What can you give dogs of pain

Dog character depends on five main components: one – breed (it is of primary importance for determining the character and habits of your four-legged friend); 2 – heredity (it has long been noticed that parents transfer their character and habits to their children); 3 – education (the zeal of the owner of the dog can significantly adjust its behavior); four – Date of Birth (American astrologer and veterinarian Donald Wolf has come to the conclusion that the character of the dog depends on zodiac sign, under which she was born). Fifth, but not least in importance to determine the nature of the dog is its nickname. The main feature of this component is that it is you who can greatly influence it at the very beginning of your pet’s life.

Dog’s name – this is not an empty set of sounds, but the coded information, the sum, of the genetic phonemes that dominate the animals, forcing it to behave this way and not otherwise. As the name of a person carries information about a person, so the dog’s name carries information about the nature of the animal. Giving your pet a name, put your soul into it. Do not use the first available words. Remember that you will have to use this nickname for a very long time.

By the way, if you are already looking for a nickname for your dog, then you will soon have a pet. Do not forget to make an individual vaccination schedule with the help of a specially designed automatic form.

To help you find a dog’s nickname and understand what impact it will have on your pet, we give you the most interesting and beautiful dog nicknames. Even if you have already chosen the nickname of a dog, for sure you will be interested to know what it means.

ADA (from other-heb. decoration) Beautiful nickname for a pedigree dog. Good for bitches of dog or greyhound. Ada is very cute, easy to train, but does not always like to play with children. Sometimes it is capricious.

ADDI It’s a difficult character since childhood: it grabs everyone’s hands, is vindictive, depends on one’s own mood and attitude towards the owner, who can be bitten. You need to talk to her as a person. Addi’s condition is easily identified by the eyes. Addi is neat, contacting gives in well to training, it turns out a good watchman.

ADELA (from the other-germ. noble) Fully recognizes only its owner. She must be treated strictly. Training does not give in immediately. It is recommended to give a nickname to dogs of breeds of collie, mittschnauzer, pointer, shepherd dog.

Adeline (from the other-germ. noble) Kind, affectionate, trusting dog, letting children to her. Adeline contact, cheerful, smart. Surprisingly: living with a cat, she is friends with her! This nickname is desirable to give only purebred dogs, but not small. It is suitable for dogs of St. Bernard breed, black terrier, kerry blue terrier, Irish terrier, setter.

AZA (presumably

ALAYDA In the dictionaries there is no translation of this word, name. By the oscillation of sounds – this is the complexity of the character. With a dog need rigor. Moving, playful, likes to bark on passers-by. Alaida is well trained. Adult winter dogs are hectic, you can not let them go without a leash. Alayda – the decoration of any exhibition, these beautiful dogs are always medalists. The nickname fits the Giant Schnauzer, Doberman, Rottweiler boxer; sometimes bulldogs and mittelschnauzers.

ALBINA (from lat. white) The name comes from a human name. The nature of these dogs is complex, but they are well trainable. This is a thoroughbred beautiful medalist dog. The nickname is appropriate for the Irish and English Setter, the Afghan Hound. These dogs love to travel, swim, go hunting. Setters never leave the owners, you can go without a leash on a walk – they are very calm both on a walk and at home. An atmosphere of calm is created around them, they love to play with children, they cannot respond to evil.

Alva (otd.-Heb. dawn, dawn) This is a dog with a restless temper, unyielding, nervous, although at the same time kind and mobile. Well trained. Playing with the owner, sometimes it can be a bit biting him (because of the nature’s harmfulness). The nickname can be given to large and small pedigree dogs. This nickname is especially good for poodles, collie, newfoundlands, German shepherds.

ALEXANDRA (from the Greek. protect) This is a rare dog’s nickname, beautiful and complex in character. Winter dogs are good watchmen, but training is difficult. Exterior can take prizes. Dogs freedom-loving, without a leash can not walk with them. To be free, they can run away from the owner. This nickname is only suitable for large pedigree dogs: Giant Schnauzer, Doberman, Boxer, Great Dane, Mastiff. Sometimes this nickname can be called mittel- and miniature schnauzer.

