Wart with black dots

Warts are skin tumors that are caused by viral infections. They are formed due to the growth of the epidermis and the papillary dermis. In appearance, the warts look like nodules or papillae, which have an uneven surface. In addition, sometimes there are black dots on the wart. Very often, tumors can be seen on the neck, face, hands and feet. The disease manifests itself at any age.

The cause of warts on the skin is the human papillomavirus. You can become infected with warts by contact with the person who is the carrier of this virus, as well as when sharing household items. Very often they appear in children and in young people.

Warts are flat, common (or simple) and plantar.

Common warts are dense, dry nodules up to one centimeter in diameter, which protrude above the surface of the skin. On top of the tumor are covered with small grooves or protrusions. In color, they are flesh-colored, greyish or greyish-brown. This type of warts is mainly found in children and young people.

Plantar warts occur on the soles because of the small shoes, which constantly puts pressure on the foot. This type of warts is similar to blisters, but differs from them due to black dots. Plantar warts are round, dense, horny formations that have a yellowish brown color and up to ten millimeters in diameter. The black dots on the wart are thrombosed blood vessels, which, when pressed, cause blood to protrude and pain appears.

Having found a neoplasm on one’s body, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor who, before treating, should determine whether it is malignant. After a thorough examination and all test results, an experienced specialist prescribes treatment.

How are warts removed?

When removing or treating a benign neoplasm, it is necessary to ensure that the black dots on the wart are removed completely. The roots of the wart will be removed – she will disappear too.

Wart with black dots

To defeat the black dots on the wart, you can resort to cryotherapy, electrocautery, laser therapy or chemical removal methods. Also, warts can be removed with the help of medicinal herbs, such as celandine.

If after removal of the neoplasm, the warts reappear, it is recommended to take a course of immunomodulators that will help increase the immunity of the patient, and thus his body will be able to protect itself against harmful viruses of different origin.

Wart with black dots

Remember! It is forbidden to scratch, cut, injure warts, as well as remove them yourself. Otherwise, you will damage the skin, because of which the warts will begin to grow, grow and bother. If the black spots on the wart are not properly removed, scars and scars may appear.

What is the danger of warts?

If you do not check the wart and start to remove it yourself, you can seriously harm your health. Since under the most common warts may hide insidious malignant tumor. Therefore, it is important to get advice from an experienced specialist in a timely manner and not to self-medicate. Be healthy!

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