In the first variant, everything depends on the will of the leader, choosing him, the players can assume to what extent his “creativity” can reach, and the guilty person, in case the mission turns out to be impossible, here it is, at hand.

In the second variant, the players, even before the start of the draw, know what task they will have to perform in case they are lucky to be a Phantom. In the third variant, the uncertainty is brought to the limit: the players do not know what task they will drop out, nor who appointed him, and if the papers are not signed, then they will not know who to thank them.

Now about the tasks.

In order for the game to be more fun than adventurous, I recommend a careful approach to assigning tasks. However, if in your company a party that did not end at the police station is considered unsuccessful, then you can ignore my warning.

In the first version of the game for the Player, there is the possibility of a “nipple”,

It seems to me that for the third version of the game, you can pre-set the ceiling of the task, by assigning a penalty for its failure. A fine does not have to be a financial one at all – it could be some task that Fant should perform, who refused to fulfill the task he got. And then the player who fell – to go to Colombia and seduce the wife of the leader of the local mafia, can instead go for salt to a nearby shop in a bathrobe and slippers.

If the fine is still a monetary one, it can be used to form a bank. The sum collected in the bank will be received either by a volunteer who will perform instead of Fanta, the assignment he received or the first next Fant who honestly carried out his assignment.

Everything about what I wrote above is suitable if friends have gathered at the party, or at least good acquaintances who are close in age and interests, in all other cases I do not recommend letting the game run by chance.

If you decide to play a game in FANTA for a less cohesive company, you will have to take the trouble and organize the game:

1. Prepare assignments for phantas in advance, based on who your players are. Tasks print on separate cards.

2. Prepare props (paper, felt-tip pens, balls and

3. Tell the guests that there will be forfeits, let them remember the children’s verses of the song and

4. To act as a presenter myself, offering guests, in accordance with the principle of order that you only understand, to pull tasks.

5. Resolve the situation in case of refusal (for example, using compensation in order to find a volunteer who has completed the task for a monetary reward).

6. In especially difficult cases, the most refused to perform the task.

Here are fifty harmless, from my point of view, tasks for phantas:

1. To portray any animal (dog, pig, penguin, snake, bear, sloth, and

2. Stand in front of a mirror and, as convincingly as possible, confess your love to yourself.

3. To portray a drunk who is trying to do something. For example, open the door.

4. To depict a child whose toy was taken away, do not buy ice cream on the beach, at the doctor’s office, telling how he fell and hit his knee and

5. Read a nursery rhyme or sing a children’s song.

6. Eat some food or drink a glass of vodka without hands.

7. Tell what you dreamed about in childhood

8. Draw your self portrait

9. Sit on a balloon so that it burst

10. Say 5 sentences beginning with the words “I want to …”

11. Tell a funny joke

What is good for teeth pain

12. Name your main drawback and tell how you fight with him.

13. With the help of pantomime to tell about the well-known to all those present.

14. To depict a person in a chair at the dentist.

15. Fant must depict a boiling kettle, a running train, a flying plane and

16. Take candy with your teeth from a saucer where flour is poured.

17. A tougher option is to get a ring with your teeth from a small plate where sour cream is poured.

18. Fant must crawl under the table.

19. Pick up a full glass of water and dance the cancan.

20. Shout from the balcony “People! I love you!.

21. Try to eat an apple tied on a rope. A simpler option is to eat a banana (peeled and lying on a plate). Of course, all this must be done without the help of hands. A tougher option is to eat an apple floating in a basin of water.

22. Fant should break a glass of vodka or wine (in the children’s version of juice or milk) from a saucer.

23. To depict a statue (anyone can change your position).

24. To portray a mirror (everyone can look at you, you need to copy facial expressions and movements).

25. To portray any famous person.

26. Make the most unusual cocktail of what is on the table, try to drink.

27. To depict on the face of 7 different emotions.

28. Quickly say patter. For example, Grass is in the yard, firewood is on the grass. Don’t cut wood on the edge of the yard.

29. To portray the soothsayer (fortuneteller) and predict something cheerful to the neighbor on the right.

30. Ask the guests for alms (to travel to his hometown, to breast milk for a child to Bentley for themselves and

31. Sell something off the table (a bottle of mineral water, a sandwich with caviar and

32. Depict a candidate (deputies, mayors, governors) and promise to guarantee their election.

33. Move the coin nose on the floor to a specific goal (and on the table).

34. Dial a random phone number and play the person on the other end of the wire.

35. Fold a newspaper or sheet of paper four times with one hand.

36. To portray an athlete so that the public can guess the sport.

37. Fant must draw a cow, holding a felt-tip pen in his teeth.

38. Act as lead and hold a competition.

39. Come up with funny, but not insulting gossip.

40. Imagine that you are a journalist and to turn your neighbor inside out on the right.

41. Play a finger on the lip melody, for example, Let them run awkwardly..

42. Fantu for 1 minute to sit with an angry face, saying I am offended at you, while the rest will by all means try to make him laugh.

