Vitamins for the elderly

It is not a secret for anyone that the older a person becomes, the slower the metabolic processes take place in his organisms. With age, its activity decreases, it eats less food, so that most people believe that the need for vitamins, too, is declining. Actually this is a delusion.

The need for vitamins is huge

Vitamins for the elderly person are of paramount importance. People over sixty have to eat them daily. However, in our country, unfortunately, not all follow this rule, thus saving on their health, which, of course, leads to an increase in mortality. Moreover, some people mistakenly believe that vitamins for an elderly person are nothing but a whim, since their deficiency can be easily replenished with standard foods. This point of view also does not hold water. Absolutely everyone needs useful substances, and especially for older people. Why?

Yes, first of all, because they have reduced the “absorption” function of the intestines, which means that the food is absorbed worse. In addition, in people after sixty years, the redox processes are slowed down, and the work of the internal organs is deteriorating.

Enhanced use of drugs in the fight against chronic illnesses leads to a gradual shortage of essential macronutrients and vitamins.

There is no way without them

As already emphasized, vitamins for an elderly person are not a whim, but an urgent need, they are necessary as air. After all, they are able to increase the vital activity and slow down the aging process of the body.

First of all, water-soluble vitamins (groups B, C, P) are valuable for older people. They must be present in the diet of a person of retirement age. What are their benefits? The fact is that they have anti-sclerotic effect and help strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It is thanks to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system that the likelihood that a person will live as long as possible increases.

Do not know what else are good vitamins for an elderly person? First of all, they are necessary for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This function is carried out by the useful substances belonging to group C. They normalize the elasticity and strength of blood vessels and normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Food will not fill the need for vitamins by 100%

Of course, there is a certain category of people who think that the best vitamins for the elderly are vegetables and fruits. Say, eat one apple a day, and many diseases will avoid you. However, such a position can also be considered a delusion. Fruits and vegetables fill the lack of only two vitamins: folic and ascorbic acids. If the assortment of fruits eaten is varied, then you can also get rid of the deficiency of the necessary component for health, such as carotene. Remarkable is the fact that in 100 ml. apple juice contains only 2 mg of ascorbinka. To fill the daily need of the body in this vitamin (60 mg), you need to drink 15 glasses of juice daily!

If we talk about nutrients belonging to groups A, E, D, then vegetables will not be able to enrich the body with them – here you will need high-calorie foods: milk, eggs, meat, butter, cereals, bakery products.

Ascorbic acid is an indispensable component for strengthening vessels

Many people know that vitamins (except for groups A, E, D and partially B12) are not produced, but are ingested with food. Our brain is not able to store the above-mentioned substances for the future, so we must regularly eat foods that are rich in them.

First of all, we are talking about vitamin C. It is this antioxidant that is especially needed by people in age. Lack of components such as ascorbic acid, carotenoids and tocopherol, leads to the development of cancer diseases and cardiovascular pathologies.

Those who are concerned about the question of which vitamins are the most valuable for older people should know that ascorbic acid is one of them. It provides protection for the lungs, strengthens the immune system, and normalizes metabolism. The shortage of “ascorbinka” is replenished due to citrus, sweet pepper, and spinach.

Vitamins for the elderly

Vitamin B is necessary for coordinated work of the stomach, and carotene improves the functioning of the organs of vision.

Vitamin B deficiency

People in the 60+ age category often suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the fact that the body loses vitamins B2, B6, B12, PP. The result is a slowdown of metabolic processes and a decrease in the activity of certain enzyme systems of the body. Elderly people develop anemia due to a lack of folic acid.

Vitamin B2 deficiency impairs vision, the work of the digestive system, unbalances the nervous system, reduces immunity. Despite the fact that the need for the above substance in elderly people is much less than in young people, its digestibility becomes so poor over the years that the recommended amount of riboflavin should be increased (B2). Its shortage can be compensated by such foods as cheese, cottage cheese, veal, cocoa.

The absorption of vitamin B12 also decreases with age. To eliminate its deficiency should regularly eat greens, salads, calf, beef and pork liver, spinach, seafood.

Hydrochloric acid helps the better digestibility of cyanobolamine (B12), therefore, as a supplement to the above products, you also need to eat fruits and sour berries.

Lack of vitamin a

If the body loses vitamin A, then it contributes to the appearance of duodenal diseases, gastritis, weakened immunity. Retinol (vitamin A) in huge quantities contain such products: chicken eggs, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, calf liver.

Lack of vitamin D

It should be noted that vitamin D for the elderly is also very valuable. A deficiency of the above component leads to poor calcium absorption, which is so necessary for strengthening bones. In addition, the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis and the appearance of malignant neoplasms increases. Vitamin D can be replenished by ultraviolet, so the elderly in warm weather at least half an hour a day need to stay in the sun. However, too much time to expose yourself to UV rays is not recommended. As for food, vitamin D is found in egg yolks and fish oil.

But the need for minerals decreases over the years. And some of them (calcium salts) are deposited in the joints and tissues. However, the content in the body of magnesium, iodine, selenium, iron must be controlled. Today, in any pharmacy, in order to avoid the problem of deficiency of nutrients, you can choose the best complex of vitamins for the elderly. However, it is best to consult with your doctor about this topic.

Vitamin complexes

Currently on the market there is a whole arsenal of drugs, through which you can solve the problem of deficiency of cyanobolamine or retinol. It should be noted that vitamins for older people, reviews of which are mostly contradictory, also differ in their degree of effectiveness. However, most of them are dispensed in a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. We list the most common.

Drug Heksavit

So, today, many manufacturers of pharmaceutical products produce vitamins for the elderly. The names Geksavit, Gerovital, Vitrum Century are well known to the Russian consumer.

The first of these multivitamin complexes contains six vitamins that are vital for people aged 60 years – A, B, B2, B6, C, PP. The drug Hexavit is recommended as one of the measures to combat vitamin deficiency.

Customer reviews contain information that this is an effective tool when it comes to the problem of a shortage of nutrients. Also, consumers note its effectiveness in the fight against ophthalmological ailments.

Means Undevit

Of course, the younger generation, which cares about the health of their loved ones, should regularly buy vitamins for the elderly. The names Undevit, Supradin, Gerimaks should be clearly stored in their memory. Undevit is a drug that contains eleven important vitamins (B1, B12, E, P, folic acid, pantothenic acid, etc.). And one dragee is the daily need of an organism for useful substances. Complex Undevit is also effective in combating a disease such as beriberi.

Vitamins for the elderly

Reviews of this drug are mostly positive. Many customers appreciate it because it does not cause allergic reactions and significantly increases the body’s resistance to colds. In addition, consumers are attracted by the inexpensive price of the drug – only 45 rubles per pack.

Vitrum Centuri

Vitrum vitamins for the elderly is a good choice. First of all, they help strengthen the immune system, as well as improve mental and physical performance. In addition, this drug significantly reduces the likelihood of oncological and cardiovascular pathologies. Also, Vitrum Century slows down the aging of cells. However, this is not all its positive properties. It is prescribed as a drug to compensate for the lack of minerals, as well as a prophylactic agent for hypovitaminosis.

The majority of customer reviews about Vitrum Centuri are positive. After taking the drug in the elderly, the state of health improves and vigor appears. However, some are not satisfied with the price (500 rubles per pack) and the possibility of allergic reactions.

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