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Section: Menstruation (monthly).

This project was led by a 25-year-old woman. She never gave birth, and has no history of STDs. Each photo was taken at about 22–00, starting on the first day of the menstrual cycle. Throughout this project, she used condoms as a contraceptive method, as well as to avoid semen at the time of the photo session. She did not use tampons during menstruation.

This cycle is 33 days, which is the norm. The follicular phase of its cycle lasts up to about 20–21 days. Favorable days for fertilization last several days from the 13th to the 21st day with ovulation on the 20th day. The luteal phase is 13 days (12–16 days is the norm).

The above is a basal temperature graph for this cycle. As you can see, after ovulation around the 20th day, her temperature began to rise due to elevated progesterone, which in turn is produced by the corpus luteum. This temperature shift means that ovulation has already occurred.

She also monitored the position of the cervix throughout the cycle. Since the photo is not visible hard or soft, high or low cervix. All this is clearly noticeable when self-palpating. The uterus is rejected back (retroflexion), you can see in several photos that the cervix is ​​directed upwards. These are anatomical changes that are present in 20–30% of women, and most often a genetic trait.

The first day

The blood is red, there are small cramps in the lower abdomen. The chest is slightly swollen. Feelings are very sexy.

Second day

The blood is dark red. Chest – normal.

Third day

The blood is brown, sometimes watery dark red.

Day four

Pay attention to fresh blood.

Fifth day

Brown colour. Tired condition.

Sixth day

Very light brown discharge.

Seventh day

The neck is in the low, closed position. On the neck sticky fluid.

Eighth day

The neck is low and closed. Cervical fluid is white and sticky.

Day nine

The neck is low and closed. Feeling dry.

Tenth day

The neck is low and closed. Pay attention to a drop of blood and a brown lump near the cervix (right). Perhaps from the rapid communication on the same day, but was later diagnosed as an endometrial polyp.

Eleventh day

Cervical cream liquid.

Twelfth day

Cervical milky white liquid. Sputum feeling Feel special sexuality.

Thirteenth day

Abundant watery discharge. The neck is softened and move up.

Day fourteenth

A white, clear, watery cervical fluid that stains the laundry.

Fifteenth day

The cervical fluid changes to a discharge that resembles egg white. The neck is soft, open and high.

Sixteenth day

Cervical fluid in the form of egg white, very wet. The neck is soft and high.

Seventeenth day

Cervical fluid is very liquid, with streaks whitish-yellow. Sensual breasts, but not painful. The fluid under stretching between the fingers stretches.

Eighteenth day

Nineteenth day

Egg white with a white shade.

Twentieth day

Slight back pain and cramps on the left side. Suspected ovulation. Feeling strong sexuality. Cervical fluid like gelatin egg white.

Twenty first day

Cervical fluid like glue. Nipples are very sensitive and painful.

Day twenty second

Painful nipples. The neck is in the middle position and slightly open. Basal body temperature begins to rise.

Day twenty third

Very sensitive nipples. Feeling dry.

Day twenty fourth

Very sensitive nipples. Dry. The neck is hard and high.

Day twenty fifth

Headache and fatigue. Cervical fluid is dry / sticky.

What are the first monthly photos

Day twenty sixth

Breasts swelled. Cervical fluid is sticky. Basal body temperature is currently noticeably higher, about 1 degree.

Twenty-seventh day

Painful nipples, swollen breasts. Cervical fluid is sticky.

What are the first monthly photos

Twenty-eighth day

Day twenty ninth

Thirtieth day

Feeling dry. The chest is heavy.

Day thirty first

Feeling of bloating. Dry, (note, fresh blood, a sign of impending menstruation). A sense of emotional instability.

Day thirty second

Light brown spots. The neck is low and open. Feeling tired

Day thirty third

Pink spots. Pain in the lower back. Menstruation will begin tomorrow after waking up, 13 days after ovulation.

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