43. Fant should get on all fours and depict a car, reversing parallel parking in the space between the two chairs.

44. Fant has to tell (preferably in the form of a funny story) how he will get out of the difficult situation offered by the facilitator. For example: – You have lost the salary of your subordinates or public money in a casino. – You were accidentally locked in the office late at night. – Your dog has eaten important reports that you must submit to the director in the morning. – You are stuck in an elevator with the general director of your firm. – You come to work, and another worker sits in your place. – You have an important report tomorrow, and your neighbors have a big party that keeps you awake. If being the Phantom got to the woman the leader can offer such situations: – You came home and a stranger sleeps on your bed. – You were invited to a restaurant, you had dinner, and suddenly your companion disappears without paying. – You bought a hair dye, dyed your hair, but it turned out that it is green, but you do not have time to repaint, a solemn reception is ahead.

45. Fant must transfer the information written on the card using pantomime. For example: for example, imagine that she (if a man is only funnier) in the hospital, has just given birth to a boy. Looks like dad. Mum’s eyes, hair – in the grandfather. Svetlenky. Good eating. The rest of the guests play the role of the crowd outside the window and must understand what Fant sends to them.

46. ​​The presenter reads some poem, for example, Baggage (the lady checked in the baggage sofa, suitcase, bag and

47. Fant must, according to the description of the leader, understand what subject is meant. For example: – This item is in every home, but it is not so often used. – This item comes in different sizes, different colors and shapes. – In the hands of an experienced woman, this item can be a pleasure for both the woman and her family. – Sometimes this item is used especially economic men. – Even with a great desire this item can not be bought in a pharmacy or a stall Soyuzpechat. – This object in the hands of a woman can turn into a terrible weapon on a drunken head. – Without this, you can’t bake a cake. The answer is “LOCK”

48. Fantu is given two eggs, it is said that one of them is boiled, the other is raw (in fact, it is better if both are boiled). He is given time to select one egg, while he is allowed to conduct any experiments. Then the fant must crush the egg he chose with his forehead on the table, you can help yourself with your hands, put a small piece of paper between the forehead and the egg so as not to cut yourself. The fact that the second egg was also boiled is better not to tell anyone. Let Fanta be considered a man of courage and knowledge of eggs.

49. Fant must choose among the guests his “twin”, explain what they have in common: eye color, hair, ability to disable any equipment, love of fishing and

50. Fant turns his back to the guests, a portrait of a famous person is attached to his back. Fant must ask the guests questions and by their answers understand who he is. For example: Am I a man or a woman? I’m an artist? What movie did I shoot? and

Here is a letter came in the mail in the subject of this article. Nastya I’m sorry, I corrected something:

I was preparing a party (for my colleagues on the occasion of my birthday) and came across your article about forfeits. Although I had never heard of a game of forfeits with the possibility of “falling out” and with a bank, the idea seemed interesting to me.

Knowing, not by hearsay, the character of her colleagues, she decided that it would be safer. Began to play, a contribution to the bank for a drop was set at 100 rubles. At first it was very boring. Whether the amount is small, or the tasks were too complicated, but the forfeits did not do anything – they just jumped off.

The amount reached 2000 (with a hundred contributions). And then, instead of a fantasy, which fell to perform a striptease (I’m telling my colleagues), there was a volunteer, a student and a courier. Although he did not fully reveal himself – he remained in his underpants, he managed to ignite the crowd. We pushed him under the cowards of money, all the 2000 that were in the bank, it is not only hundreds, but dozens and even trifles.

After that, it started. The bank is not something that until 2000 to five hundred more did not reach. Especially come off, mocking the statues and mirrors. You write that these are innocuous tasks – you simply do not know the perverted creativity of some of our compatriots, especially under the influence of alcohol.

What can I say in the end. The hardest thing is to shake the crowd, then you don’t need to invent anything. If you have any thoughts – write.

I don’t know whether WANTED you like my answer, but since I posted a question, I just have to answer.

What is good for teeth pain

I wrote in an article in Russian that playing forfeits, where tasks are allowed to be invented by guests, is possible only in the company of close friends. In all other cases (and your case is related to the others), it is recommended to use previously prepared cards with tasks for phantas.

I have fifty of such assignments in the article, and some of them can be made a dozen. Enough for a very large company. No, of course, if the idea is to turn a corporate party into a swingers orgy, then your question has a right to exist.

For such a case I answer:

– First, I will not discover America if I say that the main means of igniting the company is alcohol, strong and in large quantities. If guests prefer strong alcohol to wine, then the ancient Romans found a way to make them drink: use spices, they cause thirst and the amount of wine or beer drunk grows exponentially, and invisibly to the victim.

