Treatment of HPV in men drugs

Every year, people infected with human papillomavirus infection, it becomes more. Disease prone men and women with reduced immunity. Weak defenses of the body allow the virus to freely integrate into healthy cells and rapidly multiply. The cure for HPV for men should be aimed at eliminating the clinical symptoms and strengthening the immune system.

The reasons for the development of entities

Science knows about 140 types of papillomavirus. Penetrating into the human body through microcracks or mucous membranes, the causative agents of the disease can be in a dormant state for a long time and become more active in favorable conditions.

Treatment of HPV in men drugs

Genital HPV infection is considered one of the most dangerous. It is sexually transmitted and has a long incubation period.

This trend makes diagnosis and drug therapy more difficult.

In men, provoke the active phase of the disease can:

  • bad habits;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • chronic diseases;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • frequent colds;
  • intense pace of life.

HPVs are more likely to be affected by men who actively change their sexual partners or have a gay orientation. In rare cases, you can get a household way through common towels and other personal care products.

The disease is characterized by a hidden course. Sometimes the first signs appear several years after infection.

  1. When the virus is activated, growths and warts occur on the genitals, testicles and anus.
  2. Outwardly, they resemble normal warts or dangling soft appendages with jagged edges that are easily injured.
  3. Sometimes papillomas appear in the oral cavity, armpits, inside the urethra and in other parts of the body.
  4. Education develops rapidly and, if not start the therapy in time, can greatly expand, be damaged and bleed. The infection easily penetrates into the wounds, and the disease is complicated by the inflammatory process.

Genital HPV threatens with the development of malignant tumors, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the manifestations of the disease immediately, without delaying the treatment.


Papillomas that occur in the rectum and on the genitals need to be examined by a venereologist and a dermatologist. Doctors should take cells from the urethra for analysis, conduct a cytological examination of smears, saliva and sperm of a man. These fluids may contain HPV particles. This method helps to make the correct diagnosis at the initial stage.

To identify the oncogenicity of the growth, a biopsy is performed. A patient is taken a piece of affected tissue and examined under a microscope. Preparations for the treatment of human papillomavirus in men are prescribed depending on the results of the analysis.

To determine the type of virus used a new method – PCR. Polymer chain reaction detects the pathogen in the body, determines its DNA and the type of pathogen.

The virus can not be completely cured. Drug therapy is aimed at eliminating external signs and strengthening the body to prevent frequent relapses.

The task of drugs is to destroy the protein structure of pathogens and suppress its spread.. These results provide drugs that increase immunity. For treatment are used:

  • gels and ointments;
  • antiviral agents;
  • immunoprotectors.

Treatment of HPV in men drugs

Along with drug therapy, timely removal of growths is necessary. To do this, the doctor may use liquid nitrogen, radonozha or scalpel.

Viferon and its analogues

Studies have shown that interferon-based drugs are detrimental to the virus. They inhibit its activity and do not allow it to spread. The drugs are prescribed by the doctor in the complex therapy of HPV.

Well established himself Viferon. Ointment should be carefully treated papillomas 3-4 times a day, avoiding getting the funds on healthy skin. The formula stimulates the production of antibodies, inhibits the activity of microorganisms, restores the natural production of interferon.

For the treatment of HPV, you can use rectal suppositories:

It is useful to inject interferon preparations by injection. The most commonly used are Intron-A and Wellferon. If the male papillomas are activated in the larynx, the doctors prescribe Interal-P. It is administered intramuscularly 3 times a day for a month.

Usually, external treatment of growths is combined with the introduction of rectal suppositories, intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.

Immunity and antiviral stimulants

Modern pharmacology produces drugs that improve the defenses. They are used to treat HPV. Penetrating the inside of the body, the active substances increase cellular immunity, heal injuries, stop the spread of the virus and help cleanse the skin.

After evaluating the clinical picture, the doctor may prescribe the following antiviral drugs to the patient:

  • Novirin. Tablets need to drink regularly for at least 2 weeks. With pronounced symptoms, it is recommended to repeat the course after a week break.
  • Galavit. Available in tablets and in powder form. It can be used in the period of exacerbation and during remission to increase the body’s resistance to pathogens.
  • Allokin-Alpha. This drug is a new generation, enhancing the production of interferon. Available in the form of injections, which in most cases eliminate growths without surgery.
  • One of the most effective pill for the papillomavirus – Isoprinosine. Antiviral drug has high immunomodulatory properties that restore cellular immunity. The daily dose is prescribed by a specialist. It depends on the patient’s body weight and the course of the disease. The minimum course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  • A good cure for HPV is Gepon. It is a special powder dissolved in a liquid. It belongs to the group of immunostimulants and is designed to enhance immunity. To eliminate the papillomas, the medicine is taken orally once a day and external treatment of growths is carried out.

Gepon helps to remove the inflammatory process in case of damage to the warts, relieves puffiness, painful symptoms and redness. In the body, antibodies are rapidly produced, entering into the fight against the virus and inhibiting its activity.

Ointments and gels

Internal medication is combined with the external treatment of the affected skin. The choice of funds depends on the location of localization of papillomas. Do not self-medicate. Wrong selection of drugs can worsen the condition and lead to serious consequences. Use of drugs is allowed only on the recommendation of a physician, strictly adhering to the prescribed dosage.

  1. Salicylic ointment is suitable for external treatment. It has a powerful effect, so it must be applied to a point. To avoid getting funds on healthy skin, stick the sore spot with a plaster, making a hole in it for growth. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a day, until the papilloma dries out and disappears.
  2. Oxolinic ointment has a sparing effect. She is allowed to lubricate condylomas located in tender places, including on the genital organ. In order to achieve noticeable results, therapy should be continued for about 3 months, rubbing the compound daily in papillomas.
  3. Treat papillomavirus manifestations allowed by Panavir. This is a gel containing biologically active substances of plant origin. It is necessary to apply a thin layer on the mucous membranes and skin 4-5 times a day. The duration of use is determined by the doctor. Usually the course of treatment is at least 10 days.

To maintain health is important competent prevention. Indiscriminate sexual intercourse should be avoided, lead a healthy lifestyle and strengthen the immune system. If the infection could not be avoided, you need to consult a doctor and send all forces to eliminate the symptoms.

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