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Immunity – the protective system of the body, developed in the process of evolution. On guard of human health are:

  • bifidobacteria and lactobacilli;
  • macrophages;
  • lymphocytes;
  • phagocytes;
  • basophils;
  • eosinophils;
  • immunoglobulins and many other cells and symbionts of the body.
  • The purpose of some is to identify harmful microbes and diseased cells, others to neutralize or destroy them. To maintain and strengthen the immune system through a healthy lifestyle:

    • proper nutrition;
    • good sleep;
    • feasible exercise;
    • hardening.

    Nature is an ingenious creator. And a flawlessly functioning immune system does not require outside intervention. But what if the disease overcomes? The runny nose doesn’t have time to end – does a cough attack, overwhelm skin rash or herpes, and after even a minor operation a grand inflammatory process begins? There is a way out – drug strengthening of the immune system.

    Strengthening the immunity of drugs

    Immune status is the most complex multi-level mechanism. Immune agents work smoothly. Incorrect intervention can cause irreparable harm to health. No wonder they say: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Only an immunologist can determine the methods and methods of intervention in the work of immunity.

    How are immunity enhancing activities being implemented?

    The doctor prescribes a complex treatment regimen with the use of vitamins and fortifying agents, based on the patient’s history. The age, weight, height of the patient, frequency and nature of the disease are taken into account. If necessary, tests are taken on the immune status. Blood sampling is carried out at the time of relative health of the patient. A person should have a normal temperature of at least 2 weeks in a row. Otherwise, the analysis will be obviously negative.

    Another important condition for the effectiveness of measures to improve immunity: the patient must perform the appointment only of an immunologist. Qualified specialists recommend implementing only one treatment regimen. If the patient wants to treat a runny nose, you can follow the recommendations of the otolaryngologist, if bronchitis is a therapist and

    Practice shows that often ill patients as the course of treatment prescribed by the immunologist begins, are less likely to get sick, and over time they forget about the way to the doctor.

    On the other hand, patients who prefer to heal each sore separately may get bogged down in the circulation of procedures.

    An experienced immunologist treats the body as a whole, or rather assists the immune system by starting the natural process of self-healing.

    Popular vitamins and injections for immunity

    To enhance the immune status there is a wide range of drugs.

    The simplest means of enhancing immunity are vitamin-mineral complexes, a wide range of which are presented in the pharmacy chain.

    In developing a treatment regimen on an individual basis, an immunologist will never prescribe a comprehensive remedy. Most likely, it will be a set of activities, including monovitamins, herbal preparations instead of tea and coffee, diet and injections.

    What vitamins have a beneficial effect on immunity?

    In the process of treating any inflammatory disease, B vitamins are prescribed by injection. As a rule, these are vitamins B1, B6 or B12. The recovery of the patient occurs much faster.

    Vitamins injections

    To promote the health of pregnant and lactating mothers, they resort to the injection injection of an oil solution of vitamins A and E.

    Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins. It is recommended to take it at a high temperature, catarrhal diseases and as a preventive measure.

    Biogenic stimulants

    Biogenic stimulants include biologically active substances of plant and animal origin, synthesized from tissues adapted to adverse environmental conditions.

    Aloe – popular injections to improve immunity. They are often used for infectious-inflammatory diseases: furunculosis, trophic ulcers, bronchial asthma, etc. Aloe extract at injections heals wounds, stimulates tissue renewal and boosts immunity. To strengthen the body’s defenses, injections of aloe are prescribed, alternating with injections of vitamin B6.

    Similarly, aloe has a strengthening effect on the immunity of injections of FIBS, peloidodistillate, peloidin and others.

    Interferon and its drugs are related to immunostimulants. Interferons are proteins that produce antibodies to pathogens.

    Interferon in the form of a solution is instilled into the nose for respiratory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, eyes for conjunctivitis and subcutaneous injections. As a result, the body’s defenses are activated and the patient recovers faster. Interferon and its derivatives can be used not only for the treatment of inflammatory infectious and non-infectious diseases, but also to enhance the immune status.

    Cycloferon is an immunostimulatory drug based on interferon. It has antibacterial and antiviral effects, it is excellent for the prevention of infectious diseases, is used in medical practice to strengthen the immune system.

    Laferon is used to prevent colds and viral diseases in adults and children. The drug is actively used to increase the body’s defenses.

    Immunomodulatory drugs

    Thymogen has a positive effect on humoral and cellular immunity, increases the body’s resistance to the negative effects of physical and chemical-biological factors. It activates metabolic processes in the body, promotes tissue regeneration.

    Erbisol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Stabilizes membrane tissues. Stimulate the work of the central nervous system. They have a tonic effect on the body, increase stamina and body resistance to harmful effects. Improves metabolic processes, stimulates tissue regeneration.

    Timely health care is the key to a quality life

    Taking care of your own health is not idle vanity. A healthy person is an active member of society, able to take care of his family and himself, leads a fascinating lifestyle.

    Strong immunity – a guarantee of high quality of life. With a good immune system, colds are not terrible, the body quickly recovers from injuries. Many immunomodulatory drugs prevent the development of tumors and degeneration of body tissues.

    Well-functioning agents of the immune system promptly mark pathogens, quickly eliminate improperly developing cells.

    A healthy lifestyle helps maintain the body’s defenses. But unfavorable environmental conditions, a long pastime in enclosed spaces, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and other negative factors weaken the body. Adults no less than children need medical support. But self-medication is not recommended.

    Doctors often prescribe injections to improve immunity. One of the most popular drugs is Cycloferon.

    When referring to a doctor for medical help, you should not forget about common truths:

    • the use of pure water of at least 2 liters per day cleanses the body of toxins;
    • moderate exercise (jogging, cycling, classes in the gym) help to maintain the elasticity of tissues and mobility of joints, improve blood circulation;
    • the use of healthy foods has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and supplies the body with the necessary substances;
    • quality sleep at least 7 hours a day allows the body’s systems to recover;
    • the use of herbal infusions and green tea has a beneficial effect on the work of the central nervous system.

    All activities in the complex give a good result on the long-term strengthening of immunity.

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