Vitamins fish oil

Fish oil is a valuable food supplement, which in the recent past was necessarily given to all kids. Fish oil was considered an indispensable product for the development of the child’s body, as well as a great helper in strengthening and protecting the body of adults.

But if, in the old days, fish oil was considered objectively the best means of promoting health, many modern scientists are skeptical about this product and do not consider it so necessary for our body. Where is the truth here? Who really needs fish oil, and in which cases it is better to refuse to use it? Details about this in this article.

Externally, fish oil is quite difficult to suspect in unique abilities. In appearance, it is the usual yellow, slightly viscous oil, with far from the most pleasant taste and smell. This feature of the food additive is easily explained – fish oil is extracted from the liver of cold-water marine fish: cod, mackerel and herring.

However, everything changes with the study of the chemical composition of this product. And then it turns out that for the human body, fish oil is simply irreplaceable. And all because the basis of this product are:

1. Essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Are the key components of fish oil,

2. Vitamin A. This is another antioxidant that can boast the product in question. It strengthens the human immune system and supports visual acuity.

3. Vitamin D. Fish oil is one of the few foods rich in vitamin D that the body needs to fully absorb phosphorus and calcium, and therefore, for strong bones and teeth.

4. Eicosapentaenoic acid. This valuable component of fish oil supports the work of the heart muscle and at the same time has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

5. Dekosahexaenoic acid. This valuable acid strengthens the health of the central nervous system and preserves the beauty of the skin.

Dosage Forms

In the pharmacy, fish oil can be purchased in two dosage forms:

  • liquid fish oil;
  • fish oil capsules.

Since childhood, we used to consume fish oil in liquid form. However, today this product is increasingly being purchased in the form of capsules. What is the secret here? Simply, many people do not tolerate the characteristic smell and taste of this dietary supplement, preferring to take capsules that are free from this disadvantage. However, before taking fish oil, you need to figure out which form you need.

Liquid fish oil

This product is released in bottles, which means it is suitable for both internal and external use. It perfectly softens the skin, heals wounds, cuts and abrasions, is actively used in the preparation of cosmetic masks for skin and hair. However, due to the unpleasant (for some people) taste and smell, it is not at all desirable to take liquid fish oil inside.

Fish Oil Capsules

This form of food supplement is convenient to take inside, because it does not cause rejection. For this reason, to strengthen the body, saturate it with vitamins A and D, as well as the prevention and treatment of diseases, it is the encapsulated form of the supplement that is chosen.

Thus, the liquid form of fish oil is more versatile and suitable for more versatile use. However, for oral administration, especially when it comes to children, it is better to choose capsules with this product.

How is fish oil useful?

1. For children

Even some 30 years ago, kids were necessarily given liquid fish oil. Admission of this supplement is relevant in our days, and all because this product prevents the development of rickets, is responsible for the normal formation of the skeleton, improves the function of the respiratory system and even increases the perseverance of hyperactive children. In addition, the use of fish oil improves the absorption of information and increases the mental abilities of the child. The truth is to remember that, like any drug, you can take fish oil only with the permission of the doctor.

Indications for use

  • growth problems;
  • prolonged illness;
  • frequent cramps;
  • visual impairment;
  • hyperactivity;
  • attention deficit;
  • prevention of acute respiratory infections;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • anemia;
  • dry skin

2. For men

The key benefit of fish oil for men is to stimulate testosterone production. This is the most important hormone for representatives of the stronger sex is responsible for the set of muscle mass, hair growth, as well as the potency and quality of sperm. On this basis, the intake of fish oil by men provides the following benefits:

  • fills the body with energy;
  • accelerates metabolic processes;
  • improves heart function;
  • increases physical activity;
  • increases endurance and performance;
  • reduces the risk of colds;
  • does not allow the formation of gene mutations;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • reduces joint pain;
  • improves brain function;
  • strengthens bones.

