Treatment of the knee by folk methods

Our legs carry a huge load, keeping us upright. Imagine a situation that they, literally, have ceased to hold you. It is impossible to stand, to walk too … Is it terrible? Yes, a person becomes disabled. Therefore, it is vital to take care of the legs and, above all, of the knee joints, which give us the opportunity to move. But it happens that for some reason there is pain in the knee joint and then the person is to blame for this, or the pain is caused by age-related changes or injury, urgent measures need to be taken in order to return to normal life.

Treatment of knee joints with folk remedies

Before you choose a tactic to solve a problem, you need to find out the cause of the pain, and only a specialist can do it. We will tell briefly about the most frequent sources of pain in the knee joint.

Osteoarthritis, or gonarthrosis . With this disease, destruction of the tissues of the joint occurs. Accompanied by constant aching pains arising in the process of movement, crunching in the joint. If you do not start the treatment on time, your joint may completely lose mobility.

Arthritis, or gonarthritis, drives . This inflammation of the knee joint may occur against the background of complications of certain diseases. In addition, its independent form is also diagnosed. Recognize arthritis can swelling the joint. The knee feels hotter than the surrounding tissue.

Damage to the meniscus, or meniscus . Everything is clear here – this is a consequence of a knee injury. But it should be borne in mind that even a minor blow or careless movement can damage the meniscus. For meniscopathy is characterized by sharp, sudden pain.

Periarthritis, or inflammation of the tendons of the knee joint . There are pains on the inside of the knees. Most of them are due to overweight.

Treatment of the knee by folk methods

Folk remedies for pain in the knee joint

White lilac flowers and buds for arthrosis

  • Japanese Sophora berries infused with vodka should be drunk with syrup or rosehip broth. Crush the sophora, pour into a glass dish a quarter of the volume. Top up the vodka to the top. Put in a closet for three weeks. Take a spoonful of tincture three times a day with two spoons of rosehip broth or syrup.
  • Buy seeds nhernushki sowing. Grind them thoroughly and eat half a teaspoon twice a day.
  • A decoction of mistletoe will help not only with osteoarthritis, but also with other problems of the knee joint. To prepare it, take a spoonful of grass and, pour a glass of boiling water on it, leave it for eight hours. Use for compresses on the sore joint.
  • For rubbing the joint, in the spring, even before the leaves open, narvite the lilac buds. Fill them with a floor – a liter bottle and fill with vodka. Ten days later, the tincture is ready for use.
  • When the lilac blooms, tear and dry these beautiful flowers. To prepare the tincture for ingestion and rubbing of the joints need the color of white lilac. One part of the crushed flowers fill with ten parts of vodka. Close the jar and leave for ten days. For ingestion, measure twenty drops three times a day. Also, three times a day, rub the lilac tincture of the joints or make compresses of it.
  • From white lilac, but already freshly picked, make an ointment based on three tablespoons of vaseline or butter. Mix the base with three spoons of pounded flowers and rub into the knee joint.
  • Prepare the tincture in advance to lubricate the joints of acacia flowers. In the summer, as soon as the acacia blooms, pick some flowers, weigh fifty grams and fill them with a glass of vodka. After a week, you can use it to lubricate your knees twice a day.
  • A day later, rub the sore joint with a freshly prepared mixture of one raw egg yolk, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and a spoon of turpentine. The procedure is carried out before bedtime. After rubbing, tie your knee with a warm cloth.

Feedback . The neighbor granny saw me limping up the stairs and advised me exactly this remedy. I mixed yolk, apple cider vinegar and turpentine and rubbed my knee for three evenings. Do not believe it! It helped! And most importantly – the tool is available at any time of the year and the ingredients can be bought without problems. Anna, 39 years old.

  • Good for pains with arthritis celandine. Prepare on its basis oil infusion. Narvite celandine with stems. Grind and pound it carefully. Approximately three spoons of the mass of celandine pour high-quality vegetable oil and clean in the closet for a fortnight. After a while, strain. Rub the knee one month, daily before bedtime.
  • In the pharmacy buy bischofite. It contains a large number of trace elements. Use it for taking local baths and compresses.

