What causes high diastolic blood pressure

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From this article you will learn: how to reduce lower pressure (drug methods, folk remedies, diet).

Lower (diastolic) is blood pressure (abbreviated as BP) at the time of relaxation of the heart muscle. It depends on the vascular tone (large and peripheral), increases with vascular spasm and reduced their elasticity.

To lower diastolic blood pressure, you need to relax the blood vessels and improve their condition. This will help you to special medicines, some products and folk remedies.

To reduce only the diastolic pressure, not lowering the systolic (upper), it is possible only if the systolic blood pressure is normal. But usually, when the lower pressure rises, so does the upper one – and in this case it is necessary to lower both.

Before you use the treatment methods from the article, consult with a physician or your doctor. High diastolic pressure with not very high systolic, most likely indicates kidney disease; it can also be triggered by serious vascular diseases (inflammation, etc.).

1. Medications for elevated diastolic blood pressure

To quickly lower elevated lower pressure, use medication.

ACE Inhibitors

These are medicines that are aimed at blocking the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACF for short). ACE is a bioactive substance that converts angiotensin 1 in the body, which does not affect pressure, into angiotensin 2, which increases it.

Examples of drugs of this class:

Drugs in this group reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. However, they have a greater impact on the lower. Preparations of the next group of medicines have a similar effect.

Angiotensin 2 Receptor Blockers

These drugs interfere with the interaction of special receptors with angiotensin 2. Due to this, the mechanism of excessive vasoconstriction and pressure increase, in the first place – systolic, is blocked.

Examples of drugs in this group:

ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor antagonists 2 Doctors prescribe for patients with high blood pressure caused by kidney disease.

Beta blockers

They equally affect both systolic and diastolic pressure. These funds block the adrenoreceptors that are in the heart, therefore they have a greater effect on systolic pressure. But also diastolic is also reduced due to the vasodilator effect.

Supplements for vessels

Lowering blood pressure can also be reduced by regularly taking supplements that improve the condition of the blood vessels. They help strengthen the walls of arteries and capillaries, increase their elasticity, and remove cholesterol deposits from vessels.

Supplements with rutin, quercetin, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, group B vitamins will help you:

2. Diet with increased lower pressure

First of all, if you have high diastolic blood pressure, stop using salt. It contributes to the delay in the body of excess fluid, which leads to edema and vascular spasm.

Also get rid of bad habits. Especially detrimental effect on the blood vessels of nicotine: it narrows them, which leads to an increase in pressure and impaired blood circulation. And besides nicotine, cigarettes contain even more than 100 harmful additives that have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system.

To improve the condition of arteries, veins and capillaries, eat more foods that contain potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins.

Products for lowering the lower pressure

In order to make a balanced diet with the listed products in detail, which is suitable for you, consult a nutritionist. If this is not possible – just follow the rules of healthy eating and additionally include several products from all three groups in the diet.

3. Folk remedies

One of the most effective is hawthorn. It contains rutin (vitamin P) and quercetin, B vitamins and ascorbic acid – substances that strengthen blood vessels and improve the functioning of the heart.

To quickly lower diastolic blood pressure, drink the infusion of these berries or decoction.

Tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy or cook yourself.

Drink 30 drops each – dissolve them in water (about 1/3 cup).

Drink 1 tbsp. l 4 times a day.

Also use tincture, extract or decoction of valerian root. It dilates blood vessels, relaxes them, therefore, effectively lowers the diastolic pressure.

Drink 20 drops 3 times a day. To quickly remove the attack of high blood pressure – 30 drops.

Dilute to 30-50 ml of water.

Drink 1.5 tbsp. l 3 times a day.

Another great remedy is stevia. Due to the content of a number of specific flavonoids, as well as vitamin C, it normalizes blood pressure, clears blood vessels from cholesterol and reduces blood sugar.

Stevia extract sold in a pharmacy. It can be added to drinks, as it is sweet to the taste. For individual determination of the dosage, consult your doctor.

