Vitamin K products

This presentation is about the beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits, about the need to use them in the diet of each child in order to preserve health and maintain immunity. The material can be used both in class and in extracurricular work.


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Presentation on the topic: Vegetables, Berries, Fruits – Healthy Products (Harmonia CMC Grade 3, “Our Nutrition” Section) Milova Irina Petrovna Primary School Teacher MBOU Lyceum p. Stepnoye settlement, Sovetsky district, Saratov region


Vitamins are substances that the body must receive from food. The word vitamins is formed from the Latin word Vita, which means life.

Vitamins Where is contained For what A are needed Milk, butter, eggs, fish, fresh greens, carrots, apricots, peaches. Sight, skin, bones, growth. B (several types) Rye bread, brown rice, yeast, liver, soybeans, peas, meat. Helps recycle nutrients. Blood, nerves, skin. With black currants, oranges, lemons, tomatoes, potatoes, fresh greens. Blood vessels. Healing wounds. Cold protection. D Fish oil, milk, eggs, oil, and sunlight. Bones and teeth. Go to Fresh greens, liver. Blood coagulation

2. Hang balls on the knots – Turned blue from the heat! 5. A head on a leg, in a head of peas. 6. In the summer – in the garden, Fresh, green, And in winter – in a barrel, Strong, salty. 4. What is the squeak? What is the crunch? What is this bush? How to be without a crunch? If I. 3. Make everyone cry around, Though he is not a fighter as well. 1. Round, ruddy, I grow on a branch; Adults love me And little kids.

Increases resistance to infections, strengthens blood vessels, supports gums, teeth and bones in a healthy state. If you want to catch cold less often, to be vigorous, to recover faster if you are ill, you need Vitamin Black currant Cabbage Tomatoes Lemon Potatoes

If you want to grow well, see well and have strong teeth, you need Vitamin Apricot Pumpkin Pepper Eggs Fish Peas Strengthens eyesight, promotes growth, heals the skin

If you want to be strong, have a good appetite and do not want to get upset over trifles, you need Vitamin Potatoes Carrot Rye bread Rice Nuts Liver Improves sleep, affects mood, accelerates wound healing

Milk Curd Fish Sun Saves Teeth, Hair Cheese

If you want to protect your skin, have good blood, strong bones, you need Vitamin -Prevents internal bleeding and hemorrhage. – Accelerates wound healing. – Strengthens muscle contraction. – Provides the body with energy. – Needed for bone calcification. Spinach Lentils Green Tea Green Onions Kiwi

Guys, eat vegetables, berries, fruits

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The work program for the world around the HMONI CMC.

Vitamin K products

Submitted by the KTP and the work program for the surrounding world. TMC Harmony 4th grade.

Presentation of the lesson on Healthy Food. The lesson can be conducted on such a plan at your discretion.

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