Treatment of a torn wound at home

A ripped lip wound is a trauma of soft tissues with a violation of their integrity, which is characterized by bleeding, pain and divergence of the edges. The danger of a wound is that, in the absence of qualified assistance, the damaged tissues grow together randomly, forming a scar. This reduces the sensitivity of the lips, presenting an aesthetic problem.

First aid

First aid is carried out in the following order:

      1. To stop the blood – cold is applied to the lip, after which hemostasis is applied, which reduces bleeding. It is recommended that the wound be treated with hydrogen peroxide to prevent adherence of the inflammatory process.
      2. To calm the person and fix the time of getting the wound – with large blood loss, hemorrhagic and painful shock can develop, so they talk and keep in touch with the victim before coming to the hospital.
      3. Anesthetize the wound – any analgesic (Analgin, Nurofen) can be given to a person, which will reduce the painful manifestations and improve the general condition.

How to properly apply ice to a lip wound

In the absence of breathing and a pulse-like pulse, it is necessary to perform a series of resuscitation measures aimed at maintaining vital processes in the body. Artificial respiration through the nose is carried out, since infection is possible with contact with the wound site. Indirect cardiac massage allows you to avoid the development of clinical death, but if not performed correctly, complications can develop.

Treatment of a torn wound at home

If the patient is unconscious, it should be laid on its side so that the bleeding from the wound does not cause the ingress of blood through the mouth into the stomach. With a strong painful shock, vomiting can develop, therefore, in the lateral position, the probability of vomit ingestion to the respiratory organs is minimal.

The main stages of the treatment of torn lips

A torn lip wound from a blow or other minor mechanical damage can be treated at home with the use of special wound healing creams and ointments. If there is a divergence of the edges more than 1 cm, suturing is required, which is carried out by a doctor under sterile conditions.

Drug therapy

The healing time of a lip wound depends on the extent of its damage and the characteristics of the regeneration of the body. On average, the whole process takes 2-3 weeks. Such groups of medicines as will help to accelerate recovery and facilitate the whole process:

      1. Comprehensive analgesics – have a strong analgesic effect, help to improve the overall condition of the body.
      2. Hemostatic drugs (Ditsinon, Vikasol) – are prescribed for heavy bleeding, which does not stop for more than 1 hour. They help prevent large blood loss by activating the coagulation process.
      3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen) – reduce pain, eliminate puffiness and swelling of the lips.
      4. Wound-healing ointments and creams – for the treatment of wounds using ointments based on zinc and heparin. It is necessary to ensure that the medicine does not fall on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, which can cause a burn.

The wound should be sealed with a plaster, under which is placed a tampon of a bandage with ointment. Dressings do 2-3 times a day. Before applying a new layer of cream, the old one is removed by washing with hydrogen peroxide.

If an infection has penetrated into the wound, it has become edematous and hyperemic, and washing with Furacilin will help. With suppuration and increased pain, a second consultation will be required who will select the appropriate antibiotics that can suppress the inflammatory process.

Chlorhexidine and Miramistin can be applied to the inside of the wound surface, which helps prevent the spread of the inflammatory process in the mouth. The use of medicines, their selection and the duration of the course of administration depends on the degree of damage. Home treatment is prescribed by the doctor, after which the constant monitoring of the healing process is necessary.

In the presence of complex wounds of the entire face and the development of hemorrhagic shock, blood transfusion and the introduction of solutions to fill the volume of circulating fluid may be required. In this case, before the operation, a series of resuscitation measures aimed at maintaining the body is carried out.

Surgical intervention

A torn lip wound with a divergence of the edges requires suturing. The injured site is cut off with a local anesthetic, then the edges are sutured. The suture is treated with an antiseptic, and then apply a sterile dressing.

Stitching on a lacerated wound lip

Daily suture site inspected for the presence of an inflammatory process. If the healing process is successful, then the stitches can be removed for 10 days. In the presence of large complex wounds and the imposition of a large number of stitches, in the future may require the help of a plastic surgeon.

Treatment of a torn wound at home

After suturing the patient is prescribed such drugs as:

      1. Antibiotics – prevent the development of the inflammatory process, destroying the bacterial microflora in the body.
      2. Analgesics – make the healing process less painful.
      3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – reduce the swelling and hyperemia of the skin.

After removal of sutures, the wound is treated with an antiseptic without the need for applying a sterile dressing. To eliminate the development of the inflammatory process in the oral cavity, rinsing is prescribed with decoctions of medicinal herbs, Furacilin, and treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

Treatment of tattered lips at home

To heal a lacerated wound on the lip, if it is of minor size, it is possible at home. For this fit these recipes:

      1. Stopping bleeding with the help of ice cubes or any frozen product from the freezer – the cold constricts the vessels, so the bleeding will stop quickly.
      2. Disinfecting the wound with any antiseptic (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide) – helps to avoid wound infection.
      3. Applying wound healing creams – Bepantin, Solkoseril will help accelerate the processes of regeneration of damaged areas of soft tissue, but they should be applied with extreme caution, excluding falling into the oral cavity.
      4. Rinsing the mouth with a decoction of chamomile, calendula, nettle – helps to reduce the inflammatory process.

In the presence of redness of the wound, swelling of the skin around it and an increase in temperature, it is urgent to see a doctor. Such symptoms indicate the accession of the infection, which provoked the development of the inflammatory process.

To reduce injury to the wound, it is recommended to abandon the use of solid food that requires thorough chewing and movement of the jaws. Products can be crushed with a blender to a state of mashed potatoes, which will facilitate their swallowing. It is best to eat through the cocktail tube so that food does not fall on the inside of the wound.

Residues of food can provoke processes of decay on the teeth, therefore, after each use, rinse the mouth and treat the wound with a disinfectant solution from the inside.

In the absence of complex treatment, suppuration begins in the wound after 2-3 days, the body temperature increases. The patient’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, which requires an immediate examination of the doctor. Refusal of medical care and stitches leads to improper and uneven splicing of the torn ends of the wound, which provokes lip modification. Bite is broken and sensitivity decreases. Further, the skin becomes thinner and prone to flaking and dryness.

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