For local baths decoction of fir branches

  • The first advice from folk healers – mustard plaster. Warm up your joints, putting them on your knees.
  • For local baths we recommend spruce. Brew boiled water branches ate for one hour. Drain the infused water into the tank for receiving the local bath (the water temperature should be 37 degrees). The procedure time is half an hour. Wipe your feet, wrap a warm blanket or shawl and lie down for about sixty minutes.
  • Flax seed sewn into bags of natural fabric. Before use, heat them in the oven or microwave and apply as a compress.
  • Also for the whole night, make a chalky – kefir bandage. Ordinary chalk, crush into powder, pour a little bit of kefir to make a mushy mass. Smear knee with chalky gruel, secure with waterproof material and a warm bandage. The effect is promised after the first procedure.

Feedback . Arthritis completely tortured me. And then I read the available tool. I think I’ll try, what the hell is not joking. Moreover, the effect was promised after the first time. I bought chalk in office supplies and did everything as it was written. And, hooray! It helps! The first time … Love Zh., 44 years old.

  • Fresh celery juice will also help with this problem. You need to drink it one spoon three times a day. Or, if it is not possible to cook celery juice for yourself, make a decoction from the roots of this plant. For four hours, pour a glass of boiled water with a spoonful of chopped celery root. Take the same as juice.
  • Beat a chicken egg in foam with two tablespoons of salt. Apply the product to the compressive tissue and wrap the sore joint. Secure. As soon as it dries, brush the top of the dressing with the remaining mixture.
  • Buy unpeeled oats on the market. Prepare from a glass of grains per liter of water decoction. Boil it enough to reduce the volume of water to a quarter of the original. Cool, strain. Drink half a glass each time before meals.
  • Grate the radish or horseradish. You can also use turnips. Use the resulting mass for compresses.
  • On the basis of eucalyptus oil or Vaseline, make a healing ointment. In fifty grams of base, add carefully chopped hop cones, St. John’s wort, and clover with two spoons. Spread the mixture and smear the arthritic joint.
  • When exacerbating the disease will help compress based on salt. Spoon coarse salt completely dissolved in a liter of water. In another bowl, mix 10 grams of camphor alcohol and 100 ml of ammonia. Connect both compositions, tightly twist and begin to shake until the flakes appear. Dampen compressed tissue in the resulting fluid and wrap the joint. Top with a waterproof material and wrap in a warm cloth. Compress can be done up to three times a day.
  • Boil the potatoes in a uniform. Immediately, after being removed from the heat, pound it into a puree, without draining the water. Leave until settling. Potatoes will sink to the bottom of the pot, and carefully pour the broth, we need it for treatment. Drink a third of a glass three times a day.

Propolis based ointment is the best

  • Propolis ointment can be said to be the best remedy in the treatment of arthritis. Crush a hundred grams of propolis. Add in a hundred ml of good vegetable oil. Put in a water bath and achieve complete dissolution of propolis. Remove, cool, the ointment is ready for use.
  • Find an opportunity and make yourself a mattress filled with fern leaves. Sleep on the healing bed for three months. During this period, doctors promise deliverance not only from arthritis, but also from gout.
  • Drink apple cider vinegar three times a year for thirty days. Not in pure form, but diluted with a glass of water with the addition of a spoon of honey.
  • Siberian doctors recommend treatment with pine nuts. Wash, dry and warm the nuts in a dry frying pan. Then take out the kernels, and not throw away the shells, but pour a liter bottle into the floor. After the bottle is filled, pour the alcohol in there. Insist three weeks in the dark. Strain and start treatment. Treatment drip. On the first day – two drops on a spoonful of water. Every day, add a drop. When you count twenty-two drops, begin to reduce their number one per day. Rest for three days and repeat. Then another similar course. Reception make each time before dinner.
  • At the very beginning of the disease, rubbing and massage from a mixture of equally taken off ammonia, table vinegar, vodka and water will bring a good effect. Wet a cotton pad and rub the bottom of the foot, grabbing your fingers, to the very top. Then, comfortably lie down, put your feet on some hill and also massage down to your groin.
  • Relieves pain caused by arthritis, wax-based ointment. A piece of wax, about the size of a box of matches, melt, add raw egg yolk and a spoonful of any honey. Mix thoroughly. While the agent has not cooled down, spread a thin layer on the compress fabric, apply on the knee and cover with waterproof material. Secure with a bandage. Leave overnight.
  • Mince through a pound of celery and lemons. Stir with a pound of honey. Leave with a cool place for five days. Take the tool one spoon three times a day before meals, until the tool is over. After two weeks, take another batch of medication.