ALICE) This is a beautiful female name. A dog with this name can be big and small, it always calms its owners, kind, affectionate, calm nature, restrained. Alice gives birth to several puppies, loves them dearly, teaches them and it is difficult to part with them. This is a suitable nickname for such small breeds; like scotch terrier, Russian Like, Shih Tzu, Japanese Hin, Pekingese.

ALMA (from the Latin. feeding, fertile) People often give this nickname to both yard and pedigreed dogs, not knowing its decryption. The temper at the yard dog is kind, affectionate. They give birth to many puppies, are attached to the children who feed them Unpretentious in everything. Easy to get used to the new owners. Of the purebred dogs this nickname is called huskies, German and Central Asian shepherd dogs, Moscow watchdogs, and South Russian shepherd dogs, whose temper is different from the character of Alm the purebred.

ALPHA (the first letter of the Greek alphabet – Alpha / Elf) Pedigree Alphas are strong, self-confident dogs, moderately playful, with a restless temper. They are not easy to train. Alpha courtyards – easier, like to wander, until they find a new, more comfortable haven.

AMANDA (from lat. worthy of love) Character is not easy. Touching off, you need to communicate with her in a calm tone. She has expressive eyes, very executive, with almost no problems with proper communication. Amanda never runs away serves faithfully. The nickname is best suited to setters.

AMOND (from the English. Almonds) This nickname is only for purebred dogs, large and small. Amond is a dog-hunter. Kind, with a good flair, loves to frolic. Not always true to the owner and therefore sometimes falls into different scrape. Loves children very much. Suitable for basset hound, blood hound, drathaar, kurtshaar, pointer.

Angelica (from the Latin. Angel) The nature of Lzheliki is complex, the dog is very emotional, affectionate, loves to play with children. Good to train. The owner must be strict with her. You can walk with her without a leash: she does not run away from the owner. Exterior it is very beautiful dogs. This nickname can be called both large and small pedigreed dogs. It is suitable for chow-chow, shih-tzu, collie, dogma, Newfoundland, Central Asian and Young Russian shepherd dogs.

ARIADNA (from the Greek. very and like, very worthy to be honored, respected) At exhibitions – this is a dog medalist. Their character and temper are calm, kind, they do not bark in vain. Cleanliness, owner is not annoyed, can be trained. They love to travel in cars, but the draft is scary for them. These are very strong and brave dogs. The nickname is suitable for large dogs of breed setters, greyhounds, sheep-dogs.

ARTEMIS In ancient mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and the moon. Character gentle, sensitive dogs. They constantly need to be protected from colds. Puppies are emotional, playful, good-natured. Winter dogs are restless, difficult to train. The house is a good watchman, bold, biting. They make a grip with their teeth and whip until they are torn apart if the owner does not intervene in time.

Babble (fr. caress. to the name of Elizabeth) The nickname, apparently borrowed from the French film Babette goes to war and originated thanks to the talented game of Brigitte Bardot. The temper of the dog is kind, calm, well-trained. Vigorously rejoicing, meets the owner. Favorite children. The nickname fits scotch terriers, dachshunds, poodles, pugs, miniature spitz.

BAGIRA This nickname came to us from the tale of R. Kipling and the film Mowgli, many people know that this is a panther, a friend and defender of Mowgli. Dogs with this nickname are calm and kind, do not roar at outsiders, allow children to stroke. Neat. Until the Lala are wiped, they will not enter the house. They give birth to several puppies and for a long time do not let anyone to them. Pleases owners and neighbors.

BARBARA (from the Greek. And Lat. foreign) The character is simple and responsive. Behaves modestly. Coming home after a walk, lies down and lies quietly. Amenable to training, even at home – it all depends on the owner. He gives birth to two or three puppies, nursing them carefully and carefully. This name is desirable to give only pedigree dogs.