– Second, before embarking on such extreme entertainment as your version of the game of forfeits, the crowd should be warmed up with something less extreme. On my site you will find contests that you, with your imagination, I am sure, will be able to turn into a prelude.

– Thirdly, if such an outcome had already been anticipated, why was it necessary to hope that Vanya, a student, who would incend the crowd with an intimate dance, would be found, you organized this disgrace – and you had to go in the vanguard.

Here is another letter that I want to publish.

Hi, Olya, Almost half of the answers for the request Fanta account for forfeits for two, intimate erotic and

No, well, you, I do not mind intimate games and forfeits as well. Anything that leads to harmony in sex and does not harm others is good. But here are the cards ?!

My opinion is that these cards are good only in one case: when relationships are only emerging, both partners have an aspiration to have sex, but because of some internal barriers they cannot express it directly.

Then, indeed, these cards can help them. The tasks in them, according to advertising, are divided into four levels of candor, and, going from simple to complex, the couple sooner or later realize their desire in bed.

I’m not at all sure that such a version of the game of forfeits will ever gain popularity – the circle of those who need it is too narrow. The tendency is that the emancipation of people is growing more and more, which means that they do not need such excuses as: “I kissed you under my knee, not because it turns me on, but because I pulled out such a card; All responsibility on the creators of the game.

It is quite another thing if the tasks are assigned by the participants themselves. Each person has his hidden sexual desires and fantasies. So why not implement them with the help of the game of forfeits. It is enough to show imagination and courage, and no cards compiled by an uncle are required.

And I would even upgrade the game and offered to assign tasks not before the draw of the one who will perform it, but after you have decided who should be a phantom. Of course, it’s hard to call this version of the game “Fanta”, because the main principle was violated: “the task can be given to anyone,

I read somewhere a story about how a husband, an avid fan, taught his wife to watch football. Everything is simple – the one whose team won, could determine at its discretion what their today’s sex would be, and the second should perform everything without question. True, the wife (and she wrote the note) admitted that she was a fan of her husband’s team, and of her own – just for the sake of appearance.

I don’t call such entertainment a game of forfeits; on the contrary, I want to show this example how, having shown imagination, you can leave far behind any cards from the “fanta for two” series.

Again a letter from Nixie.

What is good for teeth pain

Hello, Yes, I agree, they write in advertising for a quick seduction or for a holiday romance. But there are also Fanta Chocolate for the couple to renew the relationship.

Not lazy, went and bought this Chocolate, now I can answer, based not only on advertising.

This Chocolate really has four decks: white, yellow, pink and red, the darker the color, the more frank the tasks.

Tasks from the white deck offer just to talk on different romantic themes, yellow and pink – different role-playing games, and red – the usual Kama Sutra (it is proposed to perform the program in a certain position), while the cards of the red deck contain relevant illustrations.

The dropped task is intended to be performed by both spouses, and not a phantom (by the player who fell to perform the task). Therefore, I do not understand why the creators of the game called it Fanta, and not, for example, Lottery.

Another minus. If I decided to use these Fanta, I would have left no more than ten percent of the cards. Of course, this is against the rules, but since it’s impossible to get rid of cards that you don’t like so easily, it’s just impossible to force yourself not to do it.

This means that tasks must be assigned by the computer. The easiest way out is to download the application with erotic phantoms on a mobile phone. And quickly, and conveniently, and the child does not accidentally stumble upon cards from the red deck.

Here is another very interesting letter:

Hello, Olga, my name is Ksenia. This is the story that happened to me. I graduated from school six months ago, and recently we gathered in a former class, first at school, then at a free apartment. We started playing forfeits. I had to be a mirror, imagine my horror, when the guy in front of me, unbuttoned his shirt and opened his chest, and I after all – a mirror, but under my blouse it’s not at all what he doesn’t want to brag about, but believe me, the difference is very big. I refused, but I no one supported, even the girls, had to leave.

Ksenia, firstly, you are a good fellow: you did not allow to manipulate yourself, you could defend your position, I really want my daughter to do the same when she grows up.

As for the phantasm, I immediately warned that this is an adventurous entertainment, which means it is associated with some risk and is designed to tickle my nerves a little. In my article I proposed several ways to reduce this adventurousness.

First of all, this is a sane leader who organizes the game and should deal with such situations.

Secondly, it is possible to envisage the possibility of “nipple” by performing instead of an unacceptable from your point of view assignment, another, previously negotiated. For example, before starting the game you could well say: “I agree to play, but if the task is too difficult for me, I’ll walk around the table three times instead.”

Just do not abuse it, or after ten rounds of such rounds, another problem awaits you the next morning. Muscles will hurt so that your walk, and really, will resemble a goose. However, as N. Fomenko says: “It’s not good for two days in a row”

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