Vitamins injections

Vitamins – very important for the normal functioning of the body.

We can limit ourselves in food, and this will often benefit us, but if we do not get the full amount of vitamins, then after a while we will get a deterioration in appearance and general condition, up to serious diseases.

Many of us are very frivolous about vitamins. Of course, they do not give a quick striking effect.

However, I want to demonstrate the importance of vitamins in this example. This information was shared with me by an oncologist husband. He said that for people who were exposed to radiation during the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, doctors put injections with huge doses of vitamin C for several weeks. The fact is that it reduces the likelihood of oncology at times.

This means that the vitamins are really worthy of our attention, and it is worth occasionally to go to the pharmacy for them. Today, I talk about vitamins with allergist-immunologist Anastasia Nepomnyashchikh.

What are vitamins, and what they are

Anastasia: To begin with, let me say a few words about what vitamins are.

Vitamins are a whole group of low molecular weight organic compounds of various chemical nature and a rather simple structure.

Basically, all pharmaceutical vitamins are synthesized analogs of natural ones, since vitamins that are found in natural products are almost impossible to isolate.

For the most part, it is a very laborious and expensive process, during which most of the vitamins are destroyed. That is why most of the vitamins that we use are of artificial origin.

Vitamins are found in food in extremely small quantities, so we have to get the necessary amount in the form of synthetic vitamins. This does not include trace elements. Vitamins are one thing, micronutrients are another.

All vitamins are designated by the letters of the Latin alphabet A, B, C, E. In the event that some of them are not independent substances, but a complex of substances, they are assigned a number, for example, B1, B12, B6.

Is there enough vitamins in food

Anastasia: Ideally, of course, it is better to get natural vitamins together for food. However, this is not so easy. They can break down and lose their effectiveness when cooking products or during long-term storage.

For example, in apples or oranges, which are supplied to us from abroad, almost no vitamin C remains. However, not all vitamins are easily destroyed, for example, it is rather difficult to destroy vitamin E.

Therefore, its daily rate can be obtained by eating foods containing this vitamin every day. But with vitamin C in the winter will be more difficult. But in the summer you can pick a currant and get vitamin C straight from the bush, safe and sound.

If you use aluminum or enameled chipped dishes in cooking, this also contributes to the destruction of vitamins. It is better to use either ceramic dishes or metal dishes made from modern alloys.

If we talk about a product that contains the maximum set of vitamins and trace elements, then this is milk. Of course, we are talking about whole milk, not recovered from powdered milk, which was pasteurized but not sterilized (not long-term storage).

Multivitamins – the more expensive the better?

Anastasia: Before we go directly to the acquaintance with vitamins, I will say a few words about multivitamin preparations that are sold in pharmacies.

I: Yes, many people ask about vitamins for women which is better to buy, what would you advise?

Anastasia: For the most part, many drugs, despite the fact that they are from different manufacturers and differ greatly in price, have a similar composition and effect. And if before you are two drugs with the same set of vitamins, which differ significantly in price, you can buy cheaper, you will not lose anything.

Therefore, to the question which vitamins are the best, I will answer that they are all approximately the same. See the composition and alternate preparations in such a way as to obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

However, there is a category of very expensive drugs that actually contain natural, not synthesized vitamins. The cost of such drugs is about 10 times higher than the market average. If you are a fan of all natural, then you can purchase these vitamins, but the effect of them will be the same as from the synthesized vitamins.

I: Anastasia, and what should I give preference to multivitamins or drugs with one vitamin?

Anastasia: A healthy person is enough multivitamins. If there is any problem, then it is better to take a drug with one or two vitamins to solve a specific problem. For example, when mastopathy is better to take AEVIT. These are good vitamins for women with problem vessels, vitamins A and E in AEVITA are contained in a therapeutic rather than a prophylactic dose.

But even a healthy person needs to carefully read the composition of multivitamins, because there are no such drugs that contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Read, understand what is missing here and next time bought a multivitamin with missing elements.