SQUIRREL Small, agile, cheerful dog. Good temper, character unassuming. Can easily do without a master. Loves freedom and hunting in the forest. An excellent scent. A good name for Spitz and Huskies.

BETTY (English abbreviation of the name Elizabeth) The dog is calm and kind. Beautiful and smart, adores its owners. Brave, strong, likes to frighten outsiders. It gives birth to two or three puppies. This nickname can be given to all pedigree dogs. But only small dogs are kind to people.

BONITA (from dates. good, kind) The nickname is transferred from the female name. Impulsive, difficult to learn. Much depends on the month of birth – the summer and autumn Bonites are the easiest. It is not recommended to walk such a dog without a leash. It is desirable to give this nickname to terriers, setters, Irish wolfhounds, Japanese hinam, papillons, miniature spitz.

BULKA This nickname yard doggie. She is kind and gentle, making friends with everyone in the yard. If the dog is homeless, children usually make it a booth. She gives birth to many puppies and leaves them carelessly. Everybody pity her and feed her.

BECKI (affectionate abbreviation of the female name Rebecca – from the other-Heb. Network) Beautiful nickname, soft sound. You can give it to any pedigree dog. Mongrel such a nickname does not fit. Character restrained, kind. Becky owners have no problems.

VLADA (abbreviation of the Slavic name Vladislav) Dogs cheerful, gentle disposition. Quickly get used to the owners, learn quickly. Thinly feel the timbre of the human voice, easily offended. Neat brings peace and warmth to the house. This nickname is intended for large pedigree dogs: Doberman, Rottweiler, Collie, as well as for small dogs: Dachshund, Scotch Terrier. Exterior – Vlada medalist.

What can you give dogs of pain

BERITA (from the English. Truth, truthfulness) These dogs are attentive to people, trusting, give themselves a stroke to strangers. Easy to train. They can be walked without a leash: they will never abandon the owner. They love to ride a car and look out the window. The nickname is particularly suitable poodles, Pekingese, Spitz. It can be given to setters, dogmas, shepherd dogs, kurtshaaras, boxers.

VESTA (from the Greek. home) In Roman mythology, Vesta is the daughter of Saturn, the goddess of home and fire. The name suits Japanese Chin or Pekingese. But everything, of course, depends on the owner – he can call Vesta a dog of any breed. And whatever breed it is, it is notable for its sensitivity, it does not stand up to rough treatment. Beautiful and funny, this dog is easily trained.

GALATHEA (from the Latin, Greek. milk, literally milky-white) In ancient mythology, Galatea is the daughter of Nerea and Dorida, the sea nymph, the personification of the calm sea. Good temper Good watchman. With this dog, you can walk without a leash. Personified calm and calmness. But all this for the time being it is only necessary for someone to encroach on her little world. This is a nickname for dogs of indoor and decorative breeds.

GLORIA (from the Latin glory) Kind, curious, playful dog. Very homely, slightly capricious. The favorite of the whole family, especially children. Small, almost pocket, Gloria is very elegant and smart.

GRETA (abbreviation of the name Margaret) Greta’s teacher must be strict: she’s a very spoiled dog. It is better to give this nickname to hunting breeds: Russian hound, Pointer, Irish Setter. Good temper, affectionate. Dogs exterior, exhibition medalists.

DAISY (from ang. Daisy) The temper, especially the winter daisy, is very complicated. They can suddenly growl, bite or just run away. In general, Daisy is a good caretaker, a good mother, gently caring for her offspring. Never eats from the hands of others, It is not recommended to lower the leash.

JESSICA (from dr.-heb. God observes, God looks) A dog with such a nickname is strong, brave, with a calm disposition, loves to play with children, it is easy to learn. You have to be strict with her, but in no case should you shout at her. Can walk without a leash and never run away Shchenitsya several puppies (sometimes twice a year). The nickname fits the collie, the Airedale Terrier, the Saint Bernard.

