Ukrainian folk games

Ukrainian folk outdoor games will allow not only to entertain the baby, but also to give him the traditions of the ancestors, to acquaint him with the fun, which was in the course of his great-great-grandmothers and grandfathers.

Ukrainian folk games

A variety of such games will provide an opportunity to choose the appropriate option. for each child, taking into account his inclinations and preferences. Ukrainian outdoor games will be a great way to actively spend time, improving the fitness of the child.


This game requires quite a bit of inventory – just one rope that needs to be tied to a fence, a tree, or another fixed object. This rope will be the fishing rod, which is caught fish. One of the players is chosen by the bait, he must hold on to the free edge of the rope and catch the fish, that is, other players. The rest of the participants must “peck on the bait”, that is, touch the driver, but not allow him to catch himself. When one of the players is caught, he becomes a bait, and the game continues. This fun is great. for any season and can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Hidden bell

This game is also well suited for any time of year and for any place. It needs a small bell, which participants, standing in a circle or in a line, will transmit to each other. It is important to transfer the bell so that it does not ring. The driver must determine who has the call. The one who betrayed himself becomes the driver. This fun is great develops Observation and speed of reaction.

Ukrainian folk games

Sparrows jumpers

This fun game is best carried out on the ground where you need to draw a circle of about 6-8 meters in diameter. Participants of the game are behind him, they play the role of sparrows. The leader is located in a circle, his task is to prevent the “sparrows” from collecting “seeds”, that is, not allowing them to enter the circle. Sparrows, jumping on one leg (you can also keep your leg bent or play in pairs) try to jump in a circle. The central player bites them (touches his hand), the one who touched the driver leaves the game. The goal of sparrows – as long as possible to stay in the circle. The driver can be changed by choosing the fastest and most agile of children.

This game is convenient because it can be played by a whole group in the kindergarten (20-30 people). One of the participants is chosen by the “tongue” of the bell, the others form the bell itself: they join hands and stand in a circle. The children in the circle move clockwise or counterclockwise, and the “tongue” must break out of the circle, that is, separate the hands of the players. In total, he has three attempts. As soon as the driver pulls out of the circle, he must reach the flag or other conditional mark at a distance of about 50 m. While he is running, the other participants should try to catch up with him and touch him. The one who makes it last becomes driving. This game is a great substitute for physical education. She excellently develops the ability to work in a team (not to miss the leader from the circle), and also develops the will to win.

In this original game can be played by big companies. The only inventory that is needed for this fun is a sprig of a willow or other tree. The participants of this game form a loose circle, they hold their hands behind their backs and pass each other a sprig. In the center of this circle is the one who leads. His task – to find a twig and grab it. When the leader manages to seize the branch, the one from whom he took it, becomes a circle, and the game begins again. With the help of this game you can cultivate observation, speed of reaction and endurance.

Ukrainian folk games

Ukrainian folk games perfect for fun at different times of the year, they do not require complex equipment and very entertaining for children. Children can play them even without adult supervision, organizing themselves in teams and choosing their own driving.

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