Weakness in the treatment of folk remedies

Almost every person faced such a nuisance when in the morning, or, conversely, in the evening after a hard day at work, a terrible weakness arose in the legs, at which it became very difficult to lift one of the lower limbs and even take a step. In most cases, this state passes as spontaneously as it appears. However, the next day may happen again. What is the root cause of this condition, is it worth worrying in this situation and what to do?

Causes of weakness

The reasons that may cause weakness, pain, and trembling in the legs, quite a lot. Therefore, experts in the field of medicine united all people into three main groups. The first category is young people. Weakness in the legs can be caused by:

Weakness in the treatment of folk remedies

  • uncomfortable shoes on a high platform;
  • overwork at work;
  • professional activities related to being in a movement or standing or sitting position for a whole working day.

In addition, many women who have recently given birth to a child may experience weakness in their legs. The reason for the emergence of such a state is the general weakening of the body during pregnancy.

The second category is the elderly. Unfortunately, our body eventually wears out, the former muscle tone is lost, lethargy occurs, and the forces slowly leave the person. In order to do something, a person over 50 years old has to make a lot of effort, as a result he can feel weakness in his legs and arms.

The third group includes those with weakness and trembling in the legs are symptoms of various diseases. These diseases in the medical literature are also divided into three main subgroups:

  • Vascular disease is, first of all, obliterating endarteritis and varicose veins. For both of these ailments, a circulatory disorder is characteristic. Often it is accompanied by weakness in the lower limbs with even light physical exertion, sudden pain and lameness;
  • disorders that occur in humans in the musculoskeletal system – these include arthritis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthrosis, intervertebral hernia, ischemic limb disease and many other ailments. Weakness in the legs in this case is associated with the deposition of salts, inflammatory processes in the muscular and ligamentous system, nerve impairment;
  • disorders in the endocrine system – with this the reason for the appearance of weakness in the legs and their numbness are hormonal disorders that occur in diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism.

Because of whatever weakness in the legs, this unpleasant phenomenon can be eliminated. And for this purpose there are many methods. If the culprit of the appearance of weakness in the lower extremities was uncomfortable shoes or overwork that occurred in young people, you can take such preventive measures as:

  • changing shoes with heels and platforms on shoes with a flat sole;
  • replacement of a working chair or chair;
  • warm-up during the working day.

Older people are recommended to perform simple exercises every morning to normalize blood circulation. It is necessary to walk every day in the fresh air at a slow pace, but so as not to strain the muscles of the legs.

Weakness in the treatment of folk remedies

Folk recipes

Alternative medicine quite often becomes a good helper in the treatment of various diseases. There are several time-tested recipes and against weak legs:

  • in early spring or late autumn, dig the dandelion roots, rinse them well under running water, dry and chop with a knife, grind through a meat grinder or rub in a blender. Every day you need to eat two spoons of such roots. In order to “brighten up” the taste of this product, which is not quite pleasant, they are added to regular tea;
  • Combine a tablespoon of dried cherry, common hazelnut, red hawthorn and heart-shaped linden. Mix all the ingredients, pour a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of this raw material and leave to infuse for 40-60 minutes. It is necessary to accept such means two months, daily drinking on 1/3 glasses three times a day. It relieves weakness in the legs, even with vascular disease.
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