GILDA – the name of the heroine of the opera

DINA Presumably this feminine to them arose from the name of the Danube River. This is a beautiful and good name. Dean’s name can often be heard in all courtyards. Yard Dina – affectionate, dobran dog, mother of many children. About puppies very cares. Sometimes this nickname is also given to pedigreed dogs, mostly decorative ones.

DOLA The name of the dog was the female name. Calm, balanced, but strict with people, she will not allow herself to be patted by an outsider, but plays only with the owner. Dola never runs away. It’s easy to train. The nickname is suitable for large thoroughbred dogs: Doberman, Collie, Pointer, Kurzhaar Scottish Setter, English Setter, Pit Bull.

DONA (Russian. abbreviation of the name Domna) The nickname is more suitable for yard dogs. It can also be called large pedigree dogs. These are easily trained dogs, good watchmen. This is a good dog, but it does not allow everyone to come near. Subordinate mainly to the owner. Unpretentious and smart. The nickname is suitable Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler.

DOMENICA / DOMINICA (from the Latin. dominant) Beautiful nickname. The dog is restless, fussy; no one is allowed to her, even children. Obey only master. Without a lead to drive it is not worth it. Without a command, she will not do anything. Proud, neat, great watchman. This is a nickname for setters, boxers, rottweilers, dobermans, terriers and other large breeds of dogs.

JULIET (from the Latin. generic name Julius, Julia) In honor of the heroine of the immortal work

EVE (from the Hebrew. alive) This nickname is derived from the female name Eve. Good, very jealous and suspicious. She dared, without hesitation goes to the rescue. She loves to swim, is easy to train, gives birth to 2 – 3 puppies, takes care of them for a long time. This nickname can be safely given to a black terrier, basset hound dog, pointer.

COOL This is a nickname for a simple, yard, stray dog, very hardy, which feeds the entire yard. She has a loud voice and a good temper. When the owner lives, is fed and protected, it becomes phlegmatic. It is better not to let her out on the street: chasing cars, barking at passersby.

ZILLA (from other-heb. shadow) Character balanced, proud. It is better to deal with it strictly. She confidently feels herself at the circus arena, at the exhibition, in front of the camera. Change of ownership, endures painful, experiencing. Curious, with a good nose. The nickname is suitable for dachshunds, basset hounds, scotch terriers.

ISOLDE (presumably from the old-English. ice and domination, from beautiful, beautiful) Difficult, touchy temper. Submits only to the owner. Isolde’s character is the character of a naughty woman. Khitra. Well trained, loves only himself. The nickname is suitable for guard dogs.

IRMA (dedicated to the ancient German god of war) A dog with such a nickname is difficult to train, restless. Without a leash it can not be displayed: can bite or lift up a cat. Good watchman. The hostess respects more than the owner. The nickname fits Doberman, Mastiff, Bull Terrier.

ISIDA (name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of agriculture) Only since childhood it is amenable to training, having matured, reluctantly performs the commands of the owner. Without a leash it is impossible to let it out. Ironing itself, except the owners, does not allow anyone. Growling may scare unfamiliar children. Such a nickname can be given only to big dogs – doges, Dobermans, boxers.

BLOT This is a purebred dog, yard, with a good temper, accessible to all. Meeting a man, dodges a fluffy tail. Does not like to wander like other mongrel dogs. Keeps closer to human habitation.

KASHTANKA The heroine of Chekhov’s history. This is a yard dog with a good disposition, accessible to all. Easy to train, voiced, mobile.

BUTTON A small, kind dog, very homely, gets along with everyone, slightly naughty, is friends with a cat, loves children. The nickname is suitable for both domestic and indoor decorative dogs.

LADA (from others. Russian. Beloved, dear) This is a beautiful and intelligent dog that in extreme conditions will be able to stand up for itself and for the owner. The temper is calm, the owner does not deliver special difficulties. Learned without problems. This name is better to give big and strong dogs of breeds schnauzer, rottweiler, boxer, bulldog.

