What are the monthly on laying

The first sign of pregnancy – the absence of menstruation? Reviews of pregnancy for many women begin with a description of the first signs. It is believed that such is the delay of menstruation. But this is not the case, because it is implant bleeding. Read further on what implant bleeding is and why not all women can rely on this symptom. When planning their future pregnancy, most women begin to listen to their body. They begin to sensitively catch every change in their condition. Implantation bleeding is one of the earliest signs of fertilization, but how can implantation bleeding not be confused with menstruation?

Not confused: how do menstruation look compared to implant bleeding

Menstruation or menstruation is the period of the cycle during which the girl has discharge of blood from the vagina. The blood may be thick, dark and contain clots or clots. Implant bleeding is a moderate discharge with clots that can be observed several days after past ovulation.

Implant discharge starts from 3-6 days before menstruation.

Implantable discharge can be distinguished from the monthly by several signs.:

What are the monthly on laying

  • Implantation discharge starts from 3-6 days before menstruation;
  • Implant discharge manifests itself in no more than 20-30% of women, therefore this sign of fertilization is not a decisive sign of pregnancy;
  • The stomach may ache at the time of implantation, but usually this feeling lasts no more than 10-15 minutes;
  • Implant selection does not occur in all pregnant women;
  • The duration of implantable discharge is no more than 48 hours;
  • The amount of discharge from implantable discharge is significantly less than that of menstruation, because of this they are often ignored;
  • The color of the implant discharge on the pad may be different – from beige to brown, but it can not be bright red during menstruation.

Attention! In case of severe pain or too dark color of the discharge, as well as the duration of implantable discharge for more than 48 hours, you should contact the hospital for help, as these are signs of pathological changes.

Implant bleeding: on which day after conception it manifests

According to statistics, implantation bleeding begins on days 21-26 of the menstrual cycle. If more, then the whole process is that approximately in the middle of the cycle the cell is released, while the second part of the cycle is always 14 days.

If the cycle lasts 30 days, then the egg cell will be released at 30-14 = 16th day. Another 24 hours will be needed to meet with the sperm.

The path to the place of implementation will take about 7-10 days. So it turns out that the fertilized egg must be fixed in the endometrium at 21-26 days. With the above initial data, you can see that this event can occur from the 6th to the 9th day from the moment of conception.

Information on which day the implantation will occur is especially important for women planning reproduction by insemination. On which day implantation bleeding will occur, it is possible to determine according to the schedule of basal temperature.

It is necessary to take measurements without getting out of bed, every morning, immediately after waking up, without making unnecessary movements. All obtained results must be recorded in the schedule. Only a constant curve will make the jump increase (during the first phase), and after a fall a long-awaited moment of ovulation will come (after 24 hours), which means that sexual intercourse is necessary in this period of time.

Implant bleeding begins on the 21-26th day of the menstrual cycle

Why should women know when implant bleeding will occur?:

  • It is much easier to understand what happens to the body during the initial stages of pregnancy;
  • In order not to be confused with ordinary menstruation;
  • This knowledge will help determine pregnancy early, avoid miscarriage or illness.

At elevated temperatures from 37.2 to 37.5 ° C, the second phase begins to flow. Sometimes within 7-10 days there is a slight decrease in temperature by tenth degrees. Typically, dropping is held for less than a day, then the temperature returns to its original values, and the graph goes further, without changing its values. The emergence of blood from the vagina coincides with this sticking out and both of them confirm that the implantation of the embryo has occurred.

What are the monthly on laying

What is implant bleeding?

Implant bleeding occurs more often before the delay of the menstrual cycle. This means that conclusions can be drawn about the first signs of pregnancy, because even an analysis of hCG at this time is useless.

Visual features of implant bleeding:

  • Usually found in the form of discharge, it may be minor strokes from pink to brown or a few drops of blood;
  • Brown discharge is most rare, and most likely it is already a manifestation of the disease or other side effects;
  • The consistency of the selection should be without any clots or extraneous inclusions.

Quite often, women either do not experience such bleeding, as it is typical only for 20-30% of pregnant women, or they do not notice it, taking it for the menstruation that started earlier.

How long is the implant bleeding?

Most often, implant bleeding can last for several hours. Much less often, the duration of the flow of two days, because of this, it can be confused with menstruation. In the case of more prolonged bleeding should consult a doctor, as this is already a deviation from the norm.

Implant bleeding can last for several hours.

If an ectopic pregnancy has occurred:

  • The first signals appear on the second or third day immediately after conception;
  • The beginning of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy is a decrease in immunity;
  • After 4-10 days implantation begins, pain and minor discharges are possible in the lower abdomen during changes in basal parameters.

Not uncommon and tragic cases. 2-3% of women are diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. Then the embryo attaches outside the endometrium. Here it is impossible to speak about implant bleeding. Often this process can be accompanied by severe pain and dark, brown – black secretions on the gasket. It is recommended to immediately call the ambulance service.

What does implant bleeding look like on a gasket (video)

Thus, many reviews about the first signs of pregnancy, where it is stated that this is a delay of menstruation or nausea are incorrect. Despite the fact that only 20-30% of women found implantation bleeding in themselves, and for the overwhelming number of pregnant women, this process went unnoticed, it is still the primary sign of pregnancy. And later, delays in critical days, nausea and other symptoms begin to appear.

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