What can you eat with gallstones

Pain in cholelithiasis occurs in the right hypochondrium (not far from the middle of the abdomen). In this case, the pain is given to the right scapula, the right collarbone, felt in the heart area. Pain is especially evident after eating spicy, fried or fatty foods. Unpleasant sensations are not enough, often there is bitterness in the mouth, dryness or even belching.

What can you eat with gallstones

Diet for cholelithiasis

Food should be taken in small portions up to six times a day. The main thing is to create a specific mode and power schedule.

Oddly enough, the most powerful choleretic agent is the meals themselves. If you follow the sequence in the diet, the flow of bile will be easier and faster. It is also important not to eat a lot at a time, otherwise the gallbladder will have to sharply and intensively shrink, which will lead to not the most pleasant consequences.

The diet of a person with gallstones should be based on animal protein, which means there should be a lot of it in the diet.

What can you eat with cholelithiasis

Firstly, lean meat is allowed in small quantities, although it is a very important component. Secondly, lean fish. Third, cottage cheese and cheese. With this disease, the body requires a huge amount of calcium, these products will be able to ensure its sufficient supply.

In addition, you can eggs (up to four pieces per week), but only with the permission of the doctor, but if the eggs can not be, then you can eat protein omelets.

It is recommended to eat cereals, buckwheat and oat are especially useful. If the butter is creamy, it is digested much more easily than other fats.

Vegetable fats, on the other hand, have an excellent choleretic effect and lipotropic action. But, attention, if after taking vegetable oil the pain intensified, immediately change its appearance. Each person has his own tolerance of different grades of oil.

As for vegetables and fruits, that is, they can and should be. Experts recommend carrots, pumpkins, cauliflower, zucchini, apples, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, prunes. You can drink natural (not store!) Juices from them. Greens can be any. The fact is that all vegetables and fruits eliminate constipation (which is very important for cholecystitis), and also reduces the risk of kidney stones.

What can you eat with gallstones

What is absolutely impossible with cholelithiasis

No fat, fatty meats, fish, poultry. Nothing fatty, including canned food, the internal organs of animals (heart, liver, kidneys, brains, etc.). Vegetables with a high content of essential oils (for example, radishes, onions, garlic, turnips, radish) and oxalic acid are not recommended. (sorrel and spinach itself.) It is advisable to limit the consumption of bakery products.

How to start a diet with gallstone disease

In the fight against stones in the gallbladder using magnesium diet. By name it can be understood that its action is to fight stones with magnesium salts, as well as vitamins and fiber. Magnesium salts perfectly remove or weaken cramps, in addition, they have anti-inflammatory effects. Diet implies four times the use of magnesium. Salt, fish and meat extracts are completely excluded from the diet.

What can you eat with gallstones

Patients say that due to their diet, unpleasant pains really subside, the inflammatory process slows down, its nodules subside. The results show a decrease in cholesterol in the blood and the normalization of the bowels. This diet is highly recommended if cholecystitis is accompanied by constipation. But with gastritis or enterocolitis, unfortunately, it is contraindicated. In the period of exacerbation of pain, a very gentle load of the digestive system is recommended. In the early days, it is advisable to take only liquid in the form of sweet tea, sweet juice or rosehip broth. You can drink no more than two glasses a day, but in tiny portions, preferably a tablespoon at a time.

At the end of these two days, shabby food joins the diet. For example, cereal soups (semolina, rice or oatmeal). Pureed porridge from the same croup is also suitable. You can eat jelly and mousses, drink jelly. Then, low-fat cottage cheese, lean fish and meat are included in the diet. All these products should only be shredded and steamed or boiled only. Meals are divided into the smallest portions to stretch the meals six times.

Next, the patient can proceed to the main diet, which he must adhere to up to four weeks.

What diets to use for stones in the gallbladder

Kempner’s diet is also called rice-compote.

You need to use compote of 300 grams of dried fruit and 50 grams of rice porridge.

Sugar Diet

Six glasses of hot tea are drunk with 180 grams of sugar

Cheese and Kefir Diet

During the day, you need to drink 0.9 liters of kefir and eat 300 grams of cottage cheese. In addition, you need to add 150 grams of sugar.

If diets are performed on summer days, then fasting days can be quite fruity. That is, apple, watermelon or grape. After two or three fasting days, patients feel better.

Please do not forget that no medication acts on the body better than a balanced proper diet for cholelithiasis.

Diet menu for gallstone disease

First option

  • The first breakfast consists of 150 grams of buckwheat cereal, tea with lemon and rye bran.
  • The second breakfast includes 100 grams of grated carrots with the addition of 5 milliliters of vegetable oil.
  • Dinner. At first you can boil 250 milliliters of low-fat borsch with bran broth. The second relies millet porridge with dried apricots. It can be washed down with 100 milliliters of wild rose decoction.
  • At lunch, 100 milliliters of apricot juice is enough.
  • Dinner consists of 150 grams of cottage cheese pudding, you can drink it with tea with lemon.
  • Drink at night 100 milliliters of broth from the hips.

Second option

  • The first breakfast includes about 200 grams of porridge cooked in milk. Be sure to drink tea with lemon.
  • At the second breakfast is recommended to eat 50 grams of soaked prunes.
  • For lunch, cook low-fat soup with bran broth. At the second stage you can cook boiled meat, you can also stew beets with vegetable oil. For dessert, grate about a hundred grams of apples.
  • The snack will consist of one hundred grams of vegetable salad and one hundred milliliters of rosehip decoction.
  • For dinner, recommended buckwheat chops, a little cottage cheese and sweet tea.
  • Before bedtime – half a cup of carrot.
  • Try to eat 125 grams of bran bread all day.

Third option

  • The first breakfast includes a quarter of a kilogram of millet porridge cooked in milk and 150 grams of grated carrots. All this should be washed down with sweet tea with lemon.
  • The composition of the second breakfast includes 100 grams of moistened dried apricots, which are washed down with 100 milliliters of wheat bran broth.
  • For lunch, you need to cook a quarter of a liter of oatmeal soup with the addition of vegetables (preferably chopped vegetables) and broth consisting of bran. Cook yourself 85 grams of lean chicken and make 200 grams of cabbage cutlets. You can drink it all with 200 milliliters of wild rose decoction.
  • At the snack offer 100 grams of sliced ​​apples.
  • And for dinner – 150 grams of cottage cheese dumplings and 200 grams of apple and cabbage meatballs, as well as tea.
  • At bedtime, drink 100 milliliters of tomato juice.
  • For the day you need to eat 250 grams of bran bread and thirty grams of sugar.

The duration of all diets is about 20-30 days. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before they begin.

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