Flax seeds

To improve the condition of the vessels fit and flax seeds. They are rich in vitamins (including ascorbic acid), antioxidants, potassium, amino acids and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid.

Recipe. Take half a cup of the main ingredient. Rinse thoroughly. Pour 500 ml of water. Put in a water bath. Hold for 3 hours. Remove from the water bath. Cool it down. Drink 1/3 cup in the morning and evening.

Note! Flax seeds are contraindicated in urolithiasis and other kidney diseases.

Herbal tinctures are suitable both for single use and for coursework (the maximum duration of a course for alcohol tinctures is 2 weeks, for water products 1.5 months). Flax seeds are best taken by the course, since they are ineffective with a single use. Course duration – 3 weeks.

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Superior or systolic pressure is the blood pressure recorded at the time of contraction of the heart, when the heart muscle pushes blood into the arteries.

Vascular or diastolic pressure is recorded at the time of maximum relaxation of the heart.

There is such a thing as isolated systolic hypertension – this is an increased heart pressure, but lower pressure is within normal limits. Accordingly, isolated diastolic hypertension is characterized by an increase in the lower index.

This condition is considered the most common among women and men over the age of 60. And for people worse than 50 years, high heart pressure is one of the factors leading to stroke, heart attack, aortic dissection.

Due to the prevalence of the disease, every year all new drugs that reduce blood pressure are synthesized. We need to find out what causes provoke such a pathological condition, which pills will help to quickly and effectively lower blood pressure?

Symptoms and causes of increased heart pressure

Not knowing what increases systolic blood pressure from, it is impossible to choose the right drug therapy.

It has been established that hypertension is not a sign of the onset of a person’s old age.

Definitely affect the course of the disease age-related changes in the human body, but the main reasons for the development of systolic hypertension include:

  • Hemodynamic factors.
  • Neurohormonal disorders.

What causes high diastolic blood pressure

Isolated systolic hypertension in elderly women and men is characterized by the following negative factors:

What causes high diastolic blood pressure

  1. The ability of blood vessels to respond to changes in blood pressure decreases.
  2. The vascular walls are no longer so elastic and resilient.
  3. The deposition of collagen, calcium.
  4. Transformed functioning of the cardiovascular system, kidneys.
  5. Renal blood flow dysfunction.
  6. Reduced receptor sensitivity, low cardiac output.
  7. Blood circulation in the brain decreases.

With age, the atrial volume of women increases, there may be a deficiency in the production of elements, substances and enzymes that are important for life.

In some cases, the occurrence of isolated systolic hypertension (above 140 mm Hg) is due to a genetic predisposition to such a pathology. Medical practice distinguishes between two stages of this condition:

The secondary state implies a high upper blood pressure with a large volume of the heart. This form occurs when valvular insufficiency, vascular coarctation and other diseases.

The primary condition is diagnosed in those situations where no associated diseases that provoked abnormal blood pressure indicators have been identified. High heart pressure leads to serious complications of the cardiovascular system.

Symptoms of high top pressure:

  1. Disruption of the brain.
  2. Disorders of the functioning of the coronary vessels.
  3. High heart pressure.
  4. Poor heart function.

If treatment is not prescribed, then various complications are formed, relating to all human organs and systems. In this case, women may not have complaints of deterioration. But a thorough diagnosis always reveals various violations in the activities of the organs.

Often, isolated systolic hypertension occurs without severe symptoms, or there are no signs at all.

Systolic Hypertension Treatment

Treatment of isolated systolic hypertension involves a complex combination of drugs that help lower blood pressure and keep it at the required level. There are the following drugs that reduce systolic blood pressure:

  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors.
  • Calcium channel blockers.
  • Sartans and beta blockers.
  • Diuretic drugs thiazide group.

