Treatment of bronchus folk remedies

When treating bronchitis with traditional or traditional medicine, it is important to understand that the cause of the disease can be an infection that has entered the body from the outside or brought by blood, lymph from the nasopharynx, sinuses, from unhealthy teeth. Inflammation can also occur as a result of allergies to flowers, tobacco, and other irritating mucous substances.

Types of bronchitis

When you inhale, the air first appears in the nose. There, cleared of large particles of dust and warmed up, it passes through the larynx and trachea, located in front of the esophagus. In the chest, the trachea is divided into two bronchus, left and right, each connected to the corresponding lung. There the bronchial tubes become smaller and form the so-called bronchial tree, the number of terminal branches of which is about 25 million. Their mucous membranes are sticky and moist from the inside to effectively trap street dust and dirt.

Treatment of bronchus folk remedies

Only a pulmonologist can professionally understand the types of the disease. But even a layman, it is useful to know the basic forms that millions in the world suffer from.

Acute form

Getting rid of bronchitis occurs by the body. This form affects adults and children. As a rule, the diagnosis is made in the presence of cough, observed no longer than three weeks. It is important to eliminate the symptoms of pneumonia and other chronic diseases, which are also accompanied by cough.

After treatment with drugs at home or in the hospital, lung function is fully restored.

Acute obstructive form

This form of pulmonary disease is also treatable. It is characterized by spasm, squeezing, narrowing of the bronchi, which is why mucus cannot come out. Edemas form in the airways, which is why the lungs are ventilated much worse, it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe. More common in children under three years.

Recurrent form

Cases of the disease occur at least three times a year. As a rule, it is required to re-treat bronchitis with traditional or traditional medicine.

Chronic form

As a rule, the causes of the disease are associated with long-term exposure to external factors that irritate the bronchial mucosa (dust, tobacco smoke). Or is it the result of repeated illness.

The need to treat the chronic form is associated not only with inflammation of the mucous membranes, but a change in the bronchi themselves. They are narrowed and deformed.

The patient usually has a cough of three or more months during the year, repeated for at least two years. The cough is worse in the morning, at which time it is deep and deaf. The temperature hardly rises.

This type of bronchitis is treated with traditional or traditional medicine, but healing is slow.

Symptoms of bronchitis

Symptoms of acute form

At the initial stage, the disease is easy to confuse with a cold. But then a lot of mucus forms in the bronchi, causing lung ventilation to deteriorate. There is a need to cough.

Initially, the cough is quite dry because it is caused by an inflammatory process in the airways. Then a light yellow sputum begins to stand out. During cough, it may start to hurt especially badly in the upper part of the lungs, and the temperature often rises.

Symptoms of obstructive bronchitis

It is characterized by a long expiration, accompanied by a whistle, dry wheezing and the need to use the auxiliary muscles during breathing. Periodically intense cough gives way to the weak. Body temperature values ​​may fluctuate.

Symptoms of the chronic form

A cough with sputum appears. This happens every year, and every year more intense. The amount of sputum formed is significantly greater than with the acute form. Sputum causes the need to cough.

If the bronchi continue to be under the action of irritating substances, they constantly experience scarring and inflammation. Over time, breathing becomes more difficult.

Folk treatment of bronchitis by inhalation

Among various physiotherapeutic methods – mustard plasters, wraps and electric procedures – inhalations are shown at home. It is an inexpensive and, in addition, effective home remedy for treating bronchitis. Inhalations are used in case of exacerbations or for prophylaxis.

Perform inhalation with caution. The procedure is contraindicated in diseases of the heart, pneumonia, high blood pressure.

Home inhalations can be carried out over steam or water. Steam inhalations are contraindicated for children, especially the smallest ones, as they can cause a mucosal burn. Children are allowed to breathe only over the composition, heated to 30-40C.

Inhalations for bronchitis are carried out with the addition of mucolytics that dilute sputum, as well as expectorant drugs. You can breathe over heated alkaline water, anise or eucalyptus oil. The duration of inhalation 3-5 minutes, the medical procedure is performed several times a day.

More effective inhalation can be carried out using a nebulizer. Its use allows penetration of expectorant and phlegm-thinning substances into the lower respiratory tract, which enhances the therapeutic effect.

Treatment of bronchus folk remedies

In a number of models, the inhaled substance is negatively charged so that it penetrates better into the lower part of the lungs. Some models are equipped with a special mask that allows you to breathe moist heat, not only sitting, but also lying down.

Treatment of acute bronchitis folk remedies

Despite the temptation of self-application of certain folk remedies, first of all it is necessary to see a doctor.

While the bronchi are enlarged, formulations containing thyme or its essential oils are beneficial. Thyme is especially effective in case of bronchial obstruction; it relieves and soothes. It becomes easier for the patient to expectoration, which is why the bronchi are intensively relieved of mucus. It is important that the plant has bactericidal activity.

Traditional recipes for the treatment of acute bronchitis

  • In the case of the acute form, a coltsfoot decoction is used (not to be confused with the hoofed European one, which is similar to the coltsfoot, but poisonous). Coltsfoot is an effective expectorant with antipyretic effect. Brew

    Folk treatment of chronic bronchitis

    The chronic form is treated with a popular recipe: insist on vodka yarrow for one or two weeks at the rate of 30 g of grass per 100 g of vodka. Take 30-40 drops 3-4 times a day.

    How to treat chronic bronchitis with proper nutrition

  • Potatoes in the uniform are boiled, crumpled, mashed potatoes are added

    How to treat bronchitis in adults

    One of the causes of the disease is smoking. Therefore, to start the fight against the disease is to give up the habit. In addition, various vitamins are indicated.

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