Lime (from Latvian. and lit. happiness) This is a serious, strict, disciplined dog. Well trained, guarding no one is afraid. Born in the summer, you can walk without a lead. Lyme will never run away. Likes the hostess more, walks with her more willingly. It is preferable to give this nickname to large and medium dogs: Doberman, Collie, Kurzhaar Pointers, and English Cocker Mittelschnauzer.

LIZZIE (English abbreviation of the name Elizabeth) Persistent and gentle dog with a complex character, Easy to learn, but it needs a special approach. Good guards, occasionally working in the circus. This nickname fits the boxer, the Great Dane, the mittelshnautser.

Inda (abbreviation of the names Theodolinda, Velinda, Ermalinda, etc.) Playful, kind, easy to handle dog. Well trained, practically does not resist, walks without a leash. Tied to the owner, like a child, everyone in the family loves her. Good watchman. This nickname can be given to almost all dogs.

Lorna (presumably from the other-English to leave, disappear, disappear, abandoned) Emotional, playful, executive, kind dog. Does not like to play with children, but respects the owner. Loves to travel. Very neat, requires careful maintenance. In early childhood, prone to lung disease. The nickname is only suitable for bloodhound, setter, terrier.

LUCIA, LITSIA (from lat. snow) The dog is calm, balanced temperament. Quickly learns. May perform in a circus. At exhibitions often takes prizes. Great caretaker in the house. If a stranger enters the house, then Lucia (Lucia) will not let him out. This nickname is good to give a large pedigree dogs.

MAGDALENE (from the appendix to the name Marin-Marin from Magdala, then it became a personal name) Very mobile, restless, kind dog, loving to play with children and not biting anyone. This is a strong and brave dog, very beautiful, very clever, well trained, loves to roll children on himself. The nickname is suitable for strong and thoroughbred dogs of St. Bernard breed, Irish wolfhound, Rottweiler, Airedale.

HIDE Nickname everyone’s favorite yard dogs. She is amenable to training, but can bite a stranger. Naida rarely lives in an apartment, but gets used to the owners very much. He lives with them until the end of his days. She gives birth often and much.

Nera A kind and calm dog never runs away from the owner. He loves children very much, plays with them with excitement, but does not bite anyone. Sly, can be fondled, but I will not write from someone else’s hands. Feels the owners at a distance, even outside the door of the house, greets them with a joyful bark. He likes to travel in the car, watch TV. Predisposed to diseases of the cold nature of the lungs.

PALM Universal nickname for both yard and pedigreed dogs. The temper is simple, livable. Silent dog, but can suddenly bite. House Palms are quieter, but you cannot let them out on the street alone.

REGINA (from armor scratch) The dog’s name is borrowed from the female name Regina. The dog is beautiful and calm, the real pride of the owner, but with children is strict. It is trained without problems. But you can not walk without a leash: Regin is very annoying cats. Such a nickname can be given to large pedigree dogs – setters, Afghan hounds, rieschnauzers, middle dogs, for example, the American Cocker Spaniel.

RITA (colloquial on behalf of Margarita lat. Pearl) Obedient, executive, calm and kind dog. The owners do not like it, children simply adore. Rita can be called a small dog, a breed of poodle, Pekingese, pug, toy terrier.

SYLVIA (from the Latin forest) The heroine of the famous operetta

TINA (Russian. Abbreviation of names Alevtina, Valentina) Bitch can be described in one word – quiet. Very sensitive domestic dog. Gives himself caress strangers, crying with the owner, if the family grief. Good and gentle with all members of the family, understands everything. It seems that she is about to speak. The nickname is suitable for dogs of indoor and decorative breeds.

FELISA, FELICIA (from Lat. Happy) The temper of the dog is calm, she is very sensitive, she willingly works with the trainer. Glutton, Strong, can run a lot. The owner with her there is no hassle. It should be protected only from cold. Once a year gives birth to several puppies. This nickname is for purebred dogs.

FLORA In ancient mythology, the goddess of flowers and spring. Nickname of small (not necessarily purebred) dogs. Dogs are kind, gentle, give people joy and peace. Here are just ringing barking can scare children.

