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Alopecia, treatment of folk remedies

Men and women of all ages are subject to hair loss, regardless of their material well-being and social status. The process of hair loss is largely able to affect the psychological well-being. The causes of this phenomenon are enormous and the end result of each of them is that over time, the hair becomes thinner, their follicles (they provide hair with nutrients) weaken and this leads to hair loss.

The nature of the natural cycle of hair growth due to the daily loss of a certain amount of hair, is also provided for the growth of new ones, but many notice that the number of lost hair is much higher than the usual natural rate. How to deal with this problem, is it possible to treat baldness with folk remedies and what should be done to prevent this phenomenon and return the “life” to hair?

The problem of hair loss in men. Causes and symptoms

A man is prone to hair loss to a much greater degree than a woman. This problem may appear both in young life and in old age and is today the most common cosmetic problem. What are the reasons for the loss of hair in the male half and how to treat the baldness with folk remedies, is it possible to fully restore the hairline?

First of all, the main cause of baldness may be related to the hormonal characteristics of the body (due to increased testosterone levels, early baldness may occur) or due to improper hair care. In addition, the main causes of loss include stress on the body, poor diet and poor environmental conditions, various psychological disorders, bad habits (alcohol, smoking), as a result of which hair boils are destroyed and lead to baldness.

The reason for baldness can be oncological diseases, and the effect on hair of cold and hot air, as well as hereditary predisposition. Whatever the causes, in any case alopecia treatment (the term combining different types of hair loss) begins after they are installed.

Very often, alopecia in men has a pathological character and once “lost” hair may not be recoverable. Male pattern baldness begins gradually (hair becomes thin and easily broken, and after a time, they bare the scalp). In most cases, this process begins with an increase in the cap part of the hair of the head, after which there are bald areas in the forehead area, bald patches in the back of the head. In this case, the remedy for baldness for men is chosen by doctors.

The problem of hair loss in women. Causes and symptoms

One of the reasons may be a change in hormonal levels (often hair loss occurs in the postpartum period, a disease of the thyroid gland) and menopause. Lack of trace elements and vitamins in the body can also be the cause of hair loss and a remedy for baldness in this case should be used in the spring periods.

Hair loss can also be inherited. The most common cause of this disease is stressful situations, and the real reason is very difficult to establish, since the initial signs of hair loss can appear only after three months. Due to diets and various fasting, frequent coloring and use of hair styling technology, a woman can also be prone to hair loss. An alarm should be sounded if more than one hundred hairs fall out every day (from twenty to one hundred, is the norm). Signs of baldness in the case of women are similar to the aforementioned male.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of baldness

According to doctors, to treat hair loss should be a complex, considering all the pathogenetic mechanisms. The process of treating hair loss is complex and lengthy.

Treatment of baldness folk remedies

The main and necessary approach in the treatment of baldness is to restore the mineral status of the body. When clarifying the macro and microelement compositions of the body, a strand of hair is examined. It is thanks to the hair, doctors can determine the changes that have occurred in the human body over a long period, and establish the actual cause of hair loss. Based on the results of the analysis, treatment is prescribed. If the result of baldness was stressful situations, then doctors prescribed vitamins and recommended the use of traditional medicine. Thanks to the results of the hair analysis, doctors can choose special types of diets, which will include exactly those vitamins that are necessary for your hair.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of baldness

Carrying out the necessary treatment of baldness in men with folk remedies (as in women), do the procedures regularly, adhering to all the tips and recommendations.

Recipe 1. Castor oil as a remedy for baldness.

This recipe is the easiest and most effective. It is necessary to heat a small amount of castor oil in a water bath and lubricate the scalp with a toothbrush. After carrying out this procedure, cover the head with a towel and do not wash off this “mask” for five hours. At the end of the period, thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo, which consists of extracts of natural herbs. Do this procedure once a week for two months, and your hair will become thick, stop falling out and start growing much faster.

Recipe 2. Air in the treatment of hair loss.

The decoction is made from calamus rhizomes (three tablespoons), which is carefully crushed. Made raw materials need to boil for at least fifteen minutes in vinegar (half liter). The resulting decoction should be rinsed with a head twice a week.

Treatment of baldness folk remedies

Recipe 3. Treatment of baldness burdock root.

To prepare the broth, take three tablespoons of the crushed root of felt burdock and marsh calamus and then mix thoroughly. Pour the dry mixture with one liter of water and boil the product obtained for about twenty minutes. The broth must be allowed to cool, then rub it into the scalp with massaging movements. Perform this procedure at least twice a week.

Recipe 4. Lipa in the treatment of baldness

This remedy for baldness helps to stop hair loss. Linden color (eight tablespoons) is poured with water (five hundred milliliters) and boiled for at least twenty minutes. Use the resulting decoction for a month to wash your hair, and when an improvement occurs, do not stop using this decoction.

Recipe 5. The use of birch sap in the treatment of baldness.

You will need juice of aloe, birch, garlic, as well as chicken yolk and honey (each ingredient is taken in one teaspoon), mix these ingredients. Massage the resulting mixture into the scalp with massage movements, then wrap in a towel and hold for at least two hours. To wash off the head should be strong infusion of birch leaves.

Recipe 6. Treatment of baldness with a special ointment.

To prepare this effective baldness remedy for men and women, one egg is taken and mixed with two tablespoons of castor oil and a teaspoon of glycerin. Carefully rub the received ointment into the scalp, wrap with a towel and hold over the steam. Rinse hair thoroughly, constantly massaging the hair roots.

Recipe 7. Collection of herbs in the treatment of baldness.

Prepare the leaves of plantain and sage, add nettle and oregano herb (one tablespoon), mix all ingredients and select one tablespoon of the mixture. Selected herbs pour boiling water (one cup) and let it brew for an hour, then strain. In the tincture, add the pulp of black bread (zhmenka) and stir until a homogeneous slurry. This baldness remedy for men and women is used as rubbing into the scalp (the mass should be warm). A shower cap is put on top and tied up with a warm scarf on top. The duration of this procedure is two hours. The mass is washed off from the head, without any detergent.

Recipe 8. A nourishing mask for the treatment of baldness.

To prepare the mask you need to take one tablespoon of vegetable oil and egg yolk. The two ingredients are thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the scalp every forty minutes, between rubbing hair should not be rinsed with hot water. Perform this procedure once a week. Quite an effective remedy for baldness bringing tangible effect.

Recipe 9. Treatment of baldness with hop cones.

Take hop cones (50 grams) and fill with one liter of hot water. Cover the enameled ware with the tool with a lid and place in a water bath (heat the agent for thirty minutes). After this, the broth is cooled to a warm state, squeezed and filtered. Pour the resulting liquid into a three-liter jar and supplement the vessel to the brim with boiled water. Wash your head twice a week with a decoction.

Baldness Prevention

Many women and men can not immediately guess that the cause of hair loss are the effects of stress, illness and so on, because the hair falls out gradually. Treatment of baldness in men folk remedies (as in women) begins only when the problem is already striking. To avoid such a situation, it is better to make an appointment to see a doctor once again. In addition, as a prevention, you should regularly make various nourishing and firming masks, take vitamins to improve hair growth and eat well.

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