Treatment for bed bugs

Do you sleep badly, restlessly toss and turn and are constantly in a state of half-sleep? And the next morning your skin is itchy, itchy and strange red spots appear on it? Be sure, in your apartment settle unexpected guests – bed bugs. The phenomenon is unpleasant, but, fortunately, is amenable to elimination. What leaves the bedbug bites (photo)? How to get rid of trouble and cure the rash? All this you will learn from the article below.

What is this bug?

The bedbug is a little vampire. The body shape of a blood-sucking insect is oval, body length is about 8 millimeters. Usually, the value depends on the degree of saturation of the bug. The same factor affects its color. But, as a rule, the color range of an adult individual varies from light brown to brown. After a hearty lunch, the bug may become burgundy or even black. The life expectancy of insects is one and a half years, during which they feed not only on the blood of people, but also on animals and birds.

Bedbug bite bed, a photo of which can be found in any medical encyclopedia, can appear in any person. From the unpleasant neighborhood no one is immune. Indeed, nowadays, the myth that bugs can live only in unsanitary conditions has long been debunked. Far from it. In addition, the relationship between insect bites and ingestion of various infections has not been officially proven. Despite this, bugs cool poison our lives, interfering with normal sleep. As a result, performance is impaired, severe anxiety, anxiety and even depression occur.

Biting process

The vital activity of the parasites is maintained solely by the blood of others. It is not surprising that they settle near the source of food, that is, in a person’s dwelling, trying to stay near the bed or directly in the bedding. Insects are nocturnal: during the day they hide in their favorite hiding places: in the cracks of the sofa, behind wallpaper, under the baseboards. Closer to 2 o’clock at night bugs go hunting. Attacking a victim during daylight hours can only be pushed by a very strong feeling of hunger. Usually, this phenomenon is observed in highly contaminated areas: here the population of bugs is so huge that not all individuals have enough time to get enough at night.

Even during deep sleep, you can feel the bite of a bed bug: the symptoms are frequent waking up, restlessness and even nightmares. All this awaits you at first. While you sleep, insects peacefully dine on your body. With their proboscis, they pierce the skin, reaching the small capillaries. When the epidermis is punctured, the insects inject a secret that has an analgesic effect, so you do not feel the bite itself. Pain arises only when the youngsters “manage” on the skin, in the saliva of which there is no anesthetic substance.

What does a bite look like?

In order to get enough, insects need to make a few bites. Usually there are three of them, so the doctors, jokingly, call them breakfast, lunch and dinner. What does a bedbug bite look like? Photos presented in any specialized literature demonstrate that this is a slight reddening, in the center of which there is a pronounced scarlet dot. The spots form a so-called path, the distance between them can reach as much as 2 centimeters. Bites very itchy, itchy. It seems to man that he was bitten by mosquitoes. To exclude the presence of buzzing and flying insects, inspect the ceiling. If there are no mosquitoes on it, then this is the handiwork (or, more precisely, the proboscis) of bed bugs.

Stains in any case can not be combed, even if you are completely unbearable. The fact is that during this process you injure your skin: microscopic wounds are formed. You can not see them, but the bugs, thanks to the excellent scent, perfectly feel the closeness of blood. Therefore, they begin to attack your body even more actively.

How to distinguish a bedbug bite? Symptoms of the fact that you were bitten by these insects are the following:

  • The appearance of spots in the morning with their complete absence in the evening before falling asleep.
  • The multiplicity of bites, the trajectory of which is located on the same line.
  • The presence of wounds in open areas of the skin: face, neck, shoulders, legs and arms. Sometimes insects crawl under their pajamas, then their mark remains on the stomach and back.
  • The spots appear round, they are slightly swollen.

Traces on the skin after a bite is the body’s response to the saliva that the insect secretes. Because of this, the spots stick on the skin longer than after any other parasite. Different people will greatly differ in the degree of itching and swelling that accompany the bedbug bite – the symptoms manifest themselves individually, depending on the characteristics of the organism. Some have huge bumps, others have slightly noticeable pale marks on their skin. Someone finds them the next morning after the attack, someone finds out about the bugs only after several months of unpleasant neighborhoods.

Treatment for bed bugs

Other signs

How to find out that a colony of bloodthirsty insects settled in your bedroom? First, suspecting something was wrong, carefully check the bedding in the morning. Usually after raids and bugs bugs on the sheets remain pale blood stains. Secondly, move the sofa or bed away from the wall and inspect the plinth. Bedbugs, if they are bred in the room, leave traces of vital activity behind them: their litter looks like black points on the surface. No, it’s not dirt. All the breasts are almost the same size and shape.

A few more features have bedbug bite. A photo of a bloodthirsty insect in an enlarged format indicates the presence of holes in the chest and abdomen of the insect. These are exits of the so-called odorous glands that emit a specific smell. Some people who are in trouble say that crimson amber is spreading around the room. Others claim that it smells like brandy, and still others smell almond notes.

The difference between a bug bite and an allergy

These two phenomena appear differently. Traces of bedbug bites differ from allergic reactions primarily in their static nature. The former retain their shape and color for a very long time, the external signs of others often and quickly change. In addition, an allergy rash usually spreads over the entire surface of the body, lacking clear contours and edges. Instead, bedbug bites are located only in open areas of the skin in a straight line in the form of a path. Another difference is the condition of the epidermis of other family members. If the spouse who is sleeping next to you, there is not a single trace on the skin, most likely you are allergic.