Promptly recommended medications have a beneficial effect on the entire body of women, and help to cope with unpleasant symptoms. The most effective pills to lower upper blood pressure:

Metoprolol – tablets belonging to selective beta-blockers, have a hypotensive effect. The drug helps to reduce blood pressure, reduces heart rate, reduces the excitability and contractility of the heart muscle.

To achieve a lasting effect, the treatment lasts at least 2 weeks. Not prescribed for hypotension, bradycardia, chronic heart failure, cardiogenic shock.

  • Dosage per day 100 mg, one dose is enough.
  • If the treatment is not effective, the dose is doubled.
  • The maximum dose per day is 400 mg.

Tablets are canceled gradually, exclusively under the supervision of a doctor. The price of the drug ranges from 20 to 90 rubles.

Captopril (tablets) belongs to the category of ACE inhibitors, helps reduce peripheral and pulmonary resistance in blood vessels, improves blood supply to the heart muscle, helps reduce blood pressure.

To quickly bring down high blood pressure, you must put one pill under the tongue, after 15-20 minutes, the indicators normalize. Long-term treatment involves the following dosages:

  1. Treatment of hypertension begins with 25 mg, 2 times a day.
  2. Gradually, the dose increases to not only bring down the pressure, but also to stabilize it.

In some cases, there may be adverse reactions: dramatically reduces blood pressure, resulting in headache, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. Negative phenomena such as impaired visual perception, drowsiness, peripheral puffiness and so on are not excluded. The price is 10-40 rubles.

Lower pressure pills

A jump in pressure can take anyone by surprise, when the bottom figure is equal to or more than 90-100, it is necessary to take measures to quickly lower these figures. The following medications quickly and effectively lower the lower pressure:

Atenolol – tablets belonging to the group of selective beta-blockers that help reduce the lower blood pressure. Take the tablets inside, before eating, drink a sufficient amount of liquid:

  1. Starting dosage 50 mg per day.
  2. If within 7 days there is no lasting effect, the dose is increased to 100 mg per day.
  3. To bring down and stabilize blood pressure for a long time, the duration of therapy is 15 days.

As a rule, more than 100 mg per day is not prescribed, if the effect of the drug is not pronounced, the hypotensive effect is too weak, is replaced by similar means. The price of medicine from 15 to 45 rubles.

Verapamil refers to calcium antagonists, helps bring down high lower pressure, has antianginal, antiarrhythmic and antihypertensive effect. The drug can reduce the need of the heart muscle for oxygen by reducing the frequency of its contractions. Recommended dosages:

  • Take before or after meals.
  • The starting dosage of medication to bring down the lower pressure ranges from 40 mg to 3 times per day.
  • If this dose fails to reduce the pressure, it increases to 80 mg, in some cases up to 160 mg.
  • The maximum dosage per 24 hours is 400 mg.

The indicated dosages are based on the instructions for use. In all cases, in order to quickly reduce the pressure, the dosage regimen and frequency rate is assigned exclusively by the doctor, depending on the stage of the disease, its development, the patient’s condition, and age group.

Ramipril – a synthetic agent that has a hypotensive effect, allows you to quickly reduce the lower pressure. It is prescribed for arterial hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, chronic heart failure, as well as after acute myocardial infarction. Instructions for use:

  1. The starting dose is from 1.25 to 2.5 mg up to two times per day.
  2. With a high lower pressure, the dose is 2.5 mg once a day.
  3. With long-term treatment, the dosage can be increased up to 20 mg up to 2 times per day.

Ramipril can cause adverse reactions such as dizziness, amnesia, sleep disturbance, hypotension, depressive syndrome, hearing loss, visual disturbance, trembling of the extremities. Verapamil costs 50 rubles, the price of Ramipril from 95 to 150 rubles.

High blood pressure values ​​require prompt detection and adequate treatment. Ignoring this situation leads to malignant hypertension and serious complications that threaten human life. An interesting video in this article will tell you what to do with pain in the heart with simultaneous pressure.

