Vomiting green liquid

Vomit with green secretions suggests that a large amount of bile and secretions from the intestines have accumulated in the stomach. This is the so-called cleansing vomiting, which helps to free the body from excess. But green vomiting in a cat can be a harbinger of a dangerous infection.

It is possible to determine the risks for a pet, if you study the causes that affect the appearance of nausea.

The following factors can cause vomiting in the green and cause nausea:

  1. Infection. Low-quality food or expired foods often excite dangerous infections in the body. Therefore, most street cats suffer from weight loss: parasites destroy a weakened body.
  2. Poisoning. The cat may be poisoned by food or medicine. Bile mass is the body’s response to toxins and other harmful substances that the stomach releases through nausea.
  3. Intestinal problems. The problem is more difficult if vomiting does not stop for a long time. This may be a sign of blockage of the intestinal tract. Therefore, with active nausea with green secretions, foam and blood is better to show the vet.
  4. Diseases. Cats suffer from chronic ailments. These are problems with the bladder, ulcers, cancers. For a sick animal, yellow vomiting is a common practice. If there are brown blotches, the result is almost one hundred percent – an ulcer.

Vomiting green liquid

First aid

If the cat vomits constantly, the main thing is to do everything consistently. A visit to the veterinarian or a house call is mandatory, but first you should give first aid to a fluffy friend.

Vomiting green liquid

Professionals recommend:

  • Carefully put the cat head to the bottom. Otherwise, with constant regurgitation, the cat will choke with mucus and bile.
  • As a drug, you can take Reglan, but, as practice shows, not everyone has the cure. An alternative option is Noshpa. Tablets are taken in accordance with the proportion of 0.1 ml per 1 kg of cat. This will ease the suffering of the animal.
  • Feed the pet is not recommended. This can lead to regurgitation and deterioration of well-being. You should put only a bowl of water: active nausea can lead to dehydration.

Panic is not worth it. Green vomiting is not a diagnosis. In healthy individuals, it is simply spit up with excess mass of processed food, wool, grass.

How to prevent vomiting in green

If the cat tears up the green liquid periodically, this is evidence of infection and disease, as well as the body’s response to infection. Most of the diseases are caused by the composition of the diet, the quality of the content that the cat eats daily.

For cats to stop their green vomit or to appear less frequently, prevention is performed.:

  • When cats have green vomit, the diet is adjusted. The green color means that food is not accepted by the body. This is true when cheap dry food, harmful to the stomach, is used.
  • Intestinal obstruction is also associated with improper diet. This may be due to the constant change of dry and liquid foods. It is better to provide cats with one type of food for a long time, which prevents the risk of disease.
  • To understand why vomiting in a cat is green, you can, if you change the diet to natural. Cooked vegetables, chicken meat, porridge on rice and chamomile base will release the stomach from toxins and normalize the metabolism.

Cat is not recommended to give large portions. It is better to distribute the daily menu for several times. Overeating is one of the causes of vomiting.

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