As for the bites of other insects, it is a little more difficult to distinguish the bug bug from them. Again, it is worth paying attention to the shape of the spots: after the bed bloodsuckers, they are clearly outlined, arranged along the same line. Instead, flea bites are chaotic, usually they appear in the lower leg area. After contact with the midge, the pain is much stronger, the wound itself is smaller, and in the middle of it is gore. Mosquito bites are uneven, in their center there is a small education in the form of a pimple.

Whom do the bugs bite first?

These insects have favorite victims. On small, fragile and tender creatures, bed bugs usually parasitize: bites in children and young women are much more common than in men and older people. This phenomenon has a rational explanation. The fact is that insects, being bloodsuckers, are guided by the smell of blood, feeling it with their first-class scent. The thinner the skin, the more they feel the fragrance emanating from the person. Due to age-related changes in the body and its physiological features, it is the babies and the weaker sex that have the thinnest epidermis.

Adult men and elderly people are less likely to be attacked by bloodsuckers. They are also less sensitive to bites, so they do not immediately notice that they have become a victim of insects. But the rumors that bugs love people with a specific blood group, do not correspond to reality. They bite everyone, only spots appear on the skin in different ways.

Measures need to be taken as soon as you find a problem. Treatment of bedbug bites bites primarily involves the use of such medical devices:

  1. Acceptance of antihistamine drugs. For example, Claritin, Telfast, Zyrtec are very effective. They will protect you from a severe allergic reaction that may occur after a bite. Some people even have anaphylactic shock, so it’s best to protect yourself from the consequences. Moreover, these drugs are third-generation drugs, so they can be used for a long period without any side effects.
  2. Apply ointment to the bite site, which will reduce swelling and relieve itching. Usually, the doctor prescribes an anesthetic agent: “Akriderm”, “Afloderm” or “Psilo-Balsam”.
  3. You can stick on the site of the bite medical pharmacy patch containing painkillers.

All these methods will help you get rid of the unpleasant sensations that the voracious bugs have left on your skin.

Folk remedies

In addition to traditional medicines, there are other tools that help reduce the negative impact of insects, which are bed bugs. Bites … How to get rid of them with the help of traditional medicine? Everything is very simple. For these purposes you need to use:

  • Garlic: it is rubbed and applied to the wound.
  • Pink lotion: it dries bites.
  • Potatoes. It is also crushed and evenly distributed on the affected skin.
  • Aloe juice, decoction of chamomile and hypericum. These fluids impregnate cotton wool and apply a compress.

Plantain leaves and baking soda solution also help with bedbug bites. They are also applied to the stains that remained after the bloodsuckers. In addition, be sure to attach a piece of ice to the wound – it will remove puffiness and swelling. Treat it with alcohol, it will dry the bite and help it to heal quickly. All of the above methods of traditional medicine will relieve the symptoms of itching and scabies for one, maximum two days.

How to protect yourself?

As we see, not such a disaster is a bite of a bed bug for a person. Symptoms can be very easily removed with the help of available tools. It is much harder to protect yourself from new raids of the bloodthirsty colony. To get rid of insects from an apartment, you can go two ways:

  1. Invite to the house a special service, which is engaged in disinsection. It is expensive, but effective. Experts spray the room with insecticides, treating every corner and even the smallest crack.
  2. Perform a full treatment yourself. This is a cheap method that requires maximum effort and time. You need to buy insecticides in the store and spray them flat in accordance with the instructions.

Remember that home products are sold in any form. The most effective and convenient to use – concentrated emulsion. They are diluted with water in the right proportions and applied to the surface with a spray gun or brush. Chemicals are also released as aerosols and in the form of powders.

If the bugs are bitten on vacation.

Such cases are not uncommon. The ideal option is to move to a new apartment. If this is not possible, you need to scare the bugs from the bed. For a start, thoroughly shake out all bedding. Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are treated with a steam iron. Pour boiling water into the crevices of the sofa, then vinegar. In the same way, process the baseboards near the bed. Move the bed as far as possible away from the wall. To prevent parasites from hiding at the other end of the room, place bowls filled with sunflower oil under the legs of the sofa. Or wrap them with special adhesive tape. Insects do not know how to jump, so these objects will become insurmountable obstacles for them.

So that you are not tormented by new bites after bed bugs, get tansy or wormwood. The smell of plants scares off bloodsuckers. Returning from the rest, shake all things and bags. After washing them, stroke them or steam them with a steam generator. These simple procedures will destroy those parasites who have climbed into your luggage. Accordingly, you protect the apartment from being infected with malicious bugs.

What is the danger?

The worst consequences of a bedbug bite are severe allergic reactions that cause anaphylactic shock. In the history of medicine there are many such cases. In addition, close contact with insects sometimes provokes the development of skin infections, causes nausea, fainting and flushing – capillaries overflow in the area of ​​the bite. Victims may complain of difficulty breathing, muscle spasms in the bronchi and severe edema. But these cases, as a rule, are rare.

Treatment for bed bugs

In general, bedbug bites are no more terrible than mosquitoes. Insects are not carriers of dangerous infections, so they can not infect you. The only nuisance from such a neighborhood is the ever-itchy rash. In addition, people who bite bugs at night do not sleep well. As a result, they have low productivity of work, at the same time – increased nervousness and irritability. Sometimes a bite festers – in that case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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