Lower (diastolic) pressure – an indicator of blood pressure on the vessel wall at the time of diastole (relaxation) of the heart muscle. Increase pressure can be both indicators, and isolated, only the top or bottom. With an increase in diastolic pressure over 80 mm Hg. Art., even with a normal upper index, pressure correction is necessary in the direction of its decrease.

To understand how to lower the lower pressure, you need to find out the reasons for its rise. To determine a disease that provokes an increase in diastolic pressure, a comprehensive examination of the patient and the identification of pathological processes are required. Only by knowing the exact reason for the change in blood pressure can one find the most effective treatment, without negative side effects.

However, it is not always possible to immediately seek medical help, while reducing blood pressure should be urgent, the longer it stays at a high level, the higher the risk of complications.


Lowering blood pressure with drugs is the fastest and most effective way, but it also has its drawbacks. Selection of drugs should be carried out individually, taking into account the disease and the general condition of the body and with the obligatory participation of a specialist. But nevertheless, there are emergency drugs that can be used in case of an emergency, self-treatment on an ongoing basis is unacceptable.

You can use ACE inhibitors or diuretics to reduce blood pressure. Diuretics reduce more slowly, but have fewer contraindications.

Lower lower blood pressure can be taking the following drugs in the age dosage specified in the instructions for use:

Do not use drugs for more than 5 days without a doctor’s prescription. Ignoring the symptoms of hypertension can lead to the development of this form of the disease, which is no longer controlled even by taking medication. This greatly increases the risk of serious complications.

At high pressures, it is recommended to call an ambulance. After the relief of an attack, the selection of individual treatment is necessary.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of hypertension

If there was an increase in performance, heart pressure should be monitored continuously, regardless of age and state of health. To maintain health and normalize lower pressure it is not necessary to take drugs, sometimes it is enough to maintain a proper lifestyle and use methods of traditional medicine.

  1. Lower blood pressure perfectly reduces massage using ice. Massage is carried out in the period of a slight increase in indicators of vascular tension, at the time of the crisis does not apply. The patient lies on a flat surface face down. The masseur for 3-7 minutes leads ice cubes from the neck down along the spine.
  2. Acupressure with mint. For the procedure, you can use a decoction of mint or essential oil. When choosing ether, use with a base (peach or almond oil). Apply a small amount of mint to the temples and massage for a few minutes.
  3. Warm water is used in the form of compresses on the neck, forehead and solar plexus area. Heat contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, as a result, the force of blood exposure to the vascular wall decreases.
  4. Apple vinegar. Can be used in the same way as compresses with warm water. Or on your feet. Saturate woolen socks with diluted apple cider vinegar, put it on your feet, wrap in polyethylene or shoe covers and wear for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Mustard plasters Mustard plasters are superimposed on the calf, which contributes to the redistribution of blood flow and as a consequence of lowering the lower pressure.
  6. To normalize these indicators, you can use regular food. So, the juice of beets, carrots and radishes, taken in equal parts and mixed with honey, will not only reduce diastolic tension, but also improve overall immunity. Enough to use teaspoons 3 times a day before meals. You can store the mixture in the refrigerator for 3 days, it is prepared quickly and does not require the purchase of expensive drugs.
  7. Phytotherapy. Hypertension occurs frequently, so over the years many prescriptions have been accumulated for herbal treatments. Reduction of herbs with a decoction at the time of a sharp rise is less effective than pills and injections. But the use of decoctions and tinctures of various plants in order to prevent the increase of pressure, strengthen blood vessels and improve the functioning of the heart is very effective:
  • A decoction of rose hips or hawthorn contributes to the strengthening of the heart muscle and improves blood circulation. You can take instead of tea once a day or divide a glass into 3 doses per day.
  • A decoction of clove seeds (one teaspoon per glass of water) after 10 minutes of infusion can be drunk in small sips throughout the day.

To reduce blood pressure, you can choose a plant to taste or collect the composition of several herbs. The list of plants suitable for this purpose is not small: oregano, motherwort, lemon balm, raspberry, strawberry, lingonberry, viburnum and many others.


