What candles from thrush

Candles from thrush is probably the most convenient way to get rid of the infection among the list of other means. But a wide variety of candle preparations can perplex every woman. Let’s try to figure out which candles from thrush are the best, how to use them correctly and what to do to avoid repeating the disease.

The female reproductive system, alas, is far from perfect, and the development of any urinary system disease runs the risk of infertility. The most dangerous disease is a fungal infection, in medicine called yeast-like candidiasis, popularly known as thrush.

  • itching and burning in the vagina;
  • heaviness in the abdomen;
  • whitish or yellow cheesy discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • pain and discomfort during intercourse and urination.

What candles from thrush

The presence of at least one of the listed symptoms already tells the hostess and possible inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. It’s not worth losing time, you need to immediately start treating thrush to later quickly restore the affected microflora. For the treatment of thrush can be used as gels, tablets, ointments, and vaginal or rectal suppositories. All drugs are focused on the elimination of yeast fungi, but the use of candles from thrush is still considered more effective.

The advantages of using candles:

  1. Due to deep penetration, suppositories almost immediately eliminate the symptoms that are localized in the depths of the female organs (discharge, itching).
  2. All vaginal suppositories for thrush contain antifungal components that, if they enter the mucous membrane, they immediately fight the infectious agent, and the active substances do not enter the human blood.
  3. Complete with antifungal candles you can buy candles to restore the microflora, which are used after the treatment of thrush.
  4. Some drugs can be used, for example, zalain, during pregnancy, during lactation and when feeding a baby.
  5. All suppositories, regardless of brand, are easy to use.

What candles from thrush

The disadvantages of the use of suppositories can only be attributed to the need to strictly adhere to the treatment regimen proposed by the manufacturer, and to use the medication correctly.

Rules for using candles from thrush:

  1. Initially, you should study the description of the use of the drug in the instructions for use, as many drugs are moistened with boiled water before the process.
  2. Place the candle in the vagina is better for the night, before the procedure should be thoroughly washed out.
  3. Suppositories need to enter pre-washed hands with cropped nails, or using fingertips.
  4. Insert the drug should be lying down, pushing it as deeply as possible into the vagina, after which it is not advisable to stand up for 30 minutes, giving time to dissolve the drug. It is recommended to use daily sterile pads for the treatment of thrush.
  5. Treatment with vaginal suppositories with sex and alcohol is incompatible. Moreover, both partners should be treated (rectal preparations are purchased for men), regardless of the absence of signs of infection from the partner.

The use of candles will eliminate the focus of inflammation in the first, simple stage of candidiasis. With advanced disease candles for thrush in women can also be used, but already as one of the components of complex therapy. The range of medicines in the form of a suppository is huge, so consider the candles from thrush in the table, where the list of names will decline from the best to less effective drugs.

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