How vitamins enter our body

Anastasia: Since 100 years ago vitamins in their pure form were isolated by one of the greatest scientists, Casimir Funk, it became possible to use them for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

There are two ways of getting vitamins in our body.

  • The first way is when they come from food and liquid.
  • The second method – endogenous – they are synthesized inside our body. The simplest example of an endogenous method is the synthesis of vitamin D in our body under the influence of sunlight or ultraviolet radiation.

There are vitamins that a person will never be able to synthesize inside his body – this is vitamin C. Of all the living world, only monkeys, guinea pigs and humans cannot endogenously synthesize vitamin C. However, this vitamin is extremely necessary for man.

Vitamins of longevity and beauty

Anastasia: According to our impact on our appearance, we can divide vitamins into the following groups.

  • Anti-aging vitamins: A and C, they slow down aging due to its antioxidant effect, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, B12) and vitamin E due to the fact that they accelerate metabolic processes in all cells of the body. Vitamin C is also involved in the synthesis of collagen, which with age becomes less and less in the skin.
  • Vitamins that improve the quality of the skin: A, F, E, and B3 – thanks to it, your skin will not be pale, a healthy glow will appear on your cheeks.
  • Vitamins that strengthen hair, nails, teeth: D, B6, B7.

Then I will tell you more about each vitamin.

Vitamin A – the key to soft, supple skin

Anastasia: This is a fat soluble vitamin. It is an excellent antioxidant. The pharmacy can be sold under the name Retinol.

The lack of this vitamin negatively affects the eyesight, the nervous system – there may be depression, nervous breakdowns, and hormones. It greatly affects the appearance of the skin.

Sometimes it is called the beauty vitamin, as it is involved in the growth and renewal of epithelial cells. If you have a lack of vitamin A, the skin becomes dry, cracked, acne is formed, there is a high probability that there will be herpes or fungus on the skin. Take any complex of vitamins for women – there will definitely be vitamin A.

Vitamin A Products

In addition to the fact that we can find vitamin A in the pharmacy, we can get it through various foods.

The most famous form of provitamin A is beta carotene. We know well about him thanks to the carrot. A lot of vitamin is contained in the liver of birds, fish and animals, in butter, milk.

I drew attention to the fact that when I eat sandwiches with high-quality butter, after 5 days my skin improves noticeably, becomes soft, ceases to peel off.

Vitamin A can be found in plant foods. To do this, eat berries, vegetables, fruits that have red, yellow, orange color – fresh apricots, carrots from the garden, tomatoes.

There is a lot of it in parsley, in blueberry. Blueberries are recommended for restoring vision.

If you abuse vitamin A in its pharmacy form, there may be an overdose. If you eat foods rich in vitamins A, then an overdose does not threaten you. Products contain not vitamin A itself, but provitamin A – betacarotene. This is what our body synthesizes vitamin A from, however, it will never produce more vitamin than it needs.


I will sometimes send you the results of my beauty experiments.

Vitamin C – slows aging

Anastasia: It is sold in pharmacies as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C itself is a very strong antioxidant. In the human body, it is not synthesized, it can only come with food, with biologically active additives or as part of vitamin complexes.

The body has the ability to accumulate in its tissues a certain supply of vitamin C, which lasts for one and a half months.

It participates in several hundred different biological processes in the body. It is interesting that vitamin C is a necessary participant in the synthesis of collagen, which affects not only the strength and elasticity of the skin, but also the bones, joints, muscles and other organs.

Equally important is the fact that vitamin C is the most powerful natural antioxidant that protects cells from destruction, in other words, it slows down the aging process. He is extremely necessary for those people who smoke or drink, as he performs a very strong detoxification role.

It is also indispensable for the normal synthesis of hormones by the adrenal glands.

Once again, vitamin C is used in a huge number of body processes. Therefore, it is mandatory for most vitamin and mineral complexes.

Vitamin C rich foods

The greatest amount of vitamin C is contained not at all in lemon, but in wild rose, black currant, sea buckthorn, red and green pepper.