Celery, honey and lemon make tasty medicine

  • Six compresses for the night will relieve you of arthritis pain. To prepare a medical mixture, mix 100 ml of vodka with 100 ml of turpentine. Add three spoons of vegetable oil there. Wet in a mixture of fabric for a compress and put on the joint, securing insulating bandage.
  • For arthritis, rub in ointment from sap and honey, taken equally and heated on a steam bath. Also effectively acts in trophic ulcers.
  • Broth of lingonberry leaves. For broth, boil one spoon of dry leaf in a glass of water for 15 minutes. Drink in small portions per day.
  • Spring stock primrose. Cut the first spring flowers and dry them. Sore joints? Prepare a healing infusion. Ten grams of cooked herbs pour a glass of boiling water and leave for half an hour. Drink three times in equal portions.
  • If you hurt your knee joint, first of all take care that your leg is at rest. Then ask someone close to bring ice from the refrigerator and attach to the place of injury. If there is no ice, take from the freezer a piece of frozen meat, chicken, in general, what is. Put in a plastic bag, wrap in a towel – a cold compress is quickly made ready. After a cold compress, apply a tight bandage. After three days you can make warm compresses.

In case of knee injury, apply a cold compress

  • Traditional medicine recommends that for injuries of the knee joint compresses, lotions and decoctions for oral administration.
  • Grated onion grated onion, attach to the knee and secure with a waterproof dressing.
  • Crushed wormwood, add a little water, mix. Wormwood gruel impose on the injured knee, secure with a bandage. As the compress is dried out of wormwood, wet slightly with water and make sure that the dressing is constantly wet.
  • Bodyaga for injuries and bruises – an indispensable tool. Twice a day, bandage with a pulp of bodyagi. Mix two tablespoons of powder with a small amount of water and apply to the knee joint.
  • Apply psyllium leaves or plantain juice to the knee. Plantain – the most affordable plant in the summer for first aid in case of injury.

For other causes of pain

  • The pain recedes after five days, if you make daily compresses of soda and salt taken in a spoon with the addition of seven drops of iodine. Before applying the mixture, warm up your knees and, after application, apply a warming bandage and leave for fifteen minutes. After a quarter of an hour, wash off the remnants of the compressing mixture and apply vitamin cream.

Feedback . And my pain was gone after the third procedure. I do not know how it works, but it does. Neither you wrap up at night, nor watch-rest with a bandage. Fifteen minutes – that’s all. Sergey K. 51 years old.

  • At night, doctors recommend the following compress. One hundred grams of mustard powder and the same camphor oil mix. Add two whipped egg whites. Smear your knees and apply a warming bandage. After a few days, the pain is noticeably reduced.
  • Prepare a rubbing agent on the hot pepper. Finely chop the pepper and fill it to half with a glass jar. Top up with vodka. A week later, a wonderful rubbing for sore joints is ready.
  • In summer, tear off and tie horseradish or burdock leaves to your knee joints. Covering knees with fresh birch leaves is effective. Secure fresh leaves with a bandage and do not remove during the day. Simple and effective.

In the recovery period, do not forget about gymnastics.

Do not forget about therapeutic gymnastics. Exercises should be smooth, but they should be done regularly, carefully increasing the load. Plan your daily menu. Food should bring not only pleasure, but also benefit. If you have extra pounds, do not delay, start to get rid of them. Each additional kg of pressure on the knee joints, bringing you additional suffering.

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