Unsuccessful plastic surgery

Of course, emergency surgeries are not amenable to any phases of the moon and must be performed immediately. In this article you will find the lunar calendar of operations for October 2018. If you have such a case, then the best solution would be to contact the surgeon immediately. But if you are able to choose the date of the forthcoming operation yourself, do not forget some astrologer advice, for example, the most favorable operations take place during the passage of the moon through the signs of the zodiac constellations Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo. And the days of the lunar eclipse are unsuccessful for surgical intervention, since after them the stitches will heal longer, and the extra lymph will be more abundant. Here you will find the lunar calendar of surgical operations in 2019 favorable days.

Unsuccessful plastic surgery

Favorable days for lunar calendar operations for October 2018

The most successful days for operations: 3, 6 (until 15:30), 7 Valid days for operations: 5, 26 (until 13:30), 27 (from 10:20), 28 Plastic operations, beauty shots: no Extremely unsuccessful days for operations: 1, 2, 4, 8-11, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 29-31 MARS: in the sign of Aquarius In October, Venus changes direction to retrograde, so this month will not successful days for plastic surgery. However, with retrograde Venus, repeated operations are allowed, but if there is an opportunity to postpone, it is better not to resort to surgical intervention. Mars, moving on the sign of Aquarius, will make several unfavorable aspects with fast planets – Venus and Mercury on October 11 and 19. His speed is already noticeably increasing, but still he will not have time to leave the sign of Aquarius by the end of the month. For these days, planning operations is especially undesirable. Although Mars in Aquarius is prone to experiment, be careful on the bad days of the month. If you still decide to agree to experimental operations, do it at least on more successful days of the month.

Unsuccessful plastic surgery

Adverse days for lunar calendar operations in October 2018

There may be some changes in health. The extremely strong influence of the Moon and Mars during this period can cause severe headaches in the first half of the month, menstrual failure in women and hormonal disorders. Also it should be taken into account that in October instability of the emotional background is possible, as well as frequent feelings of weakness, bordering on a constant lack of energy. During this period, it is extremely important to determine the source of any disease and prescribe the correct treatment. In no case should you delay the solution of problems, in the future there may be serious consequences due to this.

From 10 to 23 October, a good time for the treatment of diseases is not an operational method. High probability of a successful outcome of this method of treatment. If it is necessary to conduct operations, this period will be most favorable for such actions. Do not worry about a happy outcome, the recovery process will be stable and quite effective with the support of drugs October 24, 2018, the full moon, transplantation of any organs is strictly prohibited, as well as surgical interventions in relation to the heart In the period from October 19 to October 27, operations in the area of ​​the kidneys and the bladder will be quite satisfactory. Also a good time for surgery to stabilize the functioning of the uterus or its appendages.

Autumn Lunar Calendar of Operations 2018

In September, operations on the lungs, gall bladder and ovaries will pass fruitfully in the period of 1–8, 26–28 numbers. The reproductive system of both sexes can be healed from 1 – 8, September 26 – 30, and other operations can be performed on any other day, except for 9 – 16, 25 numbers. Cardiac surgery will proceed particularly smoothly in October, at 1–7, 25–31 days of the month. The operated patient in a week will be healthy and ready for an active life. However, two days are especially bad for heart, vein and vascular operations – these are the days of October 9 and 24. The remaining days are completely neutral. November promises good days for skeletal, bone, joint and skin surgery days 1–8, 25–30 November. The digestive system is better restored after the intervention of 8, 24 – 28 numbers, and 9, 21 and 23 it is better to refuse operations at all.

Unsuccessful plastic surgery

Lunar calendar of operations for October 2018 video

Lunar surgery calendar for 2018 by day

Head (brain, eyes and

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