FLORENCE (from the Latin bloom) The dog is emotional, playful, but children are avoided only by its owner. Smart, beautiful and brave dog, the envy of others. Very freedom-loving, at home behaves calmly, does not respond to unfamiliar sounds. But on the street, she needs control.

HILDA (from other germs. war) Good dog only to the owners. Children are not very fond of fears drafts. It is located for colds, sick for a long time and hard. For her need special care. Winter dogs – more hardy and strong. This nickname is for purebred dogs only.

ELBA The dog’s name comes from the name of the river in Poland. The dog is intelligent, not irritable, in games it may inadvertently bite his hand. Strongly attached to the owners, hard, even painfully tolerates separation. This nickname does not suit small dogs at all.

Elsa (English, German. Abbreviation of the name Elizabeth) This nickname is often called in the circus tigress. Give it to dogs. A dog with a calm, balanced temper, executive, intelligent, with a good memory. Excellent watchman and nanny for small children. Such a nickname can be called a collie, Great Dane, Newfoundland, English Setter.

UNITA (from the English. unity, consent) Nickname Unit beautiful and kind. A dog with a non-agile character, kind, beautiful. Loves to play with the owner and his children. Willingly walks in the park, in the forest. The dog is strong. Such a nickname is only suitable for thoroughbred and beautiful specimens of the collie breed, Great Dane, Saint Bernard Airedale Terrier, as well as Poodles and Setters.

AGGEI (from the other-Hebrew. Holiday, having fun) By the nature of the dog must be kind, fast, personable. The nickname is suitable for dogs of the Japanese hin, Pekingese, Papillon, Toy Terrier, Miniature Spitz, and Small Poodle dogs.

IKE These can be mixed breed dogs – bold, strong, big. Domestic dogs respond well to training, not always angry, but always hardy, brave, strong. Some of them live in the yard of the owners and are quite reliable watchmen. Winter dogs have a more complex temper.

AMETHYST The nickname is given in honor of a beautiful gemstone. The nature of the dog is proud. very attached to the owner. Hard to bear the change of ownership.

AMUR (in ancient mythology, the god of love) These are big, kind dogs, devoted to their owners, mobile, good watchmen. Any dog ​​can be called this nickname, but it is best suited for big dogs.

LEOPARD The nickname is borrowed from the name of the cat leopard predator. This is a big, strong, proud dog, well trained, an excellent caretaker, loyal to its owner. Nickname for large and beautiful dogs of service breeds: South Russian Shepherd Dog, German / East European Shepherd Dog, Podgolian Shepherd Dog.

BARSIK Diminutive from the previous one. This is a small growth domestic dog. Maybe a dog yard. For her, no climate is terrible. The temper is kind, calm, very fond of children.

Bim The nickname is borrowed from the movie

BARON (in Western Europe – noble title) This nickname is given to big, strong, proud dogs of service breeds.

BARKHAN (congestion, loose sand) The nature of the dogs is complex: they are stubborn, evil, love only their owners. These strong dogs (especially winter ones) walk only on a leash and in a muzzle, for they can tear off any dog. Training give in. At exhibitions occupy top places, as well as at the championships. In battles, the reaction of them is lightning. These are good dogs for work on the border, good watchmen. They have a wonderful sense of smell. The nickname is suitable for all sheep dogs, English mastiff.

BURAN The character is calm, balanced, dog is executive, well gives in to training. Loves to play with children. This is a strong and brave dog, can easily take the barrier of 2 meters in height. The food is not picky, they can be displayed without a leash. Meeting the owner, happily greets him with joyful barking. Hardened dogs, little sick can bear guard duty. This nickname is good to give large dogs: likes, shepherd dogs, mastiffs.

Wolf The dog is black or like a wolf, Its calm and kind.

HAROLD (from the other-herm. army and command) The character of the dog is complicated. She is stubborn, proud, courageous, self-confident, executive. This is a nickname for a schnauzer, mittel schnauzer, mastiff, rottweiler. This nickname can be called a miniature schnauzer.

