Treatment of leg edema at home

Such a problem as leg edema is most often experienced by women. This phenomenon not only spoils the appearance, but also damages health. If a problem occurs, it should not be ignored. In the event that the disease does not start, it is possible to avoid a visit to the doctor and correct the situation on your own, using various folk remedies for treatment.

Edema is the accumulation of excess fluid in the body and its concentration in organs and tissue extracellular spaces.

Causes of leg swelling

There are a lot of reasons that provoke the development of edema of the legs, but most often the following factors cause the disease:

  • excessive load on the legs (standing work);
  • excessive fluid intake, especially in the evening;
  • metabolic disorders in the body;
  • sitting with legs crossed or tight (impaired blood circulation and lymph outflow);
  • flat feet;
  • increased body weight;
  • shoes that do not comply with the orthopedic rules;
  • varicose veins.

In the event that edemas occur due to incorrectly selected shoes, it is very easy to cope with the disease – you just need to change the shoe. In the remaining options will have to carry out treatment.

Treatment of leg edema at home

Types of leg edema

All limb edema can be divided into several types:

  • hydremic – caused by impaired kidney function;
  • cachectic – caused by impaired heart function;
  • stagnant – caused by increased permeability of blood vessels and a decrease in the content of albumin in the blood;
  • traumatic swelling – caused by trauma;
  • neuropathic – caused by diabetes and alcoholism.

Symptoms of leg swelling

To detect edema, it is sufficient to simply examine the affected limb. It has a swelling, with pressure on which a dent remains for some time. If the legs with the development of edema were socks or sandals with straps, then after removing the traces of them remain for several hours. In the mild stage of edema, only slight swelling is observed.

Traditional treatment of leg edema

In traditional medicine, to start treatment, the cause causing the disease is determined and its therapy is dealt with. As treatment can be prescribed:

  • massage;
  • diuretic drugs;
  • compression stockings;
  • creams and ointments that have a venous tonic effect;
  • cardioprotectors;
  • potassium preparations;
  • blood-thinning drugs;
  • relaxation.

If the swelling is severe and repeated daily for several months, you should immediately consult a doctor, as in this case, self-treatment can lead to aggravation of the disease. Use of folk remedies is possible only if the swelling is insignificant and not regular.

Folk remedies for the treatment of edema of the legs

Means of traditional medicine usually treat swelling in the ankle, which, as a rule, are not associated with serious diseases of the internal organs. In order to achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to combine internal and external means of treatment in the treatment, as well as special gymnastics, which also helps to preserve the health of the joints of the feet.

Gymnastics with edema

With the formation of swelling of the ankles due to blood stagnation:

  1. Bicycle for a minute.
  2. Rotation of the feet clockwise and counterclockwise for one minute.
  3. Maximum spreading and compression of the toes for one minute.
  4. Walking barefoot on your fingers for three minutes.
  1. Swimming in open water or swimming pool at least three times a week.
  2. In the supine position with your legs raised, swing in different directions for five minutes.
  3. Climbing up on the fingers – drop sharply on the heels, repeating at least ten times (activates the lymph current).

Preparations for internal use

Baths and rubbing against swelling of the feet

Prevention of swelling of the legs

In order not to face this problem, it is important to lead a healthy, mobile lifestyle, not to overload the limbs for too long sitting or standing, not to exceed the normal amount of fluid consumed and to wear shoes with the correct shoe and sole. If you are overweight, you should regularly do gymnastics for the legs, which activates the outflow of lymph and prevents stagnation.

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