Vitamins in apples

Apple is a popular low-calorie product (in 100 g – 48 kcal), which is part of many diets, contributing to natural weight loss. This fruit gives the body not only a large amount of fiber, but also healthy elements. Minerals and vitamins in apples are preserved with proper storage throughout the year, which makes this fruit an indispensable source of trace elements, both in summer and in winter.

For the recovery of the human body and replenishment of the necessary micronutrients and vitamins, it is enough to eat 3-4 apples each day, since this quantity of fruit contains the necessary daily quantity of elements.

What is the use of apples?

What vitamins and minerals are contained in apples and what benefits do they bring to humans? It is with the help of this fruit that you can protect yourself from vitamin deficiency, especially during diets and in the autumn-spring period.

The benefits of apples lies in their healing properties, which help the body cope with many ailments and prevent the occurrence and development of many diseases. The vitamins and minerals contained in this fruit, when used regularly, contribute to:

  • Lower cholesterol;
  • Normalization of digestive function;
  • Avitaminosis elimination;
  • Slowing the development of cancer cells;
  • General strengthening of the body;
  • Activation of brain function;
  • Cleansing the body of toxins and waste.

And how much benefit people bring citric, tartaric and malic acids, which are contained in apples of any variety. Thanks to these acids, you can get rid of urolithiasis, defeat osteochondrosis and kidney disease. Tartanoic acid prevents the formation of fat cells from carbohydrates, which prevents obesity. Not for nothing, most nutritionists advise, at the first feeling of hunger there is this fruit, which includes folic acid, which satisfies hunger.

The composition of the apple is balanced, as it contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins that help raise the human immune system and increase the body’s defenses. Due to the daily consumption of these fruits, one can save oneself from the appearance of various pathologies and diseases.

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In which apples more nutrients?

For proper or dietary food apples are the most necessary and safe product. That is why it is important to know what minerals and vitamins this fruit contains. The composition of the apple is very simple: water and fiber, saturated with the whole complex of useful substances: folic acid, inositol, vitamins B, A, C, K, H, E, P and PP, as well as trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and potassium. The apple also contains a large amount of fiber, organic acids, sugar (in sweet varieties), carotene and pectin.

The list of vitamins contained in apples

  • A – contributes to the implementation of metabolic processes in the body, preventing the early appearance of wrinkles, and also acts as a natural antibiotic, offering resistance to infections;
  • B1, B5, B6 and B9 – activate mental activity and protect the cells of the nervous system;
  • B2 and PP – cleanse the body and improve blood circulation;
  • C – increases the tone, improves health and the immune system;
  • K – contributes to the digestion and healing of wounds on the skin;
  • E – strengthens the capillaries and ensures the functioning of the muscles.

The chemical composition of this fruit is variable, depending on the conditions of storage and cultivation, the degree of maturity and the variety of fruits. It should be remembered which apples are more useful, which will allow you to saturate your body with a large number of useful substances:

  • Wild – a large amount of tannins (anti-inflammatory) substances, fiber, pectin and starch;
  • Aromatic – have enhanced phytoncidal (antimicrobial) properties;
  • Sour – contain large amounts of vitamin C.

Vitamins in apples

A green apple contains much more beneficial elements than a red one, especially iron. Red fruits have much more sugar than green ones, and, consequently, glucose, which helps to eliminate fatigue, giving a person energy.

And most importantly, you can eat apples as much as you want and not be afraid to harm your body, provided there are no diseases such as gastritis, colitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. With a tendency to allergic reactions is better to eat green varieties of apples.

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