GASTON (from the other-germ. Guest, stranger) The name of the person has become a dog’s nickname. This nickname is given to large and small pedigree dogs of noble origin.

GIDEON (from other Heb. rubak, hack) This nickname is given to a bold, strong dog. She is a good caretaker, a glorious defender of the owner and his family. This nickname for large shepherd dogs, a giant schnauzer, a rottweiler.

Gilmore (servant of the Virgin Mary) This is a calm, confident dog of big height; good guard It is advisable to drive on a leash, as it is able to lift up another little creature. The nickname is intended for Great Danes, Rottweiler, Sheepdogs.

GORDON (from Scottish surname) The nickname is not new, but is rare. These are strong dogs with a beautiful sense of smell, well-trainable. Such a nickname can be given only to purebred dogs, mainly service breeds.

GRIF (from dr.-Heb. Judge) The nickname is derived from the name of the bird. These are big, strong and brave dogs that are not afraid of anything. The nickname is intended for large pedigreed service dogs. Dogs agreeable, strong, persistent, similar to the mother. Winter dogs have a more complex character. Nickname for dogs of large breeds.

JARED JARED (from Lat., Greek., dr.-Heb. descended) This is a big, calm dog. This nickname can be called hunting dogs.

JASON (from ancient Greek. healer) Dogs with such a nickname are completely nezlobivy, the best home creatures. This nickname can be given to dogs of medium-sized breeds – pugs, dachshunds, dwarf poodles, basset-hounds.

JACK (short for John) This nickname can be given to a pedigree and yard dog, as this kind and strong dog is a good watchman, but without a leash it can bulldoze a cat. Skills during training are developed slowly.

JOHN (from other Hebrews. John – God bestowed, God given) In the Bible – the name of the baptist and apostle. This name can be given only to pedigree middle-sized dogs. They have a good temper. Winter is stronger than summer. Dogs are touchy, it is better not to lower them from the leash. These dogs love the hostess more than the owner, the nickname is suitable for hunting dogs.

JUL (from the English. gem, treasure) This nickname is called large pedigreed dogs – sheep dogs, dogs. The nature of these dogs is not very calm, they are all very worried. They tolerate only a calm tone of communication, are touchy.

JULBARS This is a strong, brave, angry dog, submitting only to the owner. Patient to pain. Good to those who serve it. Born in winter dogs with this nickname are more vicious and less manageable. With a leash to lower such a dog is not recommended.

DICK Yard common dog. Good to children; If the dog is a husky breed, then this is the leader. Strong, intelligent, loyal to his owners, he goes hunting in the taiga with them.

DOMINIC, DOMAINIC (from the Latin. dominant) This beautiful nickname for dogs of medium size, purebred only.

SPOT A small fluffy capable dog. Strong and brave. Well gives in to training, can work in the circus artist. These are purebred dogs, often living in the courtyard of the owner, where they are good watchmen.

ICAR (from lat., grech, dedicated to the moon) In Greek mythology, Ikar, the son of Daedalus, escaped from captivity from the island of Kfit and flew away on feathers and wax made by his father. This is a beautiful dog name. She needs to be given to big strong dogs. This is a good dog, good at training, recognizes only its owner, very executive, a good caretaker.

Calvin Puppies are given such a nickname often for beauty. Nickname for pedigree medium-sized dogs.

QUINT (from lat. fifth) This nickname is given to thoroughbred large dogs with a calm disposition. In dealing with them need rigor. These are kind, executive dogs, well-trainable, but not fond of cruel treatment.

CHARLES (from other germs. courageous, man and man) These are usually small, dogable dogs. Winter is much more talented than summer. This nickname is usually given to small, often domestic dogs.

CLARK The nickname is derived from the surname. This is a small dog at home, strict, when meeting loved ones necessarily barks – welcomes the owner, as if saying hello!