Normalization of lower pressure can also be achieved with the help of a course of treatment in the nearest FTO or in a sanatorium of a cardiovascular or general strengthening profile.

The selection of procedures and their number is carried out by the attending physician together with the specialists of the physiotherapy department, taking into account the patient’s disease and the degree of development of the pathology.

Treatment of young patients

When diagnosing hypertension in young people, subject to a normal indicator of higher values ​​and the absence of kidney and thyroid disease, the primary treatment is to correct the lifestyle. Only in the absence of an effect or with the patient completely unwillingness to be treated is medicamental correction prescribed.

How to reduce the lower pressure normalization of lifestyle:

  • Change in diet. Proper nutrition involves reducing the use of salt and fluids, increasing the mass fraction of plant foods in the diet. Reducing meat, fat, smoked meats and other tasty, but unhealthy foods. Many young people are simply not ready for this kind of food, but those who adhere to the recommendations are trying to reduce the pressure on 5 mm Hg. Art. and normalization of weight.
  • Refusal of bad habits, especially smoking, contributes to the normalization of indicators of diastolic pressure. The absence of nicotine addiction allows you to prevent serious violations of brain and heart activity.
  • Physical activity is one of the main factors in the correction of the cardiovascular system. Sometimes daily walks of 30-50 minutes are enough to improve blood circulation and normalize blood pressure indicators.

During pregnancy, the increase in lower pressure requires an emergency correction, the excess of blood pressure can lead to the development of preeclampsia. The reduction of pressure is carried out by normalization of lifestyle, together with taking medications, selected by the doctor taking into account the safety of the fetus.

Independent treatment of hypertension during pregnancy is unacceptable.

Treatment of the senior category of patients

With age, the work of many organs and systems is impaired. Adjust the pressure is impossible without the use of drugs. The most difficult task for doctors is to maintain normal pressure for a long time. This is especially difficult in case of serious diseases in a person and the absence of his desire to monitor his own health.

With age, pressure control is not possible without systematically taking antihypertensive drugs with the joint treatment of the disease that caused hypertension.

  • 1 Causes of High Pressure
  • 2 danger of overpressure
  • 3 Scheme of changes in pressure
  • 4 Treatment of upper high blood pressure with drugs

Many people face high blood pressure, so the question of treating this disease will always be relevant. The most effective method for reducing blood pressure (BP) is drug use. That’s just to understand that the effect of each drug is different. In this regard, it is necessary to consult a doctor and find out what to take to reduce pressure. You also need to know what hypertension is, from what it arises and how it manifests itself.

Causes of High Pressure

High heart pressure, how to reduce it with medicine, is the main question for patients who have come across a similar phenomenon for the first time. The causes of hypertension are many. In any case, the patient’s well-being deteriorates over time, becoming a cause provoking serious complications.

Causes of high blood pressure:

  1. Unfavorable heredity. It can manifest itself in the form of features of the human body. Treatment of such factors causes difficulties.
  2. Wrong way of life. If it is normalized, treatment will be much easier. It is enough to balance the mode of operation and eliminate bad habits. This is the best option that affects the reduction of blood pressure.
  3. Stressful situations. This cause can be easily eliminated if you take sedatives or herbal decoctions.
  4. Endocrine diseases. They need to be treated, given the symptoms of the disease with elevated heart pressure.

High Pressure Hazard

High blood pressure is one of the causes of atherosclerosis. The danger of this disease lies in the fact that the walls of blood vessels have a significant impact: they are blocked with fatty plaques, as a result of which the lumen of the vessel decreases. This disease affects not only large veins, but also capillaries. Often the progression of this condition contributes to the occurrence of kidney disease. Against this background, renal failure may occur.

In addition, blood pressure has a negative effect on the brain. It can be the main cause of ischemic heart disease and stroke.