If we talk about food of animal origin, then some of it is contained in the liver. This vitamin is not resistant, can not be long preserved especially in fruits. Therefore, if the fruits have lain for many months, then they will have very little of this vitamin.

If you do not want to drink synthetic vitamin C, then stock up on hips and make tea from it. However, if the rosehip tea in the thermos lasts more than a day, then vitamin C will not remain there either. Another option – freeze black currants, sea buckthorn and other berries for the winter and then eat them slightly melted.

A lack of vitamin C is most pronounced in winter and spring, since at this time fresh vegetables and fruits are almost never found.

Synthetic and natural vitamin C

In most cases, a person tolerates ascorbic acid very well, in rare cases it is allergic. Allergies to vitamin C in its natural form almost does not occur.

Many scientists wondered whether it was possible to isolate natural vitamin C and place it in a tablet or capsulated form. Yes, modern methods allow you to do this, but the cost of such drugs will be several times higher than even the most expensive of the currently existing vitamin complexes.

If you sell dietary supplements, where it is written that vitamin C is natural, and not ascorbic acid, while the price of dietary supplements is low, think about whether it is a hoax.

Vitamin C for a cheerful morning

Many people are interested in how to wake up in the morning. This especially worries those who for one reason or another do not drink coffee.

Believe my experience, 2-3 pills with ascorbic acid, purchased at the nearest pharmacy, will bring you into an active state in a matter of minutes.

If you are tired, it is enough to take 1-2 tablets and you will be vigorous and full of energy again.

Vitamins of group B – cell regenerators

Anastasia: This group includes vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B6, B9, B12. They strengthen hair, nails, teeth, and accelerate metabolic processes in the cells of the body.

Vitamins of this group help the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to the smallest molecules, so that the body immediately uses them easily in energy metabolism, not putting it into problem areas. And in our stomach, thighs and riding breeches large molecules are deposited, which the body, due to the lack of vitamins of group B, could not quickly break down into the smallest and left in reserve. Sometime later, when he has little food, he will take out these large molecules, process them into small ones and put them back into the furnace of energy metabolism.

B3, B9, B12 very well help us keep our slim figure.

However, they have another very important cosmetic effect – they contribute to the rapid regeneration of skin cells, including the skin of the face. Thanks to this property, they help us stay young longer. In addition, it is the best vitamins for quick recovery of the skin after traumatic cosmetic procedures.

Aging, flabbiness of the skin and wrinkles are also formed due to the slowing down of the processes of regeneration of skin cells, and the B vitamins, on the contrary, accelerate all these processes. Of course, aging is inevitable, but thanks to these vitamins it will pass more slowly.

You can read more about each vitamin B in the link.

Vitamin D – strong teeth

Anastasia: In pharmacies it is sold under the name Calceferol. It is sometimes called the solar vitamin because it is formed in the body under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, or under the influence of direct sunlight.

We can also get it from the outside, for example, from fish oil, it is especially necessary in childhood for the proper development of skeletal bones.

Vitamin D does not particularly affect the beauty of mature people, but it promotes the absorption of calcium. He will help you keep a beautiful white-toothed smile to old age.

Vitamin E – speeds up cell metabolism

Anastasia: At one time, vitamin E – tocopherol was very popular among all people who wanted to preserve beauty and youth for a long time. In ateks, all stocks of the AEVIT preparation were bought up. People drank cold pressed oil with spoons several times a day and waited for a miracle of rejuvenation.

These passions on tocopherol continued for 4-5 years, then women of fashion saw that a miracle was not happening and they forgot about it. And in vain.

Vitamin E is one of those vitamins that are really needed for our skin. One of its functions – antioxidant, the second function – no less significant – is to increase the permeability of cell membranes. In other words, thanks to vitamin E, nutrients get into cells faster, and waste products from cells get out faster.

In addition, it greatly strengthens the capillary cells, therefore, is part of the mandatory treatment of varicose veins. Read more about varicose vein treatment here.

Vitamin E slows down the aging process due to its antioxidant effect. However, it must be taken for a long time and regularly. It contributes to the smoothness and smooth color of the skin, improves the functioning of the genital organs, helps to relieve pain during PMS.