CLAUDE (French version of the name Claudius – from the Latin. Lame) This is a nickname for dogs of small size, kind, loving children, well-trained, often working in the circus artists.

CARIDON (from the Greek. Funnels) This nickname is given to large, tall, purebred dogs with a good psyche.

CIN Translated from the language of the Isle of Man (in the Irish Sea) literally warrior. This nickname is given to big, bold, fast dogs. The dog liking kind and affectionate; good athlete.

MILAN (city in Italy) These are big, kind domestic dogs, loving children, cordial, calm. Nickname for dogs of hunting breeds.

Micah (the abbreviation of the other Jewish name like God Yahweh) The nickname is given to a gentle, affectionate creature, devoted to its owner.

MORGAN (great, bright, bright) This name should be given to a big calm dog that loves people. Home is a good caretaker. In the winter can roll on itself children.

MAY, MEY (eng. may or hawthorn flower) Nickname for service, hunting dogs. These are big, strong, well-trained dogs, devoted to their owner.

NOAA (peace, comfort) This nickname should be given to dogs-phlegmatic, small and only home. These dogs have a calming effect on humans.

OREST (from grech, mountain) This is a big calm dog, very attached to the owner, although the change of owner is not too painful. Good watchman.

OSCAR (from other germs, god and spear) The nature of such dogs is complicated. These are smart, proud dogs, loving children, not offending anyone. These are large and medium sized dogs.

POLKH This is the nickname of the yard dog angry, restless, difficult. Such a dog travels most of its life.

CUSHION A little fluffy dog, well trainable. These kind dogs warmly welcome the family members of the owner. Love to play with children.

GLAD The name comes from the word rejoice. It can be given to any dog. These strong, hardy dogs are kind, but they love to scare people with their roar. Nickname for purebred dogs.

Rex (from the Latin king) These are mostly yard dogs, but sometimes people give this nickname to purebred dogs. According to the author’s observations, these are mostly metis dogs. Winter has a difficult temper; in the yard they are good guards.

RENOLD, formerly REYNOLD (from the other-germ. mind, decision and conquer) This name should be given to strong pedigree dogs, for example, dogmas, rottweilers.


RIDDLE The basis of this nickname lay dog ​​color. They are calm, good-natured dogs, well-trained, loving children and playing well with them. Most often it is a yard dog or Karelian-Finnish husky.

SIMON (from other Heb. listen, hear) The nickname of a good domestic dog, children in winter ride on a sled. These are large dogs like Newfoundland, St. Bernard.

TARZH This is the nickname of the main yard dog, brave and courageous.

THEMES, TIMOTES (from the Greek. honoring) These are dogs with an impulsive temperament, hardy, hardworking, but not leaders.

Tiffany (Derivative of the ancient Greek. God shows, Russian. – Theophan) A dog with a calm, good-tempered. Somewhat phlegmatic. He loves children. So called dogs of large service breeds.

TUZIK This nickname is for yard dogs. In the mornings, they meet people with good barking and wagging their tail, they love children who do not offend them, but feed them.

CORNER Fictional nickname of the yard dog, black as coal, kind, loving children, adapting to any conditions.

Wilbur This is a nickname for large hunting dogs who are not afraid of water.

WILFRED (from other germs. will, desire + world) This nickname is intended for purebred dogs such as the Rottweiler, Boxer, Middle Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer.

HART (from him. hard) Such a nickname is suitable for large dogs of hunting breeds. The dog is calm, strong, brave, not afraid of water, well served training.

CHARLIK This is a small, like a toy, pocket, kind dog. Always greets the owner happily. Beautiful, defenseless, often sleeping in the bed of its owner.

BALL This is the nickname of a medium-sized yard dog, well-trained in training, often working in a circus. Good watchman. Barking so loud that it can scare.

SHERIFF This is the judge and the policeman in one person. Serious, strong, formidable dog with excellent working qualities, very loyal to its owner. Such a nickname can be called service dogs: German (Eastern European), sheep-dog, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Doberman.

According to the materials

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