Eyes with hypertension also suffer. Indeed, due to high blood pressure, blood vessels become brittle and fragile. As a result, retinal hemorrhage is possible. This is one of the causes of blindness.

Scheme of change in pressure

Blood pressure refers to the force with which blood exerts pressure on the walls of blood vessels. Blood pressure has a maximum and minimum values. This disease is treated with various means and methods, the most common are: pills, capsules, intravenous and intramuscular injections. Oxygenated blood flows from the heart to the rest of the organs. The maximum indicators of arterial heart pressure can be observed when blood flows out of the heart.

A similar indicator has the ability to decline when the blood moves through the vessels. The factors that determine the pressure force in the vessels are as follows:

  • vascular resistance;
  • power of heartbeat;
  • minute volume of cardiac emissions.

In medicine, pressure is usually divided into diastolic and systolic. Under the systole refers to the state when the heart’s ventricles contract. At this stage, the blood enters the various circles of blood circulation. Systolic pressure appears in the process of heart rate. The norm is 120 millimeters of mercury.

Arterial hypertension is the result of increased systolic pressure, which is more than 140 millimeters of mercury. The diastolic pressure at the same time can increase to 90 millimeters of mercury. If this indicator decreases, it means that the patient has hypotension, the treatment of which is different from hypertension. Also, pressure is evaluated in the process of relaxation of the heart muscles, it is called diastolic and normally ranges from 70 to 80 millimeters of mercury. Pulse pressure is the difference between diastolic and systolic pressures. In a healthy person, it varies from 40 to 60 millimeters of mercury. In the case when the heart pressure is constantly increasing, you should contact your cardiologist and get the prescribed treatment.

Treatment of upper high blood pressure drugs

Therapy of upper high blood pressure implies a complex combination of drugs in order to reduce heart pressure. As a result, it is held at the right level. The following drugs can be used to lower upper blood pressure:

  • inhibitors containing enzymes;
  • calcium channel blockers;
  • sartans and diuretic drugs.

Metoprolol, Vazokardin, Betalok, Egilok

Metoprolol is a drug from the group of beta-blockers that can have a hypotensive effect, that is, lower blood pressure. Also, after taking this drug, the heart rate decreases. As a result, cardiac muscle contractility and excitability are reduced.

To achieve the desired result, therapy must last at least two weeks. This drug can not be prescribed in the case of bradycardia and hypotension. Also, Metoprolol is not recommended for those who suffer from heart failure and cardiogenic shock. Means, which increase heart tone, are prescribed by the attending physician.

Ramipril, Enalapril, Renitec, Enap, Berlipril

To reduce the lower pressure it is recommended to use Ramipril and Enalapril. Verapamil or Atenol successfully cope with this task. The last drug belongs to beta-blockers, reducing the rate of lower blood pressure. They need to drink before eating. Another excellent tool is Ramipril. It has a hypotensive effect and quickly decreases lower blood pressure. The reasons for prescribing the drug are as follows:

  • chronic heart failure and hypertension.
  • suffered a heart attack.

Bisoprolol, Biprol, Biprolol, Tirez, Aritel, Concor

Drugs belong to the group of beta-blockers, actively reduce pressure, blocking beta-receptors. Medicines are prescribed by a doctor, a prescription is issued, and an individual dose of the drug is selected depending on the clinical picture. The effect is observed already several hours later after the use of the pill, the result lasts for a day. As a rule, the recommended average daily dose of the drug is from 5 to 10 mg.

Nifedipine, Cordaflex, Corinfar, Cordipin

Medicines are allowed only by prescription. The tablets are taken regardless of the meal time in a dosage of 10-30 mg three or four times a day. If the patient has a deterioration of health, the drug is administered sublingually, that is, under the tongue. The result in this case manifests itself in ten minutes.

How to reduce pressure

Pathological indicators of blood pressure indicate not only hypertension, but also some independent disease. Such a deviation indicates the presence of various diseases, the main symptoms of which are high blood pressure. Drugs to reduce prescribed by a doctor.