3. For women

Fish oil on the body of the fair sex has a special impact, and all because, in addition to helping health, it perfectly rejuvenates the body and takes care of external beauty. Doctors-gynecologists recommend taking fish oil for painful menstruation, with complications in the period of carrying a child.

Use of fish oil in women:

  • speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss;
  • protects against arthritis and osteoporosis;
  • reduces the likelihood of developing cancer;
  • improves the functioning of the central nervous system;
  • prevents early aging of the body;
  • nourishes hair, skin and nails.

4. For pregnant women

This dietary supplement is often prescribed to future moms, and all because fish oil is responsible for the normal formation of the neural tube in the fetus, and, moreover, is actively involved in the formation of visual function. And given that fish oil is involved in the development of the skeleton, such an additive is simply necessary for the full development of the child inside the womb.

Vitamins fish oil

Among other things, fish oil eliminates calcium deficiency in the body of a pregnant woman and removes excess cholesterol from the body. However, the taste and smell of this product can trigger a gag reflex in a pregnant woman. In addition, during the period of carrying a child, the likelihood of allergic reactions to food products increases, which means that fish oil can be taken in a “delicate” position only with the permission of a doctor.

5. The benefits of fish oil when breastfeeding

The complex of essential vitamins for the body a newborn baby receives with nutrition. However, this does not apply to vitamin D. This unique vitamin is produced under the influence of sunlight and is present in some foods, including fish oil. That is why, in order to support your body and help the development of the baby’s body, the newly-made mommy should consume fish oil.

This product will provide the necessary support to the mothers themselves, who do not get enough sleep, rarely go out on the street or are not eating enough. And besides supporting health, the newly-minted mommy can use fish oil as a mask for hair and face. This support allows you to eliminate dry skin, cope with acne, improve immunity and prevent the development of depression.

6. For weight loss

Persons suffering from obesity, as well as all those who want to lose weight and gain a slim figure, should take fish oil. And there is no contradiction, because fat is different from fat.

Practice shows that the use of fish oil in combination with exercise and a low-carb diet can increase the effectiveness of losing weight by 2-3 times! This is achieved by improving metabolic processes and excretion of low-density lipoproteins,

To combat excess weight eating fish oil, you should take 1-2 capsules daily 3 p / day after meals. According to nutritionists, if you combine this use of supplements with proper nutrition and at the same time play sports, you can lose up to 4 kg of net weight per month!

7. For hair

The presence of essential fatty acids in this supplement provides invaluable benefits to hair. Thin, splitting, brittle, dried out or damaged hair can be repaired and strengthened with fish oil. Moreover, for this purpose, the product must be taken orally, not forgetting to periodically reanimate the hair using hair masks. In this case:

  • Vitamins A and D will nourish the hair roots, restoring them from the inside and preventing them from falling out;
  • Omega-3 fatty acid will accelerate hair growth, make them thicker and stronger;
  • oleic acid will bring back a natural shine and shine.

Mask to accelerate hair growth

In a glass bowl, mix 35 g of fish oil, 2

Hair loss mask

For the preparation of this tool combine in a glass container 35 g of fish oil, 1

8. For face

Due to the high content of valuable vitamins, as well as a unique set of amino acids, this unique product is one of the means of rejuvenating the skin and treating skin diseases. Moreover, as practice shows, fish oil, penetrating deep into the epidermis, heals the skin from the inside.

As practice shows, this useful additive:

  • relieves irritation and redness of the skin;
  • eliminates itching and inflammation;
  • nourishes and moisturizes dry skin;
  • compensates for the lack of moisture, smoothing the skin in a natural way;
  • fights excessive pigmentation, lightening the epidermis;
  • starts the process of cell regeneration, thereby rejuvenating the skin;
  • prevents acne on the face.

Mask for moisturizing and nourishing the skin

Mix 1

Wrinkle mask


Acne mask

Taking 3 capsules of fish oil, combine them with 10 g of gray clay and 15 drops of calendula tincture. Dilute the mixture with an alcoholic marigold tincture to form a liquid slurry. Apply it on the problem areas of the face, and after half an hour, rinse with cool water.

9. Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have investigated the use of fish oil to prevent Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage. According to the results, fish oil significantly improves the activity and ability of the brain to learn. Therefore, a capsule of fish oil a day is the best prevention of senile dementia.

10. Fish oil from stress and depression

Since fish oil increases the serotonin content in the body, which, as you know, is a hormone of good mood, it helps a lot from depression. In addition, fish oil reduces aggressiveness. According to Japanese scientists, this fat suppresses the release of stress hormones that cause a spasm of heart arteries.

11. Fish oil for bodybuilders

The described product is also popular among bodybuilders, because it represents the “right fat”, which guarantees the athlete a lot of resources for further growth in the form of vitamins and trace elements, while not having a harmful effect on health. In addition, fish oil stimulates protein synthesis, reduces its breakdown, as a result, the body mass of the muscle increases, the muscles increase in cross section.

Vitamins fish oil

What else is beneficial fish oil

  • Often prescribed for tuberculosis, rachitis, anemia, night blindness;
  • Prevents vascular spasms, reduces inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Protects and in cases of prostate cancer;
  • Contributes to the stabilization of blood pressure;
  • Fish oil is prescribed for obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, psoriasis, impaired motor coordination.

Fish oil for dogs

A valuable dietary supplement called fish oil is useful not only for people, but also for our four-legged friends. Caring owners often add fish oil in puppy food to better grow and strengthen the skeleton. In addition, the intake of such an additive supports the healthy appearance of the dog and makes its coat thick and shiny. Finally, taking fish oil is an excellent immunomodulator for four-legged pets, which means that they must be present in the food of dogs, regardless of age and breed.

Puppies fish oil can begin to enter from the first days of life. It is better if it is a liquid solution that can be added to food 1-2 drops per day. Adults dogs are better to give fish oil capsules, also adding a means to food. It is better to take an additive under the scheme: 2 weeks of reception, then 1 week of a break. Fish oil can be taken in this way throughout the year, and it can be seasons, especially in the fall and with the arrival of spring.

Instructions for use – how to take

Considering the benefits of this valuable product, it is worth thinking about how to take it to children and adults in order to get the maximum health benefits.

Fish oil capsules are best taken 1-2 capsules three times a day, during, or immediately after a meal. It is best to drink such a product in courses ranging in length from 1 to 3 months, preferably in the cold season, when immunity is most needed support.

However, doctors often prescribe it is liquid fish oil, which is not so well cleaned, but it is better absorbed by the body. In this case, take the supplement should be 15 ml per day, which means 2

The truth here is to make a reservation. Liquid fish oil can cause allergic reactions, while with the addition in capsules this does not happen. If you encounter a similar problem, consult your doctor. He may recommend reducing the dosage or advise you to change the form of the release of the additive.

If we talk about the kids, then they can give fish oil literally from the first month of life, 1-2 drops per day, but only for the purpose of a pediatrician. A child who is 1 year old can be given 1 capsule or 1

Harm and contraindications

Unfortunately, because of the pollution of the world’s oceans and not the best purification of fish oil, in pharmacies we get a not perfectly clean product. In this regard, it is not recommended to constantly take this dietary supplement. It is better to restrict to 1-2 courses per year for two months.

And now we list a number of diseases in which it is not recommended to take fish oil. These include:

  • diabetes;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • hypervitaminosis A and D;
  • gallstone and urolithiasis;
  • active phase tuberculosis;
  • chronic renal failure;
  • hemophilia or decreased blood clotting;
  • allergy to food supplements;

In addition, remember that an overdose of fish oil can result in diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain, and can also cause exacerbation of cholecystitis or pancreatitis. You should not take fish oil at the same time as multivitamin complexes, to avoid the risk of vitamin overdose. Good health to you!

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