To improve the bowels

How to adjust the work of the intestines with constipation? This question is asked a lot of modern people. Due to frequent snacking and eating junk food, various diseases or problems in the gastrointestinal tract can occur. Their symptoms are a feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the stomach, constipation.

1 Food and Diet

The main thing that needs to be done is to change your diet. You need to eat food 3-4 times a day in small portions, chewing it thoroughly. In order to restore bowel function, it is necessary to eat fresh vegetables and fruits as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary either to reduce the consumption or to refuse altogether sugar-containing products, to reduce the amount of bakery products, strong tea, coffee, and alcohol.

In order to restore bowel function, it is necessary to eat fresh vegetables and fruits as much as possible.

In order to adjust the intestines and speed up digestion, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day. Everything else – tea, coffee, juices – food. The first thing that a person should do after waking up is to drink a glass of water with the addition of a lemon wedge.

20-30 minutes before a meal, you should drink vegetable or fruit juices. It is desirable that they are natural. Do not wash down food with water. It is necessary to use it only 30 minutes after the meal.

In order to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors advise to eat as much as possible of foods rich in plant fiber. It has a cleansing effect, effectively removes slags. In large quantities, it is found in vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts. When it enters the intestine, the fiber begins to absorb all the harmful substances like a sponge.

People who have a tendency to constipation and digestive disorders are not recommended to abuse frequent snacks. They can not eat a lot in stressful situations, because when the nervous system is overstretched, the intestines often do not cope with their work.

Do not advise doctors to eat food, the digestion of which the body needs a lot of time, such as meat and mushrooms.

Do not bring benefits to the intestines and canned foods, so try to eat as little as possible stew and canned.

If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to forget about constipation after just a week, as improving the bowel is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

2 Physical Education and Massage

To eliminate and prevent constipation, you can perform a massage at home. To do this, lie down on your back and bend your knees. This procedure should be carried out 40 minutes before meals or 3-4 hours later. The massage should begin with light strokes just above and below the navel. After that, the abdomen should be divided into 12 parts and each of them should be massaged carefully, clamping the skin of the abdomen between the thumb and forefinger. After several sessions of compression, you can do more.

Constipation often occurs in people leading a sedentary lifestyle or having a sedentary job. How to restore the intestines in this case? Go in for physical exercise. After 2-3 hours after each meal, carry out slight bends and turns in different directions. It is useful to periodically draw in and relax the belly.

In addition, you can strain the buttocks, hold them in this state for 20 seconds, and then relax.

3 Activated carbon for the treatment of constipation

Such a simple and cheap medicine like activated carbon can quickly establish digestion. It speeds up the process of removing toxins and wastes from the body, relaxes the muscles of the intestines. To speed up the action of this tool, the tablet should be powdered and filled with mineral or simply highly carbonated water.

To improve the bowels

Activated carbon accelerates the process of removing toxins and wastes from the body, relaxes the muscles of the intestines.

However, one should not forget that activated charcoal can only be drunk 2 hours after eating or taking other medicines, it cannot be combined with other laxative preparations.

How to adjust the work of the intestines? Use prebiotics useful for the digestive tract. In order to improve digestion, it is recommended to take drugs which contain live sludge dried bacteria. If desired, they can be replaced by a large number of fermented milk products. Such drugs are allowed to take simultaneously with activated carbon, but the interval between doses should be at least 3 hours. To enhance the effect of tablets with bifidobacteria, you can drink kefir or ryazhenka.

4 Preparations for constipation

All drugs that currently offers modern medicine for the treatment of constipation can be divided into 2 large groups. These are drugs based on organic, natural and inorganic substances.

These groups can be divided into several subtypes, which differ in the mechanism of action. Their choice depends on the severity of the disease, on some other individual characteristics of the organism.

So, the first group includes irritating drugs for stagnant fecal masses. Their mechanism is a slight irritation of the nerve endings of the intestinal walls.

The second group is chemicals. Their princes of action is stretching the intestinal walls.

The third group – soft drugs for the treatment of constipation. They enhance intestinal motility and also attract water, due to which the fecal masses dissolve, become softer and leave the body easily.

To improve the bowels

It is not recommended to engage in self-treatment, but rather to turn to a specialist rather, he will select the correct treatment system and tell you how to adjust the activity of the intestine.

Despite the fact that all these drugs have a clear classification, the choice of the drug may not be so easy. When selecting a medicine, it is important to take into account the reasons why this condition arose. Therefore, it is extremely not recommended to engage in self-treatment, but instead to turn to a specialist rather, he will select the correct treatment system and tell you how to adjust the activity of the intestine.

Pharmacies provide a wide range of medicines for constipation in the form of various suppositories, tablets, syrups and mixtures.

Among them, among the most popular today are drugs that include bisacodyl. Its principle of action is to strengthen the intestinal motility, regulate the process of digestion, soften the feces, increase mucus production.

The second place in popularity is taken with lactulose preparations. This substance has a positive effect on the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, it increases the internal pressure, makes fecal masses softer. Such preparations usually have the form of a powder or mixtures. They can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.

The third group is drugs based on substances sennosides groups A and B. They are of natural origin. The principle of their action is to increase the motility of the colon. They can be produced in the form of tablets and powders.

Sennoside included in the fourth group of drugs. Their action is based on the accelerated transfer of fluid from the stomach to the intestines. In the process, fecal masses begin to dissolve, and the person feels the urge to go to the toilet.

A drug called glycerol is widely distributed among our domestic medicines. It differs from others in that it is not addictive, it has a minimal amount of side effects, and its price is quite democratic. It removes feces from the intestines and normalizes the process of digestion.

Most of the chemicals for constipation are made from sodium picosulphate. They are ideally suited to people who provoked a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract with poor nutrition. It is often recommended to use for patients undergoing surgery, as well as for constipation in women who developed during pregnancy. They are completely harmless. In addition, they should be periodically taken by people with impaired intestinal motility.

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