What causes warts on the hands

Various growths on the skin have become an integral part of our lives. Since childhood, we are faced with the appearance on the body of various tumors. In most cases, these are harmless rashes in the form of allergic or common pimples, but there are situations when people face serious diseases – papillomas, warts or malignant skin tumors.

Even a small outgrowth is disturbing, as it is the first bell of some internal disease. In dermatology, there are also frequent cases of diagnosis and removal of benign tumors, which can be localized both under the skin and above its surface.

With us you will learn what diseases can provoke the appearance of red spots on the skin of adults and children. What to do if you find brown spots on your body, especially before the age of 30 years. We will also tell you what diseases cause blisters, vesicles, crusts, scales, watery blisters and other skin growths.

Our site is devoted to a detailed review:

  1. Papillomas;
  2. Warts;
  3. Condil;
  4. Birthmarks;
  5. Nevus;
  6. Tumors;
  7. Fungal lesions.

Most attention is paid to outgrowths, the nature of which is based on the human papillomavirus. Many, for example, do not know whether papillomas are dangerous on the neck and whether it is possible to get rid of them without the help of a doctor and does iodine help in the fight against warts or is it better to trust in expensive modern means?

Genital abnormalities do not always indicate venereal diseases

It must also be remembered about the genitals, where very often various growths can appear, both in men and women. Most often, men can experience the following formations on the penis:

Even a white bloom on the head can be a symptom of one of the diseases, so we try to examine as closely as possible all possible causes of the appearance of outgrowths, the consequences to which they can lead, and therapeutic measures, most often prescribed by doctors.

Women also have many formations appearing on the labia, pubis or groin, but not indicative of any venereal disease. Most often girls appear:

  1. irritation in the intimate area;
  2. pimples on the genital lips;
  3. boils in the groin;
  4. ingrown hairs in the bikini area;
  5. pimples on the pubic part;
  6. genital warts.

Much attention is also paid to thrush, which can cause swelling, redness and itching around the labia.

Papillomas and warts are the most common skin growths.

The most common skin growths that occur in people of all ages are papillomas and warts caused by the human papillomavirus. Until these outgrowths reach large sizes and are not localized in visible parts of the body, people rarely pay attention to them. It is quite another thing when a large wart begins to grow on the face or papilloma appears in intimate places. It is from such growths most often trying to get rid of.

A little differently, the situation with moles and nevi, which are found in each person. Such skin growths should be treated carefully throughout life, since moles can transform into melanoma, and nevi can cause skin cancer. Since childhood, we are taught to handle moles and in no case do not rip off, cut off or pick them independently. For this there are dermatologists who, after conducting a histological examination and visual examination, decide whether this or that mole can be removed or not.

Cancers can also develop from harmless growths on the skin.

The most dangerous growths on the body are considered malignant tumors, which are very often fatal. Almost all cancers of the skin develop on the background of any tumors. For example, squamous cell carcinoma of the skin can develop from certain types of nevi, melanoma due to a mole, and papilloma can cause a malignant tumor on the genitals.

Do not forget about fungal diseases, which are often manifested in the form of growths on the hands, feet or nails. They do not represent such a danger to life as skin tumors, but deliver a lot of discomfort due to the constant itch and terrible aesthetic appearance.

We are talking about these types of fungi:

  • foot fungus;
  • fungus between the toes;
  • nail fungus;
  • thrush.

As you can see, there are growths on the skin that do not pose absolutely no danger, but there are those that need to be treated with increased attentiveness. Our site is dedicated to all types of skin growths that can be found on the human body. Here you will find a lot of photos and other useful information that allows you to identify one or another growth. You will also learn what to do if the birthmark has been torn off and it is bleeding, in which cases to consult a doctor.

What causes warts on the hands

With regard to treatment, we strongly recommend that all the information provided be used for informational purposes only and in no case be self-medicated. Before taking any drugs or using traditional medicine prescriptions, be sure to consult your doctor.

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