Treatment of osteochondrosis of the lower back

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine – the most common pathology of dystrophic-degenerative origin, in which changes occur and develop in the intervertebral joints of the lumbar region. The disease is observed in individuals with different professional employment, even in athletes. The preferential age of patients is older than 40 years, in women it is much earlier, which is triggered by pregnancy and weakness of the muscular system around the spine.

Vertebrologists of the Clinic of Dr. Ignatiev in Kiev often observe severe, complicated forms of pathology in which the initial degenerative disorders in the discs grow into their protrusion and hernia – protrusion of the pulpous nucleus of the intervertebral disc. The clinical picture is characterized by painful manifestations, and the treatment of the pathology is much longer, sometimes with the use of surgical intervention. To get by with minimal losses, you should consult a doctor at the first symptoms, namely, back pain. Experienced experts are receiving daily by appointment.

The main goals of treatment for lumbar osteochondrosis ↑

  • Early elimination of factors contributing to the formation of an acute clinic – compression and irritation of the nerve roots;
  • Effective suppression and stop of pathological changes;
  • Stimulation of tissue regeneration and recovery in the area of ​​pathology;
  • Restoration of all functions, including full movements in the lumbar area.

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the lower back

Elimination of pain syndrome ↑

The first task of the attending physician is to eliminate or alleviate the pain syndrome. For this purpose, receive or inject an analgesic funds. In case of unbearable pain, the implementation of Novocainic blockade in the pathology zone is possible.

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the lower back

As a rule, analgesic drugs contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in their composition; therefore, at this stage the pathological process is affected – the degree of inflammatory edema, which, in turn, is compressed, is reduced.

Elimination of inflammation and muscle spasm ↑

The introduction of anti-inflammatory drugs is accompanied by the beginning of a long course of drugs that improve peripheral circulation. At the same time, the vessels of the microcirculatory bed are stimulated, due to which the inflow of oxygen and nutrients to the pathological focus is increased, and the harmful products of metabolism are removed. The use of light diuretics also helps relieve swelling.

Muscle relaxants eliminate muscle fiber spasm around the affected area, which occurs reflexively in response to pain. Removing muscle spasm helps reduce compression on the nerve roots.

Restoration of anatomical and physiological balance in the area of ​​pathology

As a rule, almost immediately after the extinction of the acute phase of the disease, the doctor prescribes local physiotherapy, begins a course of manual therapy, and later adds exercise therapy to the treatment. It is these techniques that purposefully influence the cause of the pathology – the degenerative-dystrophic changes of the lumbar discs. Non-traditional methods of treatment – acupuncture, hirudotherapy, stone therapy and others – enhance the impact of basic therapeutic procedures.

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the lower back

Doctors of the Kiev Clinic of Dr. Ignatiev select a complex treatment scheme according to the individual characteristics of each patient. Treatment is based on the use of highly effective drugs and copyright techniques, which allows you to quickly alleviate the patient’s condition and bring him to full recovery as soon as possible.

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