In order to fix the problem, you should get rid of its root causes. However, you need to know how to quickly lower high blood pressure on your own. The patient must independently determine the methods that allow him to effectively get rid of hypertension. To this end, the patient is obliged to undergo an examination that helps to determine the cause of the increase in pressure.

Attention! Given the sources of the problem, you should find out how to get rid of them. Sometimes you can do with folk remedies and adjusting the diet. In other situations, the problem is solved only in the case of the use of drugs. When the cause of increased blood pressure is the presence of internal pathologies, the doctor will prescribe adequate therapy. In such conditions, only medications will help get rid of the problem. To maintain normal blood pressure at home, follow the following guidelines:

  1. Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits, dairy products, especially cottage cheese, as it contains natural calcium. The amount of sugar is recommended to be reduced, replacing it with honey.
  2. Refuse from fried and salty food as provocateurs of increase in pressure. Reduce the amount of canned and pickled foods in the diet.
  3. Strengthen vascular walls through periodic therapy with beet juice. It is enough to use it in a tablespoon half an hour before meals.
  4. To maintain the cardiovascular system in tone, it is recommended to drink a cup of tea every day. You can add various herbs to it, such as motherwort or valerian. You can also support the work of the heart muscle with the help of a spoonful of the mixture taken on an empty stomach: in the same proportions of minced lemon, nuts and honey, a small amount of raisins. It is good for the heart.

In those situations when the patient’s condition suddenly deteriorates, there is a strong weakness, the tonometer – a device for determining blood pressure – shows a sharp increase in pressure. In order to reduce it as quickly as possible, it is recommended to adhere to the following simple tips:

  • If you can, take a horizontal position, it is better to lie on the stomach.
  • Buried in the pillow face.
  • Ask the household to bring cold foods from the fridge: a piece of cold meat, a bag with some ice. They should be put on the cervical spine on both sides. Keep cold for half an hour.
  • Gently massage in the cooled areas. To do this, you can use aromatic oils or cream.

Such therapy should last forty minutes, and the result appears almost immediately. If this does not happen, you should call an ambulance. After all, the patient’s condition can be dangerous.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the proposed home treatment must be combined with medicines prescribed by a doctor. When a patient plans to be treated for a long time with folk remedies or herbs to maintain the tone of the cardiovascular system, you should inform the doctor about this. Such herbs are part of many drugs. And taking them in large quantities can cause overdose and poisoning.

Due to chronic elevated lower pressure, the vessels experience significant stress. The blood flow is disturbed. The duration of the pathology will lead to serious consequences, accelerating the appearance of blood clots. As a result, strokes and heart attacks are possible.

To reduce the pressure the patient uses a variety of folk remedies. For example, drinking tincture of cedar cones. It can be made from small cedar and vodka fruits. You can add a teaspoon of valerian and some sugar. Components need to connect and insist two weeks in a dark place. The finished tincture should be taken at night one tablespoon.

Nutrition for hypertension

Diet should be thought out so that the composition of the products included a large number of vitamins, important for the heart. Cardiologists recommended dairy food.

It is necessary to get rid of excess weight and keep it normal.

Among the main directions in the organization of food are the following:

  • Increase the amount of greens and vegetables in the diet.
  • The use of lean meat, fish and dairy products.
  • Inclusion in the diet of cereals, for example, grain bread and various cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat, etc.
  • Reduce salt intake or eliminate it altogether.
  • Abandon sweets and muffins or reduce their consumption, as these products increase the pressure.
  • Exclude coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Many people believe that high blood pressure – high diastolic. However, it happens that the upper blood pressure is normal and the lower blood pressure is high. Such indicators are a sign of vascular lesions. Inaction is fraught with serious consequences. After all, the cerebral circulation can be disturbed from the increased pressure, and the kidneys will refuse to work. Blindness may occur. Do not self-medicate, since hypertension is a disease that requires constant monitoring by the doctor and life-long medication.

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