Taking high doses of vitamin E (2-4 times higher than the rate of consumption) prevents age-related destruction of proteins. Probably noticed that in very elderly people muscle tissue is absorbed.

This is especially noticeable in thin elderly people, their arms and legs become like bones covered with skin – there is not only fat, but also muscles. This is all due to the fact that due to their age, the protein that made up the muscle tissue was destroyed.

To prevent this from happening, you need to take vitamin E in high doses in old age.

E – products

Vitamin E is found in plant foods, as well as in unrefined first cold pressed oils. Animal products contain it in much smaller quantities.

If you want to get natural vitamin E, you should go to a pharmacy and buy wheat germ oil. Of all that is in nature – there is most of this vitamin.

Exactly half of it is less in unrefined sunflower oil. Olive oil is also far from a record for vitamin E.

For comparison, wheat germ oil contains vitamin E 1400 times more than the same amount of milk. Regularly fill salads with unrefined oils and replenish your supply of vitamin E!

What do people who eat a lot of vitamin E look like?

The benefits of vitamin E can be seen in warm countries where olive trees grow and where lettuce seasoned with unrefined oil is the norm of the daily diet.

When you are on vacation, look at the face of the Italians, Greek women. Despite the fact that they are always under the sun and receive an excess of ultraviolet radiation, their skin is soft and elastic. And the merit of this vitamin E.

Pharmaceutical preparations with vitamin E

In the event that for some reason you cannot get vitamin E from natural sources, you can purchase it at the pharmacy.

The drug AEVIT contains vitamins A and E – they have a very positive effect on the condition of the skin. But keep in mind that AEVIT is a therapeutic drug. Vitamins in it are not contained in a prophylactic, but in a therapeutic dose. It is intended for the treatment of vascular pathologies.

Taking it in excess of these doses just is not worth it, so buy better separately vitamin A and vitamin E and do not exceed the daily rate.

When using natural vitamin E, even in large doses, there are no side effects, and when using synthetic analogues in large doses, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, flatulence can occur.

Doctors do not recommend taking synthetic analogs of vitamin E to pregnant women, because of the likelihood of teratogenic effects (congenital fetal defects). The drug AEvit, for example, is recommended to stop taking at least 4-6 months before conception.

Vitamin F – for dandruff and acne

Anastasia: You all must have come across such a definition as polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), since these acids are part of many dietary supplements.

Vitamins injections

The composition of vitamin F includes such PUFAs as arachidonic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid. These acids differ in chemical structure and enter the body from food products.

Vitamin F is necessary for people who are on a diet, as it regulates the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the tissues and the production of energy necessary for the proper production of hormones.

It is necessary in the fat metabolism of cholesterol, contribute to the rapid burning of saturated fat. A positive effect on the condition of the skin and hair, helps to absorb phosphorus and calcium.

It is necessary to take PZHNK complex in those cases if you have dandruff, oily hair, dry cracked skin, especially on elbows and knees, nails exfoliate and crack, oily skin, acne and acne.

It is good to take this vitamin to those prone to allergies. It reduces allergic manifestations. It is also necessary for those who already have obesity or who are prone to obesity, since vitamin F is very useful in violation of fat metabolism.

Vitamin F Products

Vitamin F is available to us either from food products – vegetable oils, walnuts, oily fish and fish oil, gooseberries, currants, or from various dietary supplements. It should be borne in mind that when exposed to temperature, PUFAs are partially lost.

In Russia, without vitamins can not do

Anastasia: Vitamins play an important role in our health and appearance. Unfortunately, and quite often to get the vitamins from the food in the right amount difficult.

This is especially true of people who live in those climatic zones, where autumn and winter account for most of the year. And the products from other areas of our country go, it happens so long that the amount of vitamins in them drops dramatically.

In these cases, various vitamin complexes come to the rescue. Review of drugs that in my opinion it makes sense to buy for the prevention of vitamin deficiency, read our next article.


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