Wart chicken ass

What is the chicken ass?

The most common among warts is the variety, which is popularly called chicken ass. Most often it appears on the soles. Another localization may be the palms and the area between the fingers. It looks like a bunch of cauliflowers – the formation of a rough structure with uneven edges, characteristic black dots and clogged with small blood vessels.

When placed on the soles of such a wart, at first glance, resembles a normal dry callus, as exposed to excessive keratinization. The skin layer above the wart consists of dead skin cells.

If you steam out the skin and scrape away the stratum corneum, under them you can notice a tumor, with dark patches in the center. Being located on the legs, the wart gives to its owner quite pronounced painful sensations: it prevents walking both in barefoot and in shoes.

The cause of the disease is human papillomavirus. The main ways of transmission are household and contact. Infection occurs in violation of the rules of hygiene, when using someone else’s towels, shoes, through handshakes.

Especially intensive growth of warts is observed in those people who have excessive sweating of the feet, flat feet, wear cramped shoes. And the treatment in this case becomes longer.

When a wart of any location appears, the person is faced with a choice: “to heal or will it go away”? Of course, now you can find a lot of information that some types of warts can not be treated, over time they pass by themselves.

Wart near the nail

However, it is worth thinking about treatment. Once in the body of a healthy person, the papilloma virus does not multiply or, rather, is in a dormant state. The appearance of warts always indicates a weakening of the immune system. Warts are often inflamed, being the gateway to other types of infection in the body.

Another danger posed by warts is the possibility of this benign neoplasm degenerating into a malignant one. Of course, not all warts lead to cancer, but sometimes such situations occur. As for the wart chicken zhopka, especially located on the soles, it is necessary to treat it. Without treatment, it will not work! In addition, they are often injured – this is a risk factor for the onset of malignant processes.

Treatment of warts

The basis of treatment are the procedures carried out in a medical institution. Can be used drug treatment. In addition, there are many methods of traditional medicine to solve this problem.

When choosing a method, it should be noted that the treatment of such warts is quite complicated and long. When using most treatments, patience and perseverance are required. After self-treatment, relapses often occur, warts reappear. Therefore, it is more rational to seek medical help.

In addition, the treatment of people with chronic diseases (for example, diabetes), as well as the treatment of children must necessarily be carried out with the participation of a doctor.

Removal of warts in a medical facility

Modern medicine has the following methods of radical deliverance from this disease:

  1. laser removal (laser coagulation)
  2. electric current (electrocoagulation)
  3. liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction)
  4. surgical excision
  • Pulsed laser therapy is widely used. The method is based on cauterization of the blood capillaries of the wart. In the end, she dies. Usually, one procedure is enough to get rid of a wart.
  • The method of cryotherapy or cryodestruction: after freezing of the neoplasm with liquid nitrogen blistering occurs, then within five to seven days the wart dies and is rejected. The procedure is accompanied by small painful sensations.
  • Another method of treatment of warts, widely used in medical institutions – electrocoagulation. It is based on the effects of electric current and high temperature. Effective in the most difficult cases.
  • Surgical removal of the wart is rarely used now. The method consists in removing the wart with a small amount of healthy tissue surrounding it. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The disadvantage of the method is its pain. In addition, after such treatment, scars are formed on the skin.

Usually, first, for the treatment choose painless methods that do not leave scars. But for the treatment of plantar warts, characterized by a persistent course, the doctor can combine different methods. For example, in advanced cases, the wart is treated first with cryodestruction, and then surgically, removing a portion of the affected tissue.

Wart chicken ass


In addition to the methods of radical deliverance from this disease, there are many ways to conservative treatment. They involve the complex use of drugs and are aimed, on the one hand, at destroying viruses, and on the other, at strengthening local and general immunity.

First, it uses a means that has a cauterizing effect. They are available in the form of solutions, ointments, creams, patches. For example, pheresol and verrucacid (solutions based on phenol), super-cleaners (solution based on caustic alkali), salipod and mediplast (patches containing salicylic acid), lyapis (contains dry silver nitrate).

When self-using drugs with a cauterizing effect, it is necessary to carefully study the attached instructions. Care should be taken when taking measures to protect healthy skin during the procedure. Improper use of them is fraught with burns!

Secondly, drugs of the group of immunostimulants are used. For example, viferon ointment, imiquimod cream, panavir gel. In particularly difficult cases, to strengthen the immune defenses, the doctor may prescribe a drug in pills, for example, isoprinosine. These drugs contain antiviral components (for example, interferon) or stimulate the body’s production of its own interferons, cytokines.

Thirdly, you can remove a wart yourself, for example, using the drug Cryo Pharma. It acts as a cryotherapy, freezing the tumor. Relatively safe when used alone. The course of drug treatment is about two weeks. But, sometimes, it may take two or three treatments to get rid of a wart. Then the time for treatment will take much more. We also recommend reading: preparations for removing warts.

Wart chicken ass

How to get rid of warts folk methods?

It should be noted that the treatment of warts folk methods longer. Since traditional medicine recommends the use of medicinal plants, it is better to treat in summer or early autumn.

Widely used in the treatment of this disease celandine. The most curative effect has the juice contained in the root part of the plant. Show warts better juice freshly cut plants. Perhaps the preparation of ointments based on it.

To remove a wart with the help of fresh celandine juice, it is necessary to moisten its surface with warm water, and it is better to steam it in salt water. Apply a drop of celandine juice to a wet wart. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid getting the juice on healthy skin – you can get a burn. Changing the color of the wart, its darkening suggests that the treatment is effective.

For the preparation of ointment or extract of celandine, you need to squeeze the juice of plants collected after the rain. To prepare the ointment, the juice is mixed with petroleum jelly or glycerin. To obtain an extract, the juice, after settling for two days, is mixed with vodka (500 ml of vodka is taken for one liter of juice).

Ointment and extract of celandine can be used to treat warts all year round, but their effectiveness is lower than that of fresh juice.

Another method of treatment is decoction of fir branches. To prepare the broth, cut the spruce twigs (-15 cm long), add water and boil for about five minutes, and then cool slightly. From this broth you need to do the bath every other day. Already after a week, the first results will appear – painful sensations will disappear, and the warts themselves will begin to darken and dry out. But for a complete cure by this method it takes at least one and a half months.

Some sources recommend for greater efficiency to combine different methods of treatment. For example, on even days – grease with the juice of celandine, on odd days – rub the warts with the peeled peel of green potatoes. Additionally, every three days to do the bath of spruce decoction.

You can treat warts by smearing them with fresh milkweed or dandelion juice four to five times a day. Or put gruel of kalanchoe leaves on a wart. Bandages are changed daily. In a week, the warts will disappear.

  • Slice an apple of acidic varieties (for example, Antonovka) rub the wart three to four times during the day.
  • For compresses or lubrication of warts, you can use a strong infusion (or decoction) of wormwood.
  • Another recipe: hold the bulb in vinegar for at least two hours and then pin it to the wart overnight.

Preventive measures

To prevent disease, it is necessary to carefully follow the rules of hygiene, often wash hands and treat wounds on the skin in time. Contamination and integrity of the skin should be carried out in protective gloves. Important is good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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