Vitamin c serum reviews

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity, the contours sag and the first wrinkles appear. Over time, they become deeper and if this process is not stopped on time, then the age will begin to appear on the face too quickly.

Dermatology Librederm Vitamin C anti-aging serum for the face prevents the manifestation of age-related changes, gives youth, elasticity and firmness of the skin at any age. It is based on the multivitamin complex, as well as the nutrients that trigger the regeneration process at the cellular level.

What it is

Vitamin C Dermatology Librederm is a real elixir of youth, which is now available to every woman. Serum acts in several directions at once:

  • eliminates irritation;
  • reduces redness;
  • interferes with hyperpigmentation;
  • promotes the natural production of elastin and collagen;
  • starts active cell regeneration.

The main advantages of the drug

In contrast to the mass anti-aging cosmetics Dermatology Librederm:

  • contains vitamin C in a lipid form, making it easier to digest and release directly inside the cells of the epidermis;
  • relieves irritation and redness;
  • increases the natural production of elastin and collagen;
  • smoothes both fine and deep wrinkles;
  • protects against premature aging;
  • inhibits the processes of melanogenesis;
  • does not contain hazardous chemical components;
  • has no contraindications and side effects;
  • suitable for daily use.

What is the anti-aging serum Dermatology Librederm vitamin C for the face?

The serum contains only environmentally friendly safe substances that saturate the cells of the epidermis with vital elements.

The main active ingredient is vitamin C in lipid form, which, according to the results of in vitro testing, showed incredible results:

  • 100% preservation of stability, activity and initial concentration;
  • 100% skin penetration and absorption;
  • obstruction of irritation and redness;
  • increase the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Vitamin c serum reviews

Due to this composition, the skin becomes smooth, taut, smooth and gets a healthy color.

How to apply serum

To maintain youth and beauty of the skin, the serum is applied to the dry, previously cleaned of cosmetics skin for 1-2 hours before sleep. It is distributed by light movements of the fingertips on the face. It can be used both independently and in combination with the usual cosmetics. To achieve maximum efficiency, the serum is recommended to use in combination with the night cream Librederm Collagen.

Anti-aging agent should not be applied to the skin with damage or just before going out.

Certificates of quality

Vitamin C-based anti-aging serum in lipid form has been clinically tested and proven to be effective. As a result of research, she received certificates of quality.

Vitamin c serum reviews

Specialists serum reviews

Anna Semenova, Dermatologist

After 25 years, age changes begin to appear on the face. This is an inevitable process, but it can be postponed. To this end, I recommend my clients Dermatology Librederm serum. It has been tested by specialists and by me personally, so I can vouch for its effectiveness.

Customer Reviews for Dermatology Librederm Vitamin C for Face

I am 35, but due to lack of sleep and constant stress, my skin looks 10 years older. I don’t want to grow old ahead of time, so I decided to use the advice of a specialist and acquired anti-aging serum. Already after the first application I began to look younger, a healthy glow and shine appeared. I will use it every day, I hope the result will exceed my expectations.

Catherine, 45 years old

Tried a lot of different tools, but from this serum, I absolutely love it! It is like a magic elixir of youth, quickly smoothes irregularities, gives elasticity and radiance. In addition, it is several times cheaper than creams of popular brands!

Valentina, 39 years old

My husband is 10 years younger than me, but I want to meet him. But lately, my face began to give out much age, and with this it was necessary to do something. I bought Dermatology Librederm and after a week I was completely transformed. Now everyone thinks that my spouse and I are the same age!

Vitamin c serum reviews

If someone had told me earlier that they could get younger so quickly, I would never have believed it. But when I tried Dermatology Librederm, my opinion changed. Served every day before going to bed for a month, and began to look 10 years younger!

Where is Vitamin C For Sale Anti-Aging Serum Dermatology Librederm for Face

Buying serum from wrinkles is much more profitable directly from the manufacturer! This is the only way to get the original with a good discount!

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