Treatment of constipation folk remedies at home

Unfortunately, under the influence of adverse environmental conditions, stress, unhealthy diet and a number of other reasons, sooner or later, almost everyone can face problems in the gastrointestinal tract. In particular, a lot of trouble causes constipation in people. Due to the fact that it is very easy to get sick in our man-made age, and getting rid of this or that ailment with the help of new-fangled drugs is difficult, because apart from the benefits, side effects are not excluded, people increasingly trust popular methods of solving health problems.

It is worth noting that this problem is very delicate, for this reason, many people are trying to find an answer to the question of how to get rid of constipation at home using folk remedies on the Web. But, as you know, before you find a tool that will help you, it will take a certain amount of time, because you can only learn about its effectiveness or inaction by testing each one of you for yourself. To facilitate the search for the necessary means, we chose those that were tried by real people who shared their experiences with those who continue to look for the answer to the question of how to quickly cure constipation at home.

Among the healing tools that help fight constipation are berries and inflorescences of plants, decoctions of various seeds, as well as infusions of the roots of medicinal herbs.

Treatment of constipation folk remedies at home

Traditional medicine – treatment of constipation herbs

Modern pharmacology offers active tools based on senna, rhubarb and buckthorn. However, their action does not always have a quick effect. As for the broths prepared from the above named herbs, they are much faster and have no side effects. These natural medicines have a stimulating and laxative effect on the intestines.

For the preparation of therapeutic broth from rhubarb, senna or buckthorn, you must take 20 g of raw materials and pour a glass of water. After boiling the water, continue cooking the herb for another 20 minutes. Subsequently, it is necessary to add boiled water to the decoction until a full glass and take it twice a day, dividing it into two equal portions. The tool should work within 7-8 hours. However, this tool should not be carried away; otherwise, due to the addictiveness of the organism, it will be necessary to subsequently take a much larger dose of weakly decoction.

It is possible to make herbal treatments for irregular constipation using milder means, which until a certain time was used to achieve completely different goals in the treatment of the human body. These include licorice root, nettle leaves, dandelion root and yarrow. Dandelion root has always been widely used as a choleretic agent, and bile is known to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so this herb can also be used as a laxative. Preparation of infusion begins with the fact that the dandelion root, which will need 2 tbsp. l., you need to grind, put in a thermos, pour 400 ml of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 12 hours. It is necessary to accept means since morning, three times a day in 30 minutes prior to food. By the way, instead of the root, you can use the leaves of the plant. You can avoid problems with the chair if you drink an infusion of dandelion root or leaves once a day.

Treatment of constipation folk remedies at home

Among the benefits of folk remedies for constipation is their one hundred percent effectiveness and accessibility for any segments of the population.

Licorice root is taken as an expectorant not only for adults but also for children. Also, its use is very effective in treating constipation. 1 tbsp. l the grass is poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for about an hour. Drink remedy for delaying the chair on the third part of the glass three times a day.

Nettle leaf has a positive effect on blood clotting. In addition, it is used for rinsing the throat when coughing. Preparation of funds for constipation from nettle involves the use of 2 tbsp. l herbs and 700 ml of boiling water with which it is poured. With regular violations of the stool, it is recommended to drink nettle leaf infused for an hour up to 5-6 times a day, dividing the previously prepared product into equal parts.

The familiar chamomile pharmacy has a good laxative effect. It has an antispasmodic effect.

Treatment of constipation folk remedies at home

Home remedies for constipation

But not all accept the reception of laxative decoctions and infusions of leaves and roots of plants due to the usual intolerance. Fortunately, not only herbs have a laxative effect, but also some berries, including mountain ash, lingonberries, gooseberries, and some others.

Home remedy for constipation, made from red rowan, must be taken in the morning, before breakfast, and it is prepared this way: berries are filled with sugar and remain in it for about a month. After 4 weeks, the berries should be removed from the syrup and pressed. As a laxative, you must use a syrup, in which alcohol is added at the rate of 50 ml of the latter per 1 l of syrup. This tool also perfectly helps with regular problems with the chair. It is necessary to drink means 1 time since the morning, previously having diluted with water.

You can solve the problem of constipation by preparing a decoction of gooseberry. To do this, you need berries, which should be cooked for about 10 minutes. For 1 tbsp. l berries need to prepare 200 ml of water. Drink a therapeutic agent, cooked alone should be daily for a quarter cup 1 time per day.

Lingonberry infusion copes with constipation. Prepare a homemade laxative of this berry should be as follows. Lingonberries put in a jar and pour boiled water into it, but not hot. Then the container should be covered with a double layer of cling film to prevent air from entering it, put it in a cool place. The tool is recommended to drink on an empty stomach in the amount of 200 ml with regular constipation.

How to quickly cure constipation at home?

Our article presents the most effective of the currently existing funds from this delicate problem. When a person regularly suffers from stool retention, he will probably be able to prepare a laxative decoction of herbs in advance. But if constipation occurred as an isolated case, you can use more practical methods of solving the problem. For example, eat prunes. This product has not only excellent taste, but also is capable of stimulating intestinal motility. To empty the process of normalization, you need to eat 3-5 berries. To avoid constipation, it is enough to eat 2 prunes per day.

Quickly normalize the work of the intestine can, taking potato juice. It perfectly helps against constipation, if you drink it 3-4 times over 100 ml over half an hour before meals. To treat chronic constipation with this tool should be for two weeks. Potato juice can be alternated with juice squeezed from a radish or from beet.

You can set up a chair by drinking half a glass of pickle from sauerkraut. If constipation has not passed, repeat the treatment with a remedy every 4-5 hours.

Treat constipation can be sunflower oil. It is enough to take 1 tbsp. l funds, and as a preventive measure continue to receive oil from three days or more after normal bowel movements, but now for 1 tsp.

Whatever means from the presented you choose, be sure that the treatment with folk remedies is absolutely safe.

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