Very thin legs

After the columns “Do I have data for a bikini?” (Part 1 and Part 2), the readers of Zozhnik peppered me with questions about how to train my thin legs. I answer all slender-legged in one fell swoop.

1. You probably have a normal, rather than low, percentage of fat.

At my master classes, at the end I always measure with caliper, the percentage of subcutaneous fat of the participants, everyone is interested to know. Girls are different in body size, those who come to lose weight, most often have 33-36% of fat.

The percentage of fat is normal, and in clothes these girls look very thin

But skinny fat, oddly enough for the audience, show a rate of 23-25% (sometimes higher), and not the expected 15-18%. Thinness is not equal to little fat.

2. Do not overeat to “get better”

If there is no critical “underfeeding”, you should not get involved in the rule “eat what I want, and do not get better”. Now you just do not notice, but time is playing against you, and after 30 you suddenly wake up completely out of shape, with a flabby body that gives out age. Muscle mass is low, fat – enough. And it only grows over time, replacing the muscle. 50 kg at 18 years old and 50 kg at 40 years old – these are completely different kilograms. Thin is not equal to exhausted.

Very thin legs

3. There are no special programs for thin legs.

You will certainly be promised a “individual program for only 1000 rubles,” however, in truth, your workouts will not be any different from the workouts of those who have an excess of fat deposits on the hips. You need to pull and squat, trying to build up weight on the bar. Often the ectomorphs are very weak, they can not properly sit down and stand up even without any additional weight. Slender, you have to become stronger if you want to look fit, cool and elastic.

4. Train your whole body, not just “problem areas”

No splits from the “chemists” from the eighties. Only Fulbadi, only hardcore. “Full body” – translated as “whole body”. Read here an example of such a program for beginners. And remember: you need a good rest, do not do more than 2-3 power per week. You need to become stronger and stronger. Weakness is the most important step in old age.

5. You need to watch your diet

Many ectomorphs I worked with on nerves very quickly lost weight – this is their peculiarity. Forget about night parties and smoky clubs, office hunger strikes, “because you didn’t have time to eat”. Buy a convenient 6-pack bag and carry all your food with you. And yes, be sure to check the digestive tract. Often there already is some problem that threatens to become even more in the future if you don’t deal with it now.

5. Change your attitude to your body.

You are really very lucky, because those who have legs are not thin, but tend to accumulate fat, have to plow a hundred times more than yours. It is not a fact that without, say, powerful fat burners, and you yourself understand what kind of special preparations, tight legs will look fry even with a perfect diet. And your will. Really cool?

6. Fashion is still on your side

In society, the hudonog is still popular. Where I come from, girls like me — tall and large — are few at all. Since childhood, I was a stately “filly” against the background of small women – I was teased by an ostrich just for my legs.

Three finalists. Yaroslav became the third

It is now that Gina Carano, with sexually brutal, muscular hips, hurts the men on the screen and the lovers, handsome special agents, stack up in front of her. Only when I came to the USA and Germany suddenly I was surprised to find out how thin and graceful I look against the background of the same German women, self-confident feminists with thick, pumped caviar and developed shoulders.

Very thin legs

7. Wear stockings

Girls with thin legs, what do you know about stockings, which are not always possible to pull on volumetric hips? I don’t wear stockings because they’re just twisted from my quadriceps. Or what do you know about dresses that sit on reeds, but do not sit on muscular girls? Enjoy your options.

8. And love your giant quadriceps

I repeat – not to squat or pull is not an option. You probably already know the anatomy, which means you’ll understand that all the tales about “disabling quadriceps” in global exercises are just “phytonyashkin’s” fantasy. Turn off the muscle can only cut off. The worked, convex buttocks are impossible without the developed hips.

9. Stomach

Now as for the volumetric abdomen in women with both slender, long legs and narrow hips. Indeed, this is one of the male-type additions (or “apples”), when the upper part looks more massive and shorter than the lower one, due to the fact that fat accumulates in the upper part – arms, back, chest and abdomen .

Do not listen to anything about the features of the hormonal background from the great experts. The decision is the same for you – you squat and pull. Gradually, the distribution of fat becomes more uniform, and the bottom gets the right amount and bends.

10. Patience and work, patience and work

And, my dear, get ready for long work. There are no quick results, and any “minus 10 kg in 2 weeks” is a hoax. Most clients have no visible results for weeks, or even months. That is the reality. Everything is slower than we want. Especially if we work cleanly, without life-threatening experiments.

Be healthy, love yourself and take care not only